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Workout Clothes You Can Wear to Work


Are you still living in the times when suits and pencil skirts were the only kind of work wear you could’ve owned? Well, those stiff collar days are gone. Its 2024 – the age of athleisure for work, where style, functionality and comfort are prioritized over uncomfortable, immobile ‘professional’ clothes. The best part is – these clothes enable you to transition from work to gym or vice versa, all the while keeping you ready for that boardroom meeting.

Let’s explore how you can rock your workout favorites and still look sharp for work. It’s easier than you think and twice as comfortable.

A Quick Look

This blog gives you a complete guide on athleisure for work, along with not only the most popular wardrobe choices but also how to pair them up with the right pieces to create the perfect look. This guide includes:

5 Workout Clothes You Can Wear To Work – Men’s Edition

1. Gym Polo Shirt


The star of athletic business casual wardrobe, the gym polo is one of the most popular choices because of its multifunctional appeal. Made to give you a sleek, form-fitting silhouette, this shirt makes you look just as good at your workplace as in the gym. It strikes the perfect balance between professional sharpness and workout readiness. From the curved hem that promotes mobility to ribbed collar and cuffs that keep you at ease, this shirt’s minimal design makes it a sophisticated choice for your professional wear as well – especially if you top it off with a semi-casual blazer!

Quick Overview

  • Best for workouts and professional look.
  • Breathable material, perfect for all-day wear.
  • Looks good as a single piece as well as part of a 3 piece.

Pair It With

  • Wear this t-shirt with chinos or tapered pants so you hit that athletic business casual, while staying comfy and stylish at the same time. Add a pair of sneakers to complete the look!

2. Henley Shirt


The epitome of class and sophistication, the Henley Tee is the perfect choice for athleisure wear for work. With its buttons give a conventional feel, while the soft, the flexible fabric gives you comfort and ease of movement throughout the day. This shirt is suitable for a variety of work environments, whether you’re in a white-collar space to a more relaxed, creative setting.

Quick Overview

  • Makes you stylish, especially with the buttons at your neck.
  • Comfortable and snug, perfect for all-day wear.
  • Suited for creative, casual and semi-casual office spaces.

Pair It With

  • Combine this shirt with cuffed joggers to add a twist to your office look. Add a cool track jacket on top with some leather loafers to get ready to take on the day!

3. Smart Cargo Pants


A topper of the athleisure outfits for work trend, smart cargo pants are a classic choice – blending comfort with style. The custom fit with premium material levels up the old-school cargo pants, making them suitable for your contemporary workspace. They also feature belt hoops so you can pair them up with a dress shirt or tee to give your fit that professional look. Thanks to their breathable fabric and waistbands with adjustments, they’re comfortable enough for all-day wear while giving you a seamless and professional look.

Quick Overview

  • Blends comfort and style so they’re good for casual and professional settings.
  • Breathability and adjustability ensure ease of wear.
  • Looks great and makes you feel at-ease.

Pair It With

  • Pair this one up with a cool and classy gym polo to elevate your overall look. With a smart belt and casual dress shoes, your outfit will be the talk of the office!

4. Bomber Jacket


A bomber jacket is one of those evergreen fashion iconic pieces that are the top choice of athleisure for work. Thanks to its timeless design and sporty look with functional features and sleek fabrics, this jacket is perfect for casual and office wear both. While its lightweight, it is also practical and dapper, making it the perfect choice for air-conditioned workspaces.

Quick Overview

  • A timeless design to make you look classy at work.
  • Lightweight and comfortably warm, ideal for all seasons.
  • Looks amazing on shirts or t-shirts.

Pair It With

  • Style this with a ribbed joggers and a statement tee to look great anywhere. Get a pair of suede boots and a cool bag to complete the look.

5. Varsity Jacket


Weaving that laid-back, Zen look into your athletic business casual attire, varsity jackets give you a sporty edge when you’re donning your workwear. The relaxed fit and long-lasting fabrics make this ideal for daily wear while giving you just enough personality. Inspired by sportswear, the varsity jacket is edgy, seamless and iconic enough to be a work wardrobe staple.

Quick Overview

  • Gives a sporty feel to your outfit.
  • Long-lasting gear that’s comfortable.
  • You can mix and match this piece with other clothes to make your own vibe.

Pair It With

  • Style it on top of an oversized tee and track pants, coupled with sport sneakers and a backpack to feel your best while you go win your goals in your creative workspaces or casual days out.

5 Workout Clothes You Can Wear To Work – Women’s Edition

1. Oversized Jogger Pants


For that unmatchable comfort and style, the best bet for that on-the-go superwoman is the oversized jogger pant. While its relaxed fit that gives you easy mobility and flexibility for the whole day, its minimal design makes it perfect for workspace wear. It also features a soft fabric and waistband adjustability to keep you at-ease throughout the day, perfect for the ladies who want practicality and style both at the same time.

Quick Overview

  • Comfort guaranteed while keeping you fashionable.
  • Lightweight and soft feel fabrics, giving you ease of wear for the whole day.
  • Perfect for mixing and matching with fitted tops to create silhouettes.

Pair It With

  • Match these pants with a unique Brami and a blazer on top, elevated with sleek minimalist jewelry to feel comfy while staying ready for those presentations!

