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What Is An Insanity Workout? And Is It For Everyone?


The insanity workout is not your average workout. This 60-day program, loaded with 10 workouts is not for the faint hearted nor beginners. This regime requires strength, stamina and will power over anything else.

While it started in the early 2000’s, it is still relevant as of today. People who have successfully finished the insanity workout say it is definitely worth the sweat and tears.

If you’re looking for a program to get you in the best of shape and to build strength, then the insanity workout may just be the thing for you.

What Is Insanity Workout?

This total body workout utilizes just your bodyweight. You do not need a gym or any kind of equipment for this program. So, this is definitely a major plus point. Just like other HITT workouts, it requires you to unleash your maximum effort for short durations.

The logic is to increase your aerobic fitness while you are burning calories. Each 3-minute interval has you huffing and patting with just 30-second rest intervals. The creators of the insanity workout claim that this method will have you burning up to 1,000 calories per hour.

There are a total of 10 workouts. Each workout takes between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the routine and your speed. The two-month program has you working out 6 days a week with only one rest day. Before we get into the exact workouts in this regime, the insanity workout already sounds tough and challenging.

Insanity Workout Details

In the first 30 days you will be doing:

          A Fit test

          Plyometric Cardio Circuit

          Cardio Power and Resistance Training


          Only Cardio

The last 30 days has you working on:

          Max Interval circuit

          Max Interval Plyo

          Max Cardio Conditioning

          Max Recover

The exact details and workout routines are not available unless you purchase the entire training. Every week you are given a different routine to follow with different workouts. When you finish the first month of the insanity workout, you don’t jump directly in the second one.

Instead, you spend a week recovering. However, the recovery is not even your normal recovery in the insanity workout. Who knew you’d still be sweating during your recovery week. The insanity workout calls for core cardio and a balance routine during your week long break.

The concept behind this is to prepare you for what is about to come because the next 60 days are even more insane.

Muscle Groups Worked During The Insanity Workout

This challenging cardio program utilizes a lot of high-impact exercises. It has an essence of aerobics and focuses a great deal on building strength.

The insanity workout builds your core muscles, so get ready for rock-hard abs. The plyometric exercises will help you build powerful legs and glutes. You will also be working out your back and upper body. Do make sure that you’re wearing comfortable gym shorts to ensure comfort and flexibility. 

This regime greatly improves your cardiovascular fitness and helps you lose weight.

Who Should Do It?

Because it requires such a high amount of energy and strength, if you are just starting to get back into shape then this program might feel very daunting. This program was designed for people who are already in shape or fit and what to go to the next level.   

While there is no equipment cost, the insanity workout costs $120. Plus, it can be done anywhere you can play the videos. Also, you just need your bodyweight (funny, it’s even being mentioned) and a place where you can enter beast mode without any distractions.

Key Takeaway

 This program is definitely not for freshies. Regardless of your new found passion to get into shape, high impact and intensity workouts come with a greater risk of injury. There are numerous workouts you can use to get started to build strength and fitness before attempting this program. 

Note: For maximum efficiency, please make sure that you’re wearing suitable gym clothes.

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