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7 Day Healthy Breakfast Plan: Easy to Make, Delicious to Eat

healthy breakfast plan

You probably have heard million times about the most important meal of the day, breakfasts. Yet, we skip them all the time. Mostly because we are running late to work or not hungry. Sometimes we just don’t have the grocery. Hence, we believe we can’t prepare a quick healthy breakfast and end up skipping it.

We would grab anything from the kitchen or on our way to work. Muffins with coffee, bagel with cream cheese, but for how long? We get bored and go for sugary options. And we know that’s not the solution. NPD Group did a survey and found out that 10% of the US population skips breakfast.

At times eggs, milk and fruits like bananas do work. But we need something that fills us well till lunch. At the same time, it should be healthy as well. Therefore, we have listed down a seven day healthy breakfast plan. Purpose of the weekly healthy breakfast plan is to give you all the nutrition you need for the week. You don’t get bored of the monotonous meals. They are quicker to make and you don’t need any special ingredients.


Day 1 – Delight your Monday with Honey Lime Quinoa Fruit Salad

Honey Lime Quinoa Fruit Salad is probably the most exciting meals we have listed in our healthy breakfast plan. You have the freedom to add as many fruits. It gives you the flexibility to get any fruits you want. The ones you usually pick on your grocery list. Mixed fruits will give you sweeter and sour taste. Quinoa added will give you a balance taste they taste like brown rice, but easy to cook. Honey lime dressing will make the taste even richer.

healthy breakfast plan

Most Fruits are naturally low in calories, fat and sodium, which is great. Also, they don’t have cholesterol. Fruits are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. Vitamin C grows and repairs your body tissues. Dietary fiber would reduce your cholesterol level and lower risk of heart diseases. Fruits such as bananas and apricots are also high in potassium to regulate your overall health.

Quinoa is a super grain and is the best source for proteins among the grains. Whereas, Honey lime syrup has also great nutrients, and acts as an anti-oxidant.

How to Prepare?

Fruit salad gives you quite a flexibility of whatever fruit you want to add. Pick the ones you can find easily at the grocery store. Bananas, apple, apricot, and pears you will find all season. Boil quinoa for 15 minutes in the pot. Meanwhile, you cut your fruits. If lazy to cut the fruits, you may also find sliced frozen fruits at the grocery.

Pull out quinoa once they are boiled, and leave them to cool down