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Wolf Collection X SQUATWOLF

This has been another year of tremendous challenges, growth and learning. But the year is still not over. SQUAT WOLF has had an obstacle filled year and we responded with unveiling 7 new collections.

That is impressive, even for our phenomenal growth over the past year. 

The Wolf Collection is the latest featuring athleisure for both men and women. Throughout the collection, you’ll find your basic black and white combinations. Apart from these two main colors, you’ll also find other colors to resonate with your vibe.

The collection only includes sports bras and leggings for women. However, for men we have everything from running tops to compression shorts.

This article gives you all the insider secrets so you can get the most out of the all new Wolf Collection.

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Style Guide:

Wolf Man

The Wolf Collection for men is in-depth. There is also variety in the colors. The collection features our staple onyx, grey and white but also has striking colors like burgundy and navy. The fabric is durable and has a 4-way stretch, so mobility shouldn’t be a problem.

The collection features a camo knitted base for all of the clothes except compression shorts. The camo base is not just for the aesthetics. Our lightweight camo base is extremely breathable making sure your body stays chill throughout the heat.

Wolf Compression Shorts

Wolf Running Tops

Wolf Shorts

Wolf Tanks

Wolf Tees

Wolf Track Pants

Wolf Woman

 The Wolf Collection for women features leggings and sports bras. They come in onyx, graphite, peacock and blush.

Now, the sports bra itself is an optimal mix between function and minimalism. The sports bras are simplistic with fabric tech that is bound to make it your go-to workout bra. The bras have removable bra cups for proper cleaning. They also provide high impact support with full coverage.

On the other hand, the leggings are made with lightweight material that feels soft to touch. Also, the fabric is perforated to boost airflow. It also has a ribbed waist for a composed and comfortable fit. The looks of the leggings and the sports bra are both minimal.

Wolf Leggings

Wolf Sports Bra

The Vibe Behind The Wolf Collection

Optimal athleisure is a blend between function and fashion. Not only do you have to find the right look, but you have to put it together with the fabric.

Every collection is about something unique. The Wolf Collection is all about conquering the wild. And when one conquers, taming the wild quickly follows suit.

The Wolf Collection does justice to this notion. It is contemporary athleisure that adopts a minimal outlook. We stuck to our principal dark shades. You’ll find onyx, grey and white throughout the clothes.

For men, we have navy and burgundy, striking colors that immediately captivates attention. For women, we have more subtle colors like peacock and blush for a calmer vibe.

The styles were kept clean, apart from our logo, we kept the styles simple.


It can’t be athleisure, if the fabric doesn’t provide you a boost during intense workout sessions. The material is lightweight and breathable. This ensures proper airflow to keep your body breathing.

The fabric also has 4-way stretch so you have complete freedom of movement. The fabric is durable so it can handle intense moves.

The Wolf Leggings are perforated, so this provides even more airflow. The Wolf Sports Bra provides high impact support and full coverage, your workouts just got all the more composed and tension-free.

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