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Full Body Workout At Home To Burn Fat Fast

Full body Workout At Home To Burn Fat Fast

Fat Burning Body Workout – A Quick Overview

Burning fat through full body exercises at home requires a combination of strength-building and cardio. Since full body workouts engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, you’re able to get a good workout and activate your entire body. With this combo at home, you’ll be able to burn calories, helping you lose weight and fat both.

Burn calories with these 5 exercises to try at home.

Triceps Dips | Split Squats | Reverse Plank High Knee | Incline Push-ups | Mountain Climbers | Full Body Workout Rules | Benefits | Key Takeaways

The Full Body Workout at Home to Burn Fat

Full body workout at home to burn fat exercises

Not having weights or fancy gym equipment at home is no excuse – you can still get a good workout done with bodyweight exercises or makeshift equipment.

We have designed this workout guide using just your body weight. As a matter of fact, working without weights helps you build an aesthetic body that’s chiseled and toned.

More of a gym rat? Follow the split workout routine to get the best gains with your fav equipment.

Triceps Dips

How to do tricep dips at home

Muscles Worked: Triceps, upper chest, deltoids, and trapezius

Sets: 3

Repetitions: 15

How To Do Triceps Dips: 

  • Use any elevated structure of your home.
  • Sit on the elevated structure and place your arms on the edges behind you
  • Finally, push yourself up while squeezing your triceps
  • Lower your body, letting your triceps stretch out fully, then push back

Build stronger and bigger triceps at home.

Split Squats

How to do split squats at home

Muscles Worked: Glutes, quadriceps, gluteus maximus and hamstrings

Sets: 3

Repetitions: 8 to 10 per leg

How To Do Split Squats:

  • Put your toe on the edge of an elevated surface
  • Take a step ahead if your other leg so there’s a one leg distance
  • Lower your front leg, bending the knee to 90° or more
  • Avoid extending the knee beyond your toes
  • Make sure to keep your back straight during the downward motion
  • As you lower down, let your knee almost touch the floor
  • Pro tip: keep your knees and your toes aligned.

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Reverse Plank High Knee

How to do reverse plank high knee

Muscles Worked: Core, hip abductors, hip flexors, and glutes

Sets: 3

Repetitions: 20

How To Do Reverse Plank High Knee:

  • Get in to reverse push-up form with your chest facing upwards
  • Keeping your body straight
  • Now, move one knee up and then bring it down, followed by the other knee
  • Pro tip: minimize the shift in your body during the movement by keeping your pelvis at a level

Improve your mobility, agility and posture with anterior pelvic tilt exercises.

Incline Push-ups

How to do incline push-ups for full body workout at home

Muscles Worked: Upper chest, deltoids, triceps and abs

Sets: 3

Repetitions: 15

How To Do Incline Push-Ups:

  • Use an elevated structure for this exercise for the incline movement
  • Put your hands on the elevated structure to get into position – your hands should be aligned with your chest and shoulders
  • Brace your core and tighten your glutes as you lower body, letting your chest stretch
  • Finally, keep your body in a straight line and then do your push-ups

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Mountain Climbers

How to do mountain climbers for full body workout

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, hamstrings, triceps, quadriceps and core

Sets: 3

Repetitions: 20

How To Do Mountain Climbers:

  • Start by getting into a plank-like position
  • Your toes should be placed on an elevated surface and arms aligned with your shoulders
  • While engaging your core, bring your right knee to your chest and then back to the initial position
  • Repeat with your other knee and that is one repetition
  • Amp up the pace for a more excruciating burn

Strengthen your core with these 4 effective bodyweight ab exercises.

Rules For a Full Body Workout


Since a full body workout engages all your muscle groups at once, it’s quite different from your regular, single muscle focused workouts.

This is why, you need to be safe and cautious when you’re doing full body exercises at home.

Here are some tips or rules that’ll keep you safe while you burn that fat and get those gains:

Warm Your Body Up

Surprisingly, this is still a factor many people skip out on. This is the golden requirement of any workout.

Doing push-ups, squats, pull-ups and stretching your body prepares your muscles for rigorous movements and decreases the chances of pulling your muscles throughout your vigorous circuits.

Not More Than 3 Trainings Per Week

Secondly, this circuit is going to exhaust your entire body out, don’t overwork yourself. You need to give your body at least 48 hours to recover.

This time will help your muscles repair and get stronger. But if you keep straining them, then your muscles won’t grow. With three trainings in a week, you’ll have enough rest time.

This is a must for bigger gains. When you work out, your muscles rip and with rest they grow back stronger. If you remove rest from the equation, then you just have tired and sore muscles.

Make sure you’re consuming a protein-rich diet to burn fat and get toned.

1 Exercise Per Muscle Group

Lastly, remember you are working out your entire body. Exhausting one muscle group with various exercises will drain your stamina and you won’t be able to complete the entire circuit.

Besides, muscle groups are interdependent on one another. So, if one group is exhausted then working out a related muscle group won’t be easy and you won’t get the most out of your workout.

So, make sure you work muscle group with each exercise.

Benefits Of a Full Body Workout


Time Saving

A full body workout requires less time. This is because you can squeeze in different muscle groups in 1 circuit. Due to this factor, a full body workout is ideal for working professionals, students, entrepreneurs or anyone who is short on time.

Also, full body workouts only require two to three sessions per week. So, you are saving time on time.

Don’t have time? Check out this quick, 10 minute HIIT workout routine.

Increased Muscle Recovery

Another amazing plus point of full body workouts is the quick muscle recovery rates. This is because:

  1. Your sessions have at least one day of rest in between.
  2. Isolated muscle workouts are not frequent enough for quick gains.

However, working the same muscle groups two to three times per week is definitely going to speed up your gains.

Boost your post-workout recovery process with these 5 cool down exercises.

Optimal for Home Workouts 

A fully body workout is perfect for home exercises because it requires less time and less space. You can also make your own routine and include bodyweight exercises. It is also more efficient than isolated workouts.

You can set your own pace, decide your own circuits and you don’t require expensive equipment or a lot of space to do all this!

On-the-go girlies – check out these amazing home workouts for women!

Optimal for Fat Loss

Compound exercises require different muscle groups to work together. Meaning, each muscle group will require calories to function. So, during the workout, you’ll be burning more calories for these muscle groups to work together.

Lastly, the after-burn is also going to burn more calories post-workout. All the muscle groups used will need calories to recover and grow as well, hence, more calories burnt throughout.

Discover liquid diet for fat loss through nutrition.

Key Takeaways

Consistency, hard work and a little bit of research can help you start getting in shape at home. With remote working culture becoming popular post-pandemic, it is even more important to incorporate home workouts to get active and moving. So even if you don’t have weights or fancy equipment, you can always kickstart your fitness journey!

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