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How to get Six Pack Abs? 5 Must-Have Everyday Habits!


How to get Six Pack Abs: 5 Daily Habits You Need to Adopt 

Are you thinking about how to get six pack abs? Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 habits you need to build abs like a warrior’s shield!  

  1. Never Miss a Healthy Breakfast: a nutritious breakfast is the foundation for ab success. 
  2. Time Your Water Intake: track your water intake to make sure you’re well-hydrated.  
  3. Abs Need Proteins: aim for 0.8g-2 of protein per kg of your bodyweight for chiseled abs. 
  4. Exercise for Motivation: when you exercise for motivation and an elevated lifestyle, abs will follow.  
  5. Sleep it Out: sleep deeply – it’s when muscles mend and abs emerge. 


Motivation: Why Do We Lose It?  

Six-pack abs. We all want them, don’t we? 

Waking up, catching that reflection in the mirror, and seeing those defined muscles – that’s what perfection feels like, right? 

Especially when your abs are visible through your workout clothes?

But the journey there? It’s a path full of moments of withering motivation and lurking doubts.  

And on those days where you’re extra tired, extra tempted, extra lazy – why can’t you get off the bed and onto the mat?  

What distracts you from your fitness goals – the goal of getting abs?  

Bruce Lee once said, “Long-Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity.” 

A burst of intensity during your workout session won’t fast-track your fitness journey. Rather, it’s the constant dedication that matters.  

And to achieve those chiseled abs, you need that inspiration to simmer in you – it’s what fires up your drive! 

Daily Habits: Your Real Ticket to Six-Pack Abs 

Ever wondered what really makes six packs happen? It’s not a trendy diet or some secret workout with overnight results.  

It’s consistency, commitment, and the small steps we take every day. Each meal you eat, every rep you hit, and each hour you sleep – they all add up to your abs!  

If there’s one hack for lasting fitness, it’s sticking to your daily habits. When you’re consistent, those abs aren’t just a possibility — they become reality. 

John Maxwell nailed it when he said, “The secret to success is found in your daily routine.”

So, let’s make every day your building block to chiseled abs. 


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 5 Habits That Will Get You Those Six Pack Abs You’ve Set Your Sights On

Let’s dive into the details of how to get six pack abs that make you look like a Baywatch surfer!  


1. Never Miss a Healthy Breakfast

Ever wondered how important your morning meal is when you’re aiming for those six-pack abs?  

It’s not just tittle-tattle. Multiple studies talk about the significance of a healthy, nutritious breakfast in helping us reach our fitness goals.  

In fact, research reveals that there’s a connection between a hearty breakfast and improved metabolism. And this leads to better fat loss—crucial for achieving defined abs.  

Think about this: the protein-rich eggs won’t just keep you full for long hours—they’re going to be the building blocks for muscles.  

And that bowl of oatmeal? It’s not just a bowl of nutrition. It’s a surefire way of staying energized and reducing unnecessary cravings that hit you during your day.  

Your morning bite isn’t just food to put in your body. It’s a science-backed strategy to elevating your lifestyle, investing in your health, and staying fit.  

Quick tip: enjoy a hearty breakfast every day by following a 7-day healthy breakfast plan so you know what you’ll eat every day!   

2. Time Your Water Intake


When it comes to building those six-pack abs, sometimes the simplest things, like water, make a stark difference. 

But it’s not just about drinking it. It is also about when you drink it.  

Start your day with a glass of water. Think of it as the morning alarm for your metabolism. As it activates your organs and detoxes your stomach, your metabolism will improve. And this will pave your path to achieving sculpted abs.  

Anytime you feel a pang of hunger at midday or reach out for snacks, drink water. Research consistently shows that we often confuse signals of dehydration with hunger pangs.  

Hydration isn’t about quenching thirst alone. It’s important for gut health and digestion. And this facilitates muscle growth, giving you those abs, you dream of.  So, time your water intake so you’re not just drinking enough of it, you’re also drinking it at the right time.  

 3. Abs Need Proteins

Here’s a golden nugget for those six-pack abs: Protein.  

It’s not just a breakfast essential – your muscles crave it all day. Make sure lean meats, fish, dairy, and protein shakes are part of your daily diet.  

By adding proteins, you’re making less room for carbs and fats—just what the research ordered! Proteins are good for you because they: 

  • Boost muscle repair and growth 
  • Assist in fat loss 
  • Keep you full for longer periods 
  • Preserve muscle mass even if you’re cutting down your calories 
  • Improve hormonal production for your body’s growth 
  • Help you overcome soreness after a workout, reenergizing your body 

To know what your daily protein target in grams is, multiply your bodyweight by 0.36. Pair it with some greens and fruits for a delicious meal.  

Quick tip: eat well with 4 high protein vegetarian recipes. You can toss in your favorite meats to satisfy your cravings!  

4. Exercise for Motivation


Achieving rock-hard abs takes more than just sweat and sit-ups. It takes fueling your workouts with protein, staying hydrated, and understanding the science behind exercising.  

Jim White, RD, ACSM, stands by a researched formula: combine high-intensity cardio with strength training, while giving enough time for your muscles to recover. According to his recommendations, you should work out 3-4 times a week! 

Derived from countless studies, this method ensures that in your mission to getting those ripped six-pack abs, you’re not just efficient, but also sustainable.  

Quick tip: whether you’re a guy or a gal, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes when hitting abs. Would definitely recommend our workout leggings for women for girls because they are super comfy while men should go for our gym shorts for men to maximize their workout efficiency!

5. Sleep it Out

six pack abs

With shut eyes, you can build muscles.  

That’s right, while you’re in deep slumber, your body is hard at work repairing and growing those muscles. This is essential for your six-pack journey.  

Studies have shown that 6-8 hours of quality sleep each night is a game-changer. It not only helps you stay full, but it also optimizes your muscle recovery.  

If you’re wondering how to get six-pack abs, remember that it’s not just about the grind but also about the rest. Without good rest, your muscles won’t heal. 

So, get out of bed early, have a wholesome breakfast, and step closer to getting those chiseled abs you love! 

Quick tip: learn to balance your exercise sleep cycle to become fitter and healthier.  

The Right Mindset 

The secret of how to get six-pack abs is simple. It’s not just the reps you complete in each set, but the mindset you nurture.  

Your daily habits are interconnected. Each reinforced the other. And here’s the main attraction from extensive research – your mental strength will improve just as much as your physical strength!  

Once you experience that burn of a good core workout, motivation follows you – it becomes part of your nature. Just make sure you’re always positive when approaching fitness because you’re shaping your future! 


What makes the six-pack visible? 

Your abs depend on the subcutaneous fat stored in your stomach. To get visible six-pack abs, you need to get your body fat between 10% to 14%. 

Should having six-pack abs be my goal in core training? 

If you’re training your core and your goal is to have six-pack abs, then that is completely fine. However, you should know that a strong core and a visible six-pack is not the same thing. You can have a strong core with training without six-pack abs. Similarly, you can have visible six-pack abs with a weak core.  

Whether your goal should or shouldn’t be to have six-pack abs during your core training depends on what you want. If you want a beach body for aesthetics, then it’s okay to train your core for six-packs. If your goal is to get fit and strengthen your core only, then abs can be secondary in your journey. 

In addition, while your ‘six-packs’ are built with core training, they’re visible when your body fat percentage is low enough to show the muscle fibers hiding behind the fat under your skin. You can even have visible six packs without working out – simply by reducing your body fat percentage. 

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