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The Only Leg Workout You Need For Powerful Legs


A proper leg workout has numerous benefits. From helping you lose weight to enhancing your fitness, working out your legs is key to a healthier body.

“Your legs are the wheels that carry you through the day, so you want them to be strong,” says Gerren Liles, who is one of the founding trainers at MIRROR, a new age fitness training website.


Now, Gerren says that you should do a leg workout at least three to five times a week. But this honestly depends on your own goals and what exercises you are incorporating in each workout.

The workout we have outlined can be done two to three times a week to grow strength and mass in your legs. Oh, and remember to rest your legs between workouts. Working for the same muscle groups without rest in between is never a good idea.

This leg workout is guaranteed to burn your thighs, claves, hamstrings and glutes. Let’s get started!

Glute Bridges

Let’s start this leg workout off with 3 sets of glute bridges with 20 reps each. While this bodyweight movement might look easy, it is highly effective.

It targets your glutes and hamstrings. When doing this movement, do not push your hips too high as you may risk arching your lower back.

How to do glute bridges:

  • Lay down on your back with your knees bent and arms raised.
  • Now, squeeze your glutes and push your hips in the air.
  • Your knees, hips, and shoulder should make a straight line going downwards.
  • Next, pause for a moment before relaxing your hips.

Lateral Lunge

Moving forward in this all-around leg workout, we have the lateral lunge. This exercise works your quads and glutes.

You should do this with dumbbells. Just using your body weight is not enough for this leg workout. Grab a pair of dumbbells, but they should be heavy enough to make you feel a burn and nothing more.

Strain your muscles, don’t injure them; always start with lighter weight.

How to do lateral lunges:

  • Stand with your feet together and hold a dumbbell in each hand
  • Next, take a big step right and then lunge in that direction
  • Make sure you hinge your hips while keeping your chest up
  • Now, push off the right foot and continue with your left side

Goblet Squat

This is the part of the leg workout where you start increasing your weight. Squats are a must for any leg workout. This workout uses the goblet variation, or holding a dumbbell vertically.

The best part about the goblet squat is that it ensures your torso stays upright, exerting pressure on your core.

How to do a goblet squat:

  • Stand shoulder-width apart
  • Hold a dumbbell from one end with both hands, your elbows should be pointing downwards
  • Now, start squatting
  • Keep your chest up and core engaged

Towel Hamstring Curls

With the last two movements being a bit intense, we return to another bodyweight exercise. The towel hamstring curls work your hamstrings and glutes.

This movement uses your hamstrings and glutes similar to how they would be used during sports. It also helps develop hamstrings with a knee flexion movement. This helps to stabilize the joint and to prevent any future injuries.

How to do towel hamstring curl:

  • Lay down on your back with your hands by your sides
  • Place a towel on a frictionless surface
  • Now, place your feet on the towel
  • Next, push your hips towards the roof
  • And slide your feet outwards
  • Finally, bring your feet back under your knees


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Standing Barbell Calf Raise

Working out your calves is very much necessary to have a complete leg workout. For this exercise, you’ll need a step, or a box to stand on.

While doing this movement, make sure you don’t bounce. This will make the exercise easier than it’s intended to be.

How to do standing barbell calf raises:

  • Grab a barbell and place it on your back shoulders
  • Stand on the block or step with your middle foot on the edge
  • Now, raise your heels and squeeze your calves
  • Finally, lower your heels down as much as you can without touching the floor
Source: Plan For Fit

Box Jumps

Box jumps are the conclusion to this all-round leg workout. This movement requires your entire lower body to work seamlessly to launch yourself on top of a box.

The higher the box is, the more difficult the exercise is. Start with a shorter box rather than tumbling everywhere.

How to do box jumps:

  • Place the box 6 inches in front of you
  • Now, drop your arms and get into a half squat position
  • Finally, thrust your body into a jump on top of the box
  • Jump off the box to complete a repetition
Source: My Fitness Pal

Key Takeaway From This Leg Workout

This is an all-round workout that works all of your major muscle groups in your lower body. Following this routine once or twice a week will help you build brawny legs.

Because this workout covers your calves all the way to your hamstrings, it’s safe to say that get ready for a zombie walk when your legs give away.  

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