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Top 5 Exercises For Lower Body Workout At Home

Top 5 Exercises For Lower Body Workout At Home For Men

A lower body workout at home is easier than you may think. You do not need a leg press, a squat bar or any other equipment to add mass to your lower body. Your body weight is more than enough to work out your glutes, thighs, calves and hamstrings.

These are the muscle groups we will be working on in this circuit. With just a few household items and this easy but effective workout plan, you have a complete lower body workout at home to build a brawny lower body.

Benefits Of A Lower Body Workout

Lower Body Workouts Burn More Calories:

Did you know that your gluteus maximus (A.K.A. your butt) is the largest muscle you have? Now when you work out this chunk of meat, you’ll need to burn more energy and more energy means more calories burned.

A study published in Journal of Applied Physiology studied the energy expenditure of athletes doing rigorous movements. The conclusion of this study was that even after we are done working out, our metabolic rates are still high, even hours after our workout. Meaning, if you work out big muscles not only are you burning calories during the workout but the after burn ensures you keep burning calories post-workout.

Lower Body Workouts Can Improve Bone Health:

As we age, one of the most common ailments is osteoporosis. A strong lower body can help minimize the painful effects of arthritis and other bones related ailments. Building stronger glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings can help build bone strength.

Working out your lower body can also help fixing posture which in turn helps reducing pain. Lower body muscles help in stabilizing your core. Thus, it helps in reducing back and neck pain which result from having horrible posture.

Build More Muscle With Lower Body Workouts:

Every amateur to professional bodybuilder knows the importance of testosterone for increasing mass. A study published in European Journal of Applied Physiology calculated the release of hormones during heavy workouts. The results proved testosterone levels had the most significant amount of change.

Working your lower body means you are working out the largest muscle groups in your body. This in turn releases more testosterone as compared to working out your biceps or shoulders which are comparatively smaller muscle groups.

Science has proved time and time again, that working with just bodyweight is enough to increase mass and strength. Due to the fact that we are all in lockdown, we are bringing you a series of workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment.

Even without dumbbells you can do this explosive chest workout at home.

The Only Lower Back Workout You Need To Do For Proper Gains

This is a complete lower body workout that will have you reaping the benefits quickly. The reason behind it is, we used five effective exercises that work on all of your major muscle groups in the lower body area. For this workout, all you need is a towel and enough leg space to maneuver without knocking anything over.

Military Step-up:

Start this lower back workout with a simple movement. Gridlock your finger behind your head, keeping the pressure on your thighs get down one knee and then push the other knee down as well. Bring yourself back up and then hop up. This whole movement counts as one rep. Speed up the pace for a more intense burn.

Sets: 4

Repetitions: 30 seconds

How to do military step-up exercise for Lower Body Workout At Home For Men


The classic leg workout exercise and a staple for every effective lower body workout, the holy squat. Cross your hands on opposite shoulders and get in to a squat position. Keep your back straight and put the pressure entirely on your lower body. Go down half way and then come back up.

Sets: 4

Repetitions: 30 seconds

How to do squats at home for lower body workout

Towel Hamstring Curls:

Lay down on your back with your hands out by your sides. Place a towel on surface that helps it glide over and place your feet on the towel. Push your hips upward towards the ceiling kind of like a bridge. Now slide your feet out and then bring them back until they are directly under your knees, this is one rep.

Sets: 4

Repetitions: 30 seconds

How to do hamstring curls with a towel at home for lower body workout

Towel Abdominal Roll Out:

For this next one, place the towel below your knees and another towel beneath your hands. Make sure the surface is low-resistant so the towels can glide over easily. Now perform a roll out by extending your body forward and then bringing your hands back to your knees.

Sets: 4

Repetitions: 30 seconds

Spider Mountain Climbers:

A normal mountain climber has you bring your knee up to your chest. This variation is different. Get on your hands and feet. Pull your knee next to your elbow and stretch, trust me, it burns way more than your average mountain climber. Bring your knee back and then do it with the other one, bringing it next to your elbow and stretching.

Sets: 4

Repetitions: 30 seconds

How to do spider mountain climbers at home for lower body workout

This complete lower body workout should get you sore, if not, try our killer full body workout at home without equipment.

Why This Lower Body Workout Works Best

This workout aims to hit all of your major muscle groups in your lower body. When building an aesthetic lower body; you need to work on your quadriceps, calves, glutes and hamstrings. We picked the above movements just for this reason, to accurately work on specific muscles for quicker growth in mass and strength.

Squats work on your quadriceps but they also help in working out your glutes. Step-ups continue to work on your quads and the rest of your lower body muscles. Step-ups are an important addition as it helps work out calves, hamstrings, and glutes too. Hamstring curls are very self-explanatory as to what they work out.

We added the abdominal roll out to work on your core, your obliques and lower back. Lastly, mountain climbers work on your glutes, quads, hamstring and abdominal muscles. This is exactly why this circuit is so effective, because it thoroughly works out your entire lower body. With science, working out at home is effective and using just your body weight can give you the gains you dream of without having to invest in heavy equipment.

Key Take Away

The Full Body workout at Home to Burn Fat

Working out from home has been a recent norm since Covid-19 caused everything to shut down and threw humanity in to an age of isolation, again. At Squat Wolf, we want to help keep you productive so you don’t lose those hard earned gains that were earned through sweat, countless tears and numerous pep-talks in the car.

This lower body workout at home works without equipment to work on all of your major muscle groups. We choose these movements to maximize your returns with just an hour of working out a day. While we are all compelled to stay at home, the gains never stop with Squat Wolf!

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