2. High-Waisted Leggings


Much to the contrast of the baggy pants, the high-waisted leggings ride the form-fitting, sleek and snug look wave, all the while giving you absolute comfort. With the high-waistband, you get that contoured and ‘lifted’ look, which sculpts your body, making you feel and look great. Since these leggings are high-stretch, breathable and functional, you can pair them up with a vast range of tops to maintain your girl-boss look.

Quick Overview

  • Supportive and adaptive, these leggings keep you active while staying chic enough for the office.
  • They give you that ‘lifted’ effect.
  • Looks perfect paired with baggy or long tops, crop tops and blazers.

Pair It With

  • Pair your high-waisted leggings with a loose fit t-shirt, an elegant long coat and ankle boots to stay cozy outdoors and stylish indoors!

3. Crop Hoodie


A combination of the contemporary style with a touch of comfort, the cropped hoodie is perfect for those want to keep is casual at their workplace. Paired with high-waisted pants, these tops look absolutely stunning, giving you a balanced and modest look. Thanks to the soft and comfortable fabric, you’ll stay warm and at-ease in air-conditioned office spaces, while feeling ready for your active lifestyle.

Quick Overview

  • Gives you that youthful, upbeat vibe.
  • Perfect layer on top of tanks.
  • Keeps you cozy in cooler indoor spaces.

Pair It With

  • Wear this with our wide leg jogger pants to let your creative juices flow. You can also add a cute vest to give yourself that serious, professional look.

4. ACT Leggings


For the active woman who’s a go-getter, a goal-winner, the ACT leggings give you maximum functionality while ensuring you look like a fashion icon. While it promises longevity, its also constructed with high-performance fabrics, perfect for the fit and dynamic woman. What makes these leggings the ideal office wear is that they’re adaptive, contouring and anti-bunching, which ensures you’re free of irritation whether you’re working out or just moving around.

Quick Overview

  • A pair of leggings that looks great without compromising your style.
  • Pro-breathability fabric to keep you irritation-free throughout the day.
  • Perfectly goes with flowy tops or oversized tees to look professional.

Pair It With

  • Style your ACT leggings with a flowy oversized t-shirt and a tote bag to embrace that modern aesthetic.

5. Half Sleeves T-Shirts


If you’re going for that relaxed yet upscale athleisure outfits for work, then go for half sleeves t-shirts. While the soft hand feel fabric keeps you feeling easy and comfortable, their vast variety ensures you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. These t-shirts keep you flexible so you can move around efficiently. Since they’re available in an array of different necklines and styles, you have plenty of options to choose from so your work attire never gets boring.

Quick Overview

  • Fabric feels soft against your skin.
  • Easy to tuck into your high-waisted pants or look cool with tapered jogger pants.
  • Can be upscaled into semi-casual wear with a blazer and casual wear with shorts or cropped leggings.

Pair It With

Style it up with slim leg jogger pants, a zip-up hoodie and some cute sneakers to look great whether you’re heading

Key Takeaways

Athleisure has completely transformed the modern-day office wear culture. Giving you easier, lighter in weight, and more comfortable options, workout clothes you can wear to work support your dynamic lifestyle while ensuring you look your best as a professional. Not only does this trend keep you looking great, it also enables a smooth transition from gym to work without the need for an outfit change – keeping up with your fast-paced, modern life.

With key looks such as oversized joggers, compression t-shirts and cropped hoodies, professionals like you can have a wardrobe that’s just as practical as it is a fashion statement. Athleisure for work is not just about wearing gym fits to work – it’s about embodying your on-the-go lifestyle and staying comfortable to deal with the challenges of every new day.


Is it OK to wear athleisure to work?

Although it depends on the dress code followed in your workplace and how strict they are about it, generally, it is okay to wear athleisure to work. In fact, in the current times, it has become quite the norm and even encouraged by many modern workspaces. This allows you to feel at ease and comfortable while working, without making you look unprofessional. If you want to be on top of your game, then make sure you choose more athletic business casual pieces such as a fitted polo, tapered joggers and layering pieces. Just make sure your clothes are appropriate while getting the comfort and functionality of athleisure wear.

How do I look professional in athleisure?

You can easily look professional in athleisure based on the pieces you choose to wear. Make sure you’re not just going for comfort, but also style and fitting as they greatly impact how you’ll look. Make sure you choose a pieces such as a crisp gym polo or a sleek piece of high-waisted leggings. Pair them up with smart blazers or classy long coats to accentuate their appeal. Try choosing neutral colors to make them look stylish along with clean sneakers and leather loafers. Always accessorize in the most minimal way such as adding a pair of watch, tote bag or jewelry that elevates you overall look.

How do you wear activewear to the office?

It’s simple to wear activewear to the office. Make sure you have a variety of pieces to choose from, each subtle and comfortable such as smart cargo pants or half sleeves t-shirts in gentle colors. By pairing them with a blazer, coat or long coat, as well as ankle boots or sneakers, you can easily create looks that are suitable for the office and allow you to hit that post-work gym session easily. Always go for activewear pieces that feature clean lines and minimal design to look appropriate in your office setting!

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