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The Code Red Diet Explained – A New Fat Burning Lifestyle


The Code Red Diet – In A Glance

  • The Code Red Diet is a high-fat & low-carb diet.
  • The Code Red Diet emphasizes plant-based foods; however, meat is not a restriction.
  • All vegetables are allowed except potatoes during the weight loss period.
  • Cristy says fruits are a no-no during weight loss as they contain sugars that can spike insulin.
  • Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day.
  • There are 10 Code Red Diet Rules. Skip to read rules.

The Code Red Diet – A Lifestyle

The Code Red Diet claims to help you lose 10 lbs. per month without any “shakes, diet pills, diet foods or exercise”.

It was invented by Cristy Nickel, a well-known wellness coach in the world of fitness.

Source: Code Red Revolution

It’s not just about the diet, it is a lifestyle. The rules don’t just apply to your eating routines but change your daily habits too. It works quite similar to the Keto Diet, it’s a high-fat and low-carb diet.

This Code Red Diet review will clear up all of the details. But before we get started, for a lifestyle that is supposed to work without diet pills, there sure are a lot of supplements recommended on the website and in each blog.

It does give off the same vibes as the Tom Brady Diet, a well-known athlete making tall scientific claims. Let’s see how this one fares.

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What is The Code Red Diet?


The diet has specific rules and guidelines, essentially, it is a high-fat and low-carb diet like Keto.

The reason it differs from a diet and the one reason that it might work for the long run, is that this is a never-ending process.

You don’t achieve your weight goal and then stop the Code Red Lifestyle. 

Cristy says, “In order to keep off the weight you lose, you are NEVER going back to your old ways. Your weight will not stay off if you go back to guzzling soda and eating Doritos whenever you feel like it.”

The lifestyle has smart guidelines like not consuming starchy vegetables like potatoes and glucose full fruits. You need to lower your insulin levels to lose weight. 

Hence, you can’t consume starch or sugar. But this is until you reach your weight goal. If you are in the maintenance phase, the restrictions get easier.

The success behind this diet is the lifestyle that accompanies it. During the Code Red Diet, you have to sleep on time, stay hydrated, and remove unhealthy foods from your diet. 

Fact is, if you aren’t following a healthy lifestyle, the diet has to work harder for you to lose weight.

You can also try some low-carb, high-fat recipes to stay on track with the Code Red Diet.

The Code Red Lifestyle has rules that ensure you are following healthy habits. This can be a game-changer.

Food to Eat



Almost all vegetables are allowed. However, potatoes are a no-no during weight loss. Cristy says “It’s not that potatoes aren’t nutritious. It’s that their high carb content can interfere with fat-burning, by keeping insulin levels too high.”

She also advises you to avoid fruits during the weight loss process because it has sugar that spikes insulin. 

“The fact it’s “natural” sugar doesn’t matter. Sugar is sugar and it spikes more insulin. Plus, today’s fruits are genetically modified to be bigger and sweeter than they would naturally, so that’s even MORE sugar,” says Cristy.

However, once you achieve your weight goals, you can consume potatoes and fruits again. But keep in mind, the quantity should never hamper the fat-burning process that you are trying to accomplish with this diet.

Healthy Fats

The list has the same healthy fats as other mainstream diets do. It includes avocadoes, butter, eggs, and salmon. Cheese, seeds, and nuts are other good sources of healthy fats.  


Cristy is converting to a “more plant-based” diet. But, she still eats meat from time to time.

She eats salmon, sirloin patties, and macadamia nuts for protein. You can eat healthy proteins like tuna, chicken breast, salmon, oats, tofu, quinoa, turkey and so many more.

The plant-based protein approach is just Cristy’s, you can still consuming meats on this diet. 


One of the rules of the Code Red Diet is drinking at least a gallon of water per day. There aren’t many restrictions on what you should and shouldn’t drink apart from alcohol and excessively sugary drinks.

Cristy mentions that she loves drinking coffee in the morning with heavy whipping cream. But, she uses Stevia and not sugar.   

Sample Meals

Cristy and her Rebels have come up with some tasty recipes following the Code Red Diet rules.

Here are a few of my favorites that are tasty enough to motivate you to start.

Nothing beats bacon, fried eggs with Himalayan pink salt, and guacamole in the morning. It is power-packed with nutrients and pleasure for your taste buds. The combination is a classic.

Now for lunch, air-fry chicken breaded with ground pork rinds and vegetables with butter and Himalayan salt.

Finally, finish the day off with steak and green beans. Instead of mashed potatoes, you can make mashed cauliflower with butter and Himalayan salt.

For snacks you can:

Take deli, ham, turkey, or roast beef, spread some cream cheese on it, put a pickle in the middle and roll it up.


You can put nuts and blueberries in a bowl, pour unsweetened almond milk, heavy whipping cream, and Stevia to make cereal.

You can also look into recipes for salads.

Rules to Follow


The Code Red Diet is a lifestyle. 

Cristy has 10 rules for anyone looking to lose weight. She says “remember, weight loss mode doesn’t last forever. 

Once you’ve dropped all the weight you want, you can relax the rules a bit.”

The 10 rules are:

  1. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night
  2. Drink at least a gallon of water per day
  3. Try to eat a vegetable with every meal
  4. Restrict yourself to 2 to 3 meals with no snacks
  5. No alcohol, candy, or sweets
  6. You can’t drink soda
  7. No lattes or mochas
  8. 2 cups of coffee only per day
  9. No bread of any kind
  10. No eating after 6:30 pm

Apart from these 10 rules, you have to consistently weigh yourself. 

Because, “if you know you have to record your weight in the morning, you’ll think twice about that second helping at dinner” says Cristy.

To weigh yourself accurately, you need to:

  1. Take a dry weight in the morning. A dry weight requires you to remove all clothing and to use the restroom to relieve yourself before weighing.
  2. Keep a journal or record of your weight to monitor transformation

The Code Red Diet Claims


Cristy calls them side-effects of the Code Red Diet. Apart from weight loss, you also get a few more health perks.

A lot of diets promote weight loss. You need to get your calorie intake below average, theory has it your body will burn stored fats for energy.

But, if you start eating the same number of calories as before, then you will start storing fats again resulting in weight gain. You have to keep the weight off by maintaining your intake.

That is what the Code Red Diet emphasizes, more than just dieting for periods and reaching weight goals, you have to make permanent changes.

So, the numerous success stories their website and social media is full of can be true. This lifestyle can help you lose weight and keep it off.

But, so can restricting your current calories and transitioning to new and healthy foods as a habit.

Another claim is that the Code Red Diet causes you to have less body odor.

Now, there was a study that showed that males who had a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, had a better-smelling sweat.  

Also, this is a low-carb diet. There are numerous self-reports by fitness experts that low-carb diets induce a better odor.  

Lastly, high meat consumption also has a negative effect on your body odor vs a plant-based diet. Cristy leans more towards vegetarian proteins than meat. 

This could explain why she notices changes in her body odor vs people who stick with the Code Red diet and still consuming meat.

Final Note on The Code Red Diet

Cristy Nickel has put forth a very intricate diet and lifestyle. It is a prolonged version of the keto diet with 10 rules to follow during the weight loss periods.

The diet is high protein and low carb just like the keto diet. It revolves around the body in a state of burning fat or ketosis. There are a lot of success stories online and a huge online community.

The diet can work to keep your weight off if you follow all of the guidelines. If you do follow the guidelines, know you are making permanent lifestyle changes. 

Any time, you incorporate a healthy diet with lifestyle changes, you are looking at weight loss for the long term. 

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