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The Ultimate Triceps Workout At Home To Build Powerful Arms


This is part two of our biceps and triceps workout at home. We talked about the ease of building bulkier biceps at home with just your bodyweight and a resistance band. However, this triceps workout at home focuses solely on helping you build phenomenal arms without a resistance band or equipment.

Having toned and muscular arms is not just about building biceps. See, your triceps account for at least two-thirds of your upper arm. That is a lot of mass to not focus on when trying to build aesthetic arms. That is why we dedicated a circuit that focuses on a complete triceps workout at home.

It’s not like going to the gym will be the same as before this pandemic happened. Experts say that we will have to live our normal life with risk of infection for the foreseeable future until a vaccine is prepared. For this reason, we might have to start taking home workouts more seriously.

List of Exercises for Triceps Workout At Home


Back to talking about triceps, is it possible to get similar gains without cables, dumbbells and other equipment?

Yes, using just your bodyweight, you can get not just similar but better gains. This circuit can be done as an isolated workout focusing just on triceps or you can combine it with a bicep workout. Nevertheless, these movements will help you pack on mass without equipment.

How To Do Exercises For Triceps Workout At Home

In the previous bicep workout we put up, we used not just bodyweight movements but also ones with a resistance band. However, this triceps workout at home will just utilize bodyweight and nothing more.

The beauty of body weight is that the more you grow, the more weight that adds on. It’s like an equipment that evolves with your hard work, truly irreplaceable.  


The Diamond Push-up

A simple yet extremely effective triceps exercise. A normal push-up stance can do wonders for your chest, but just changing your stance puts all of the pressure on your triceps. This exercise will leave a lasting burn on your core too.

To do this movement, get in to a normal push-up position. Now, you’ll have to alter your grip. Start by bringing your hands underneath your chest and form a diamond shape. Make sure your thumbs meet your thumbs and your index fingers touch. Finally, with this grip just start doing your push-ups as you would.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10 to 12

Rest: 45 seconds between each set

Diamond Push-ups (source: Scott Herman)

Triceps Dips

This is a really good triceps exercise for home workouts. You don’t require anything to do this but just a step or an elevated structure.

Start off by facing away from the structure and place your hands on it only. Now, extend your legs outwards. The pressure should be on your triceps now. Next, lower your body slowly until your elbows bend at 90 degrees. Once you’re done with this, you triceps will feel ripped.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10 to 12

Rest: 45 seconds between each set

Triceps Dips

Close Grip Push-up

A wee bit different than the first movement in this triceps workout at home. This triceps exercise requires you to get in to push-up position once again.

Your hands will now be inside shoulder-width. Now, brace your abs and come down till your chest is just a few inches above the floor. Finally, push back up keeping this grip intact.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10 to 12

Rest: 45 seconds between each set

Close Grip Push-ups

Push-up Triceps Extension

This triceps exercise works on the long head of the muscle and the deltoids. This might be a new addition to your routine. This is usually done with some kind of equipment but we have a different take on it that requires only your bodyweight.

Start off in a push-up position, but you won’t come all the way down. Instead, you’ll come down only till your forearms and then push back up with your triceps.

First, get in to a push-up position and keep your hands slightly above your forehead. Your hands should be 10 inches apart for it to have a crucial burn on your triceps. Now, lower yourself down until your forearms touch the floor, not any lower than this. Finally, push yourself back up from this position, and voila, first rep is done.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10 to 12

Rest: 45 seconds between each set

Triceps Extension Push-ups


Side Lying Triceps Extension

This is another uncommon triceps exercise. You really have to get creative with the movements since you are not using any equipment to support yourself.

Start off by lying on your left side and your legs straight with one foot on top of the other foot. Now, place your left arm over your torso and keep it packed away because you will be lifting with only your right arm. Next, place your right arm, palm down on the floor near your chest. Finally, push with your right hand to lift your upper body only.

The entire force should be coming from your triceps. Now, finish your reps with one arm and then change position for one whole set.

Sets: 3

Reps: 8 to 10 on each arm

Rest: 45 seconds between each set

Side Lying Triceps Extension (source: Women’s Heath)

This whole triceps workout at home can be done in one go, make sure to alter the reps and sets according to your workout. Another possibility is to mix and match with some bicep exercises and have a complete arm workout. With consistency, bodyweight can build muscular arms that look perfect in t-shirts. Body weight can also help build a bulky chest or help build a strong lower body.

Key Takeaway From This Triceps Workout At Home

Life as we know it has changed forever due to this pandemic. Many people are becoming accustomed to working out at home. Investing in a resistance band is a good move because it covers similar movements as weights and machinery at a fraction of the cost. With a good resistance band and bodyweight you can literally transform your entire body.

Using this triceps workout at home, you should easily be able to build rock solid arms. All it takes is a bit of understanding your bodily physics and dedication to create.

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