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SQUATWOLF X Gym and Workout Accessories


What is Batman without his accessories belt or Captain America without his shield? Just hand to hand combat experts, leaders and in the case of Bruce Wayne, a genius of all manner. However, the accessories enhance their performance, making them superheroes. The right workout accessories for you can do the same, to some extent.  

Of course it won’t turn you into Batman or Captain America but it certainly does help in other fields of performance. Therefore, SQUATWOLF has unveiled an all-round lineup of workout accessories to enhance your workouts.

Home gyms and solo-workouts at home have never been more popular nor are they going away anytime soon. The threat of Coronavirus has isolated us for the past half year. Many people are now transitioning to home workouts because the gains never stop.

However, working out at home isn’t as easy as it seems. There are numerous bodyweight trainings you can do but some muscle groups like your biceps and triceps only have selected exercises with different variations. Without having to invest heavily on barbells and dumbbells, we have just the thing for you to keep on lifting at home or at the gym.

Workout Accessories For Performance

Mini Power Bands


Optimal for strength and conditioning, SQUATWOLF’s Mini Power Bands comes in a pack of 5. With varying intensity, you can use the bands in combination or solo to replicate the perfect burn for stronger muscle gains.

Strength and conditioning professionals use mini power bands to help athletes build speed and mobility. These power bands are designed for warm-ups or complete workouts. We engineered them with durable latex that doesn’t lose its resistance or elasticity after heavy workouts.

The five bands come in five unique colors and resistance. Starting from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs., these mini power bands are amazing home workout accessories.

Resistance Bands


The next workout accessories for performance is our Fabric Resistance Bands. This set comes in a pack of 3 with resistance strength starting from 9 kg to 36 kg. Resistance bands are exceptional workout accessories as they allow you to workout practically all of your muscle groups without any equipment.

We used an optimal blend of cotton, latex, and polyester to make these resistance bands. This combination of fabric and latex adds durability to the resistance. This set of three resistance bands is one of the best home workout accessories.

You can use a resistance band in numerous movements and workout regimes to practically work out all of your major muscle groups. With the powerful resistance, you can build muscle from the comfort of your home for a quarter of the investment.

Skipping Rope


Kick your fitness into high gear with our PVC coated steel wire skipping rope. We engineered these home accessories to match your intensity and passion to excel. The skipping rope is loaded with a firm grip and mini-ball bearings at the top to help you increase revolutions without losing control.

Whether it is a fast paced cardio session or endurance training, skipping rope is an optimal tool. We kept our minimalistic logo on the handles to add to its sleekness. It comes with a nylon bag so you can store your skipping rope and have it ready and tangle-free.

Ab Wheel


Sculpt your abs and oblique with the SQUATWOLF’s Ab Wheel. A piece of equipment designed just for your abdominal wall. The durable rubber tires come with a uniquely designed grip that keeps you in control on almost all surfaces.

The design of the Ab Wheel is to maximize precision during each rotation. With the rubber hand grip, you always stay in control with comfort. This lightweight and portable workout accessory can be used anywhere and fits easily in your gym bag without taking up much space. It is engineered to be sturdy, it can take the pressure and help you build sensational abdominal muscles.

Power Band Collection


Three different bands, three different resistance levels, and three different colors. These workout accessories are complete tools in place of expensive equipment. We engineered these bands with durable latex that doesn’t lose its elasticity or resistance even after rigorous workouts.

You can use these multi-purpose power bands to work out your whole body or focus on specific muscle groups. There are numerous movements and workouts available for you to follow. Power bands provide the necessary tension during movements you need to build muscle. Each band comes with its own resistance level.


This bands resistance level is between 7 to 16 kg.


This bands resistance is between 16 to 39 kg.


This bands resistance is between 25 to 75 kg.

Workout Accessories For Function

Workout accessories are not just tools for working out, it’s about bringing function and style to your life. The entire journey of going to the gym needs to be flawless and easy. When going to the gym, you need to carry your essentials. Maybe a change of clothes, skipping rope, water bottle, a pair of workout shoes, etc.

We’ve got just the thing for this as well.



Introducing the holdall, a minimalist black bag with adequate space to carry all of your essential equipment. Not just limited for workouts and fitness enthusiasts, the sleek look of this bag and with our infamous SQUATWOLF logo, its perfect for light travelling.

It has a removable shoulder strap designed to reduce strain on your shoulders. There is a side gusseted pocket that is perfect for a pair of shoes or sweaty workout clothes.


More workout accessories are coming your way very quickly, be on the lookout. Get the latest updates on our Instagram (@squatwolf)

At SQUATWOLF, we pride ourselves in engineering quality products that perform and outlast.

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