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8 Home Workout Routines To Build Muscle Without Equipment


One of the healthiest trends that arose due to the Coronavirus pandemic was the rise of home workout routines. Using just your bodyweight, you can build phenomenal strength and muscle mass.

While gyms provide an array of machinery and equipment that allows you to work out muscle groups in great depth. Bodyweight workout routines offer similar exposure to your muscle groups.

Do Bodyweight Workout Trainings Build Muscle?


Regardless of how skeptical you may be; bodyweight does build muscle.
The science behind building muscles is simple. During hypertrophy or when muscles are strained or injured, the body repairs them by fusing muscle fibers. This process increases the mass, size and strength of muscles.

Now, this strain can come from using equipment or your bodyweight. The key is to strain muscles to the point of natural recovery.

The entire concept of calisthenics is based on this process.

Experts say, to get the most out of bodyweight trainings you should: increase reps, decrease rest durations between sets, do different variations of the same movement, work until failure and apply mechanical drop sets to your routines.
Not only is bodyweight training an efficient way to build strong and brawny muscle, it also comes with other fitness benefits.

These natural workout routines help enhance fitness, endurance, and balance. Also, it helps to injury-proof your body.

8 Effective Home Workout Routines

The new health fad of working out at home is quickly becoming the new norm. With Coronavirus not going away anytime soon, home workout routines are the perfect solution.

Home based workout routines also save you costly gym fees and can be done anywhere. You don’t require much space, even your bedroom can suffice for ample training space.

Chest Workout Routine

This chest workout routine uses push-ups only. See, a push-up is a great movement that doesn’t just work on your chest but also your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Each variation works on a different muscle group of the chest, giving you a complete chest workout.

Full Body Workout Routine

Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to burn a few calories. This full body workout routine works out your main muscle groups.

It gives your entire body a burn. Because you are working out all of your major muscle groups, not only will you burn a good amount of  calories but will also build strength.

Consider this routine perfect for newbies or for recovery.

Lower Body Workout Routine

Working with just your bodyweight, you can build explosive legs. Its possible because this routine targets your thighs, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

You can increase the sets and reps for a more intense burn. Another wonderful thing about this routine is that since you are working huge muscle groups, you are also burning a lot of calories.

Legs and Booty Workout Routine

A lower body workout routine designed just for the ladies. These movements are perfect for building a flawless lower body.

You need a strong lower body not just to complete the fitness look. But, you need a strong lower body to help fix posture. It also helps fight arthritis later on in life and develops strength for cardio.

A strong lower body also helps support your other workouts by providing you balance and supporting strength.

Resistance Band Workout Routine

Resistance bands can propel your bodyweight training to new heights.

When we use expensive gym equipment, each movement’s intensity is increased. The added pressure on your muscles causes them to strain faster. When they heal, they come back stronger and bigger.

This is the concept behind lifting weights. A resistance band can help add this intensity to bodyweight workouts. Instead of investing in different equipment, one resistance band can add numerous movements to your routines.

That is why resistance band training is effective and can help you build bigger muscles at a quarter of the cost.

Check out SQUATWOLF’s durable and quality Power Bands that help you raise your workouts to new intensities.

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Back Workout Routine

A strong back is the greatest accomplishment a dedicated weight lifter can attain. The ‘V taper” is a symbol of peek fitness.

Apart from that, your back is a great supporting muscle. A muscle that helps you in all walks of life (literally) and helps in weight training. A strong back can also keep back pain away which arises from poor posture.

We can go on and on about why you need a solid back workout routine. It is a must do for a healthy life.

Abs Workout Routine

Six packs is something everything has fantasized about at least once. Just imagining how well you’d look with a six-pack is quite satisfying.

This workout routine helps turn that dream into a reality. The key to a six pack is not just a tough workout routine. You also need a proper diet that helps shed fat. This is an essential step that helps show your six pack.

Read more about this workout routine and diet in this detailed blog.

Triceps Workout Routine

Triceps and biceps are tricky muscles groups to workout with just bodyweight. Luckily, we put together an effective workout routine that tackles just your triceps.

These movements and variations are optimal for targeting your triceps to build strength and mass.

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