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The Fast Metabolism Diet Review: What, How and Does It Work?


The Fast Metabolism Diet is another fat losing diet with great claims. Haylie Pomroy, the creator of the Fast Metabolism diet, is a celebrity nutritionist and a wellness coach.

The Fast Metabolism Diet is a plan that can help you lose up to 9 kg in 28 days. Just like the Tom Brady Diet, these new diets work for some not because of the diet but the routine.

These diets are based on selective science and are not sustainable. Either some are too expensive, or like this diet, it requires you to leave coffee. I mean can a car really run without fuel?

This article will break down the Fast Metabolism Diet. How to do it, the foods you are allowed to eat and how the claims hold up against science.

What Is The Fast Metabolism Diet?


Like the Warrior Diet, the Fast Metabolism Diet also has three phases. These phases empathize which foods should be eaten in order to speed up metabolism.

Whenever I cover a diet, I always remind the readers of the rules of weight loss. Burning more calories than you consume is the only formula you need to know. You can cause the decrease in calories either by burning more through workouts or consuming less through diets.

You need a mix of both to have a sustainable lifestyle. Diets are a lifestyle change after-all.

Even extreme restrictive diets only keep the weight off as long as you are on the diet. The moment you transition to a semi-normal lifestyle, you start to consume the same number of calories, hence, the weight comes back.

The reason the Fast Metabolism Diet works is because it combines dietary changes, restrictions and workouts. This again has less to do with the diet itself but more with the routine.

The Fast Metabolism Diet is about eating certain foods in peculiar orders to trigger your metabolism into working faster.

There are also a lot of foods that you have to avoid, including coffee. On the other hand, this diet urges you to workout with each phase of the diet having a different workout preference.

Lastly, the Fast Metabolism Diet also has instructions for after hitting your weight goal. Instead of just transitioning completely off, the diet has guidelines to help you maintain your weight loss. You can either do a one-week cycle per month or a four-week program every six months.

This combination works. We covered everything you need to know about the rules, food and techniques to lose weight.

Rules Of The Fast Metabolism Diet

This diet has three phases which are discussed below. Each phase has its own food and exercise recommendation. However, these rules would be the common rules that you are expected to follow regardless of the phase.

You are instructed to eat five times a day with 3 to 4 hours of rest in between meals. Smaller portions are always a good thing for weight loss. And the best time to eat is 30 mins after walking. The main foods that compose your meals and exercises should be done according to the phase that you are in.

The Fast Metabolism Diet also calls to drink half of your body weight of water in ounces daily. Also, like with most diets, there is a restriction on sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed food.

Haylie Pomroy prohibits coffee, alcohol, soy, and wheat as well. There is an emphasis on eating organic and making sure your meat is nitrate-free.

You also have to follow the phases in a timely manner, meaning you can’t go with the flow. Now, the entire program should last for 4 weeks or 28 days. You should achieve your weight goal in these 28 days, if not, you have to do it again.

However, if you do hit your weight goal, then you have to maintain it. You can keep the weight off by doing the Fast Metabolism Diet weekly every month or for 28 days every six months.

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The Phases Of The Fast Metabolism Diet


The Fast Metabolism Diet has three phases in a week. The first 2 phases have two days while the last phase has three days. Just like the Warrior Diet, but these are weekly phases vs. 2 days phases in this diet.

Each phase has its own foods and recommended workouts.

Phase 1 – 2 days

Haylie Pomroy says that this phase is meant to release stress. It is to convince your metabolism that it is “no longer in an emergency situation”. During this phase you are recommended not to use any cooking oil and, in its place, you can use vegetable or chicken stock.

During these two days you are advised to eat high-carb whole grains with protein like chicken. Mangoes, pineapples and other high-glycemic foods are also on the list.

Also, this phase emphasizes the use of foods rich in vitamins B and C. Foods such as: lean beef, oranges, turkey, kiwi and lentils are rich in this.

