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Gym is For Everyone


Here’s how four women overcame gymtimidation. 

Each has gone through the challenges of gym anxiety, emerging with stories of strength, resilience, and a sense of community. Their experiences shed light on the reality of gymtimidation – a struggle often overlooked. Each story gives us hope to create a more inclusive gym environment where everyone feels like they belong. 

Mary: Rising Above The Noise  

Meet Mary, a health coach who has constantly faced the heat of gym judgment. One negative comment sent her confidence tumbling, which affected her love for the gym.  

“Even at my fittest, one judgmental comment almost broke me apart – but I chose to stand stronger. ” 


“Don’t compare yourself to anybody you see on social media – we come in all shapes and sizes. Be kind to yourself.” 

Today, she empowers other women to find their strength that comes from within – no matter what people say. Her triumph, and others that followed her, lied in turning inwards and rising above the noise. 

Nour: Own Your Journey 

This is Nour, a university student and dedicated athlete. From the moment she stepped into the gym, she felt like everyone was watching her. Unsure about her place in the gym in front of more muscular people, she would shy away from public gym areas.  

First, I felt all eyes are on me as if everyone’s watching, but I realized everyone’s on their own journey and I need to focus on mine. 


I paved my own path, knowing other people would try to interrupt and bring me down. But I set my own boundaries. 

She realized everyone’s too wrapped up in their own workout and each journey is different. So, if you’re worried about prying eyes, take it from Nour: nobody’s watching – you do you.  

Andrea: You vs. The Consistent You 

Meet Andrea, a social media manager by day and fitness ambassador by night. From day one, she was really hard on herself. Looking at others as ideals made her obsessed with the idea of fitting in right away. But, she soon realized that progress doesn’t happen overnight.  

“We’re all caught in a cycle, comparing ourselves to someone else who’s doing the same. It’s time we break this loop and embrace our unique journeys.” 


One day she realized that small everyday wins would get her to where she wants to be. The more she stayed consistent and showed up, the less doubt she had. It’s not about looking like someone else, but being the best version of yourself, one step at a time.  

Shohreh: Find Your Pack 

Here’s Shohreh, a personal trainer and fitness coach, who felt like she just didn’t fit in whichever gym she went. She’s been the newbie, struggling in a room full of strangers. 

“Everything about the CrossFit training routine was new to me. I saw everyone encourage each other – this helped me overcome my gym anxiety.”


Soon enough, she discovered that all she needed was to find her pack. Turning every gym anxiety to looking forward to the next challenge with the support of her community. A high-five, a friendly competition and the shared struggle can make all the difference 

Feeling gymtimidated is more common than you think, but it’s time to change the narrative.  

Mary, Nour, Andrea, and Shohreh are proof that it’s possible to break the fear and find your confidence. They’ve each had that moment of doubt, but they’ve risen above it and so can you.  

Want to hear more about their stories and inspire others by sharing your own?  

Join us on our mission to make the gym a safe space for women – because #GYMISFOREVERYONE. 

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