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The Only Lower Ab Workout You Need For A Strong Core


 If you are reading this you are probably interested in building defined abs or having an eight-pack. Yes, an eight-pack, a serious and impossible feat for most. A lower ab workout is not the only thing you need.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is more to abs than just exercising. While many ab workouts and exercises work on your upper abs and obliques, the lower abs are trickier. They are tricky because your lower abs are your body’s storage point.

 The rectus abdominis is one muscle, a muscle that runs from your midsection to your pelvis. This area stores fat for emergency use. Your body needs a constant supply of energy. The body being built for survival after generations of evolution, stores fat in this area just in case.

Therefore, you need more than just a comprehensive ab workout to show off abs. Diet plays a major role when gunning for washboard abs. The fat content in your body needs to be reduced in order to show these intricate muscles.

 Apart from looking like you just auditioned for the role of Spartacus, you’ll be packing some serious strength. Doing a lower ab workout will strengthen your core like nothing else.

Why You Need To Do A Lower Ab Workout

Our bodies are mostly sedentary. This lifestyle can lead to a lot of issues. One of them is bad posture. Slouching is bad, but having a weak core has a similar effect. Tom Donaldson, head coach at Orangetheory Fitness Wandsworth, says “due to our modern lifestyle, a large percentage of the population suffers from an anterior pelvic tilt: where your pelvis is rotated forward, forcing your spine to curve”.

So, doing a lower ab workout helps to strengthen your core. This in turn helps to return your pelvis into its neutral position. When you have a strong core, you are providing essential stability to your spine and pelvis. This is extremely important for athletes and professional weightlifters who put a lot of physical pressure on their body.

Without further ado, lets start our effective lower ab workout.

Lower Ab Workout: Exercises

Mountain Climbers

Source: Pop Sugar

          Get on your fours and in a sprinting position

          Position one foot beneath your waist and the other back

          Shoulders should be aligned with your hands

          Now, swap positions of your feet

          Keep your hips and spine still

          Slow down the movement for a more intense burn in your lower abs

Heel Tap Crunch

Source: The Lavender Lifestyle

          Lie down on your back

          Bend your knees

          Make sure your heels are near to your glutes

          Now, exert pressure on the core and with your right hand touch your right heel

          Next, touch your left hand with your left heel


Source: Workout Walls

          Lie on your back

          Place your hands behind your head

          Keep your head and shoulders off the ground

          Now, exert pressure on your abs and lift your legs off the ground

          Alternate one leg up and down just like a pair of scissors

Straight Leg Raise

Source: Mens Heath

          Lie on your back

          Place your hands next to your sides

          Exert pressure on your core

          Now, lift your legs up

          Bring them up to 90 degrees

          Make sure your legs stay straight through the movement


Source: Very Well Fit

          Lie on your back

          Make sure your legs are straight on the ground and knees are together

          Now, lift your arms up

          Brace your core and lift yourself up to a sitting position

Side Plank

Source: Healthline

          Lie on your left or right side

          Your upper body should be up

          Support your upper body by your forearm

          Brace your core and raise yourself till you form a straight line going up

          Hold this position

          Finally, roll over and do it with the opposite side

Lower Ab Workout: Key Takeaway

Building a gnarly set of abs is not just about lifting weights and doing the right exercises, your diet matters just as much. Working on abs just like forearms requires more finesse and dedication.

With the right routine and consistency, you can achieve your fitness goals. 

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