The purpose of this phase is to get your body ready for weight loss. These choices of foods also help in lowering cortisol which in turn lowers stress. Lastly, these foods also stimulate your thyroid to burn fats, proteins and carbs.

With all of this burning going on, you need to channel this energy into at least one intense cardio workout in these two days.

Phase 2 – 2 days

The second phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet is about unlocking your stored fat. These two days work on getting rid of stored fats and also doing have a day of strength training.

This phase is all about eating proteins and rich green vegetables. Aim for proteins like turkey, bison, fish, chicken and beef and green vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, and collard greens.

The reason you are consuming these green vegetables is that they are alkalizing. The green vegetables lower the acidity in your blood, this stimulates your liver to release stored fat.

Lastly, finish these two days with an intense workout session. Your aim should be low reps and strength building. If you workout your back muscles or lower body, you burn more calories as these are huge muscle groups that burn more calories after the workout to heal. Therefore, workout wisely and target a larger muscle group.

Phase 3 – 3 days

This is the part of the Fast Metabolism Diet that is all about speeding up the process of metabolism. Now, you can bring back healthy fats to your diet. Also, youre still sticking to protein and carbs.

The additions to your diet in these three days include: nuts, eggs, olive oil and other kinds of healthy oils, avocados and olives. The diet also introduces shrimp, seaweed and lobster due to the claims that these foods boost your metabolism.

Lastly, the type of exercise advised during this is anything stress reducing. This can be meditation, yoga or massages. Such activities help in reducing stress levels.

Foods To Avoid

Personally, the greatest restriction would be the coffee. It is one heavenly chemical that makes daily life all the more productive. But, lets focus on what is not allowed on the Fast Metabolite Diet.  

  • Corn
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Juices
  • Sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Alcohol

In the case of vegetarians, you are allowed to consume tempeh, tofu and edamame. Also, your food can not contain any additives, preservatives, pesticides, or hormones of any kind; everything has to be organic.

Gear To Enhance Your Workouts

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The Science Behind The Fast Metabolism Diet


First, the diet suggests eating specific foods to increase metabolism. There is very little to no science that has actually proven anything like this.

During phase 1, you are advised to eat carbohydrates in good amounts. The goal of phase 1 is to help release stress. But science says the opposite, research shows that eating a lot of carbs can lead to higher stress levels. Also, there isn’t any factual data to back up the claims of phase 1.

Phase 2 has two parts to it. Part 1 calls for eating protein in order to build muscle. On the other hand, you have to alkalizing vegetables to trigger your liver stored fat. While the first part of the claim is accurate, high protein diets do help build muscle, the latter is not. There is no evidence that shows blood pH can be altered by eating certain vegetables.

Next, you can’t control or manipulate your metabolism. Some things are beyond your control for survival reasons. Even though there are a few foods that do cause slight changes in you pH, there is nothing like controlling your pH with a diet.

I’ve talked about coffee a lot, and well science even backs me up in this. Caffeine has positive effects on your body too. It helps with cognition, protects against Alzheimer’s and helps fight depression. So, no need to remove it.

It can help with weight loss because of the food restrictions, increase in fiber intake, increase in water consumption and a suitable exercise on a regular basis. If this lifestyle is adopted, then losing and keeping weight off is definitely on the cards.  

The Final Verdict

The Fast Metabolism Diet is another celebrity endorsed diet. While there have been numerous tall claims in the diet, it does work – just not for the reasons it claims.

See, the diet calls for a dietary change along with incorporating exercises and workouts relevant to each phase of the diet. So this combination of dietary changes and exercise can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Even though you can substitute the dietary changes to any diet, not just this one in particular, the Fast Metabolism is just another fad diet. It helps you lose weight by restricting certain foods and encourages clean eating.

However, the downsides are that it is unsustainable for a lot. There are five meals throughout the day and the clean eating along with the dietary restrictions make it difficult for someone living a fast-paced life.

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