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Calisthenics for Beginners: Guide to Beauty and Strength


Hmm…. so what is it that you want to become? Beauty or the Beast? How about both?

Do you even know how much more you can do with your own bodyweight? Well after reading this, you’ll definitely know and the better it will be if you push yourself up and do some basic moves right away.

Fitness Alert!!

No matter what fitness level you are at, all these exercises can be performed by ANYONE. EVERYONE & EVERYONE.

Let’s find out!

Know What: What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is resistance & functional training with your own bodyweight.

The goal is to use your own body weight and build the strength required to lift and move it in the air.

It starts with some basic exercises such as Squats, Lunges, pushup, pull-ups etc but as we progress, the moves & forms become more artistic and the body becomes a piece of performing art.

Know Why: What Do I Get?

There are like zillions of benefits I can list down for you but let’s just focus on the best and few here.

1. Convenience: Anytime. Anywhere

You can do these exercises anywhere you want. Literally anywhere. All you need is your own body and that brain working to get you started.

2. Equipment Free

There is absolutely no requirement of equipment, to begin with. No weights, kettlebells, and barbells. Just you and yourself.

3. Lose Weight, Feel Great

Without worrying about lifting those heavy weights and moving with them, by using your own bodyweight, calisthenics exercises can help burn so much more calories even in the shorter span of time. Those Six packs can pop out right there with these moves.

4. Inexpensive

So, if you are broke and don’t have money to spend on a Gym membership or hiring a personal trainer or joining a Bootcamp for instance; but have enough motivation.

Well, then that’s what is required to get you started with Calisthenics because you can easily start off with these exercises at home without spending a penny. All you need is your internal motivation to be a fit human.

5. Build Muscles

It might sound unbelievable but yes using your own body weight, you can build that muscle mass as much as using those heavyweights in the gym.

It’s a simple phenomenon, you are lifting your own freaking weight, what else you need to build those muscles?

6. Body Art

Calisthenics promotes building lean muscle mass, coordination, speed, power, acceleration, strength, quickness, and agility in your body. With a little practice and continuous progression, you’ll see how your body tones and transforms along the journey.

Know How: Start with Basic Moves to Master

The options are endless, but it’s crucial to get and master these five basic movements before you try to progress.

  1. Push-Up: Works the chest, triceps, and shoulders while strengthening the core in a plank.
  2. Pull-Up: Works the back and biceps while strengthening the core. (Beginners, try bodyweight rows.)
  3. Plank: Builds stability and strength in everything below the chest and above the glutes.
  4. Lunge: Builds strength and mobility in the lower body.
  5. Squat: Works on thighs, booty, quadriceps, hamstring and glutes.

Now you have got no excuse left to NOT push yourself. Move and be a Badass instead!!!

Guest Post by Mariam Rasool, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at 42-Day Challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is calisthenics good for weight loss?

Calisthenics exercises can help burn so much more calories even in the shorter span of time.

Is calisthenics good for you?

Calisthenics are known to improve your resistance and strength. They can be useful at any fitness level.

Is calisthenics good for building muscle?

You can build muscle and mass since you are lifting your own bodyweight.

Does calisthenics provides more strength than bodybuilding?

Both Calisthenics and bodybuilding are in their own lane having their own pros and cons. No one is better than the other.

Why calisthenics is better than gym?

The one reason that you can say that Calisthenics is better than a gym is because it is inexpensive and equipment free.

Why are calisthenics harder than weights?

The One reason that calisthenics can be classed much more difficult than weights is because you can choose how much to lift. In calisthenics, your body weight is all that you’ve got.

Why choose calisthenics?

Calisthenics is an efficient and inexpensive way to build strength and resistance, without having to go to the gym or pay all those esky membership fees.

Will calisthenics make me ripped?

Calisthenics promotes building lean muscle mass, coordination, speed, power, acceleration, strength, quickness, and agility in your body.

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