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How to get Six Pack Abs (With 5 Everyday Habits)

Six pack abs
You will find several articles on the internet about how to get six-pack abs. No doubt they have useful advice to a somewhat believable extent. Everyone wants a slimmer waistline for the least. Thus, we would have tried to implement ideas from those articles. However, the majority of us couldn’t get them even with the best of our efforts. But why?
There are problems pertaining to the approach. Else, we all would have had a solid core, and there wouldn’t be as many articles on the internet about how to get six-pack abs. Continuation of the suggested plan remains the problem most of us face.

Where the Failure?

We highlight a couple of reasons why our motivation dies over time. Research shows that we demand more from our bodies and mind in a shorter time. Our regular habits are not able to cope with the demand. As a result, what seemed difficult becomes impossible.

“Long-Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity ” – Bruce Lee

The primary issue is the strict attitude you put yourself into for your diet plan or workout routine. As a result, the demise of your motivation is inevitable. Great willpower will get you somewhere. But it requires high levels of energy. In most cases, you may not find much energy and it will damage your body and mindset. As a result, fatigue takes over, and tend to lose the plot.

At times we try too hard to get the results faster. By lifting heavier weights with the expectation to bulk up faster. In most cases, that leads to disappointment, and we again tend to lose the plot.

Why Everyday Habits will lead you to get this answer right; how to get six-pack abs?

Research shows it takes around 21 days to form a habit. Imagine a diet or workout plan promising six-pack abs in three weeks. We don’t promise that of course. But to create an understanding, we suggest forming healthy everyday habits.

We expect your target for six-pack abs is for the lifetime. To get six-pack abs for a lifetime is way easier than getting in a shorter time, for a shorter time. Slow and steady wins the race. But we don’t only want you to win the race, but stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life.
So, our formula is driven from John Maxwell’s quote – “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.”
Here is a list of 5 everyday habits that you can embed in your daily routine to get six-pack abs.
six pack abs
how to get six-pack abs

1. Never Miss a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, period. Over time, a healthy breakfast will make your core stronger, as you lose weight. In the long run, your flab will disappear and give you the six-pack abs. A healthy breakfast and the right nutrients in the morning will also fuel your day with lots of energy.
There is enough research done on the relationship between breakfast and belly size. All the studies show an inverse relationship between breakfast and waist size. A healthy breakfast is a weight loss program itself. Breakfast rich in protein and fiber will energize your day.
Oatmeal is the best source of fiber in the mornings. Whereas, yogurt and eggs are best to consume protein. Fiber will improve your digestion, help you lose fat. It will also fill you up so your body doesn’t crave more calories for the day. High protein consumption in the morning will set your day to complete daily tasks. Moreover, the energy you need for exercise will also come from protein-rich foods.
Learn how to make the easy and healthy breakfasts you’re the entire week.
six pack abs
how to get six-pack abs

2. Time Your Water Intake

Why water is important, you may find several well-researched articles. But, another critical point is the timing of drinking water. The understanding will get you to your six-pack abs much faster.
The first thing you do when you get up is drink water, enough to completely fill you up. It will activate your internal organs and detox your stomach. Over here, consistency is key which will make your metabolism faster. Eventually, put you on the path for six-pack abs. Moreover, a glass of water before a meal will curb your hunger and improve your digestion.
When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. At times, it is dehydration and not hunger. Try to drink a glass of water every hour to maintain your hydration level. A hydrated body will get you your six-pack abs much faster. It will take care of several things which we don’t realize. You will have more energy for exercise. It will curb your hunger pangs. Fasten your metabolism and improve your mental health.

3. Abs Need Proteins

After a protein-rich breakfast, you need to maintain the protein intake for the day. As a result, you will replace them with high-carb foods because protein tops the list for six-pack abs. Other than morning, lean meat, fish and other dairy products are your best source. Several suggest even protein shakes are also an option if your budget allows.
What you are doing with the increase in protein intake is replacing other carbs and fats. Multiply 0.36 grams with your weight in pounds, and that is how much protein you need every day. The rest of your appetite should have lots of greens and fruits for an ultimate diet. Once you get addicted to rich nutrient foods, there is no stopping you from getting those packs in order.
List of things that you can eat before a workout for best results.
six pack abs
how to get six-pack abs

4. Exercise for Motivation

Healthier breakfasts, the right water intake, and a protein-rich diet will allow you to exercise more. You would be able to find that energy that you lacked. One hour a day, three days a week for strength training is ideal with little cardio every day.
“They’ll do abs 7 days a week and won’t allow for any rest. That just damages the muscles,” says Jim White, RD, ACSM, owner of White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, VA. He recommended working out 3 to 4 times a week.
You don’t need endless reps on abs workouts every day, but a combination of fat-burning workouts. High-intensity cardio and weight training are best to strengthen your body. However, make sure you give at least 24 hours of rest to the worked muscle.
Read this article to know more about how your personal trainer can be the right motivation for you.
six pack abs
how to get six-pack abs

5. Sleep it Out

A good night’s sleep is essential for your muscles to recover. Your body needs enough rest to get back working the next day on an optimal level. Ideally, you need 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Optimum sleep will get your proteins to break down and develop your abdominal muscles.

Sleeping early has many benefits for your body and energy levels for the next day. Sleep better to have sufficient energy for daily activities and workouts. Getting up early gives you more time to work out or even prepare a healthy breakfast.

Read this article to understand what is an exercise-sleep cycle, and how balancing it can solve many of your health problems.

Moreover, before sleeping avoid any late-night snack, as your digestion system slows down during midnight. A slower process will disrupt your goal of getting six-pack abs.

The Right Mindset

All the habits are quite interlinked and developing them will become easier if all are worked on together. There is nothing too demanding about them and they get easier once you get the taste of how you feel when your core starts to strengthen.  

Start with the right gym gear…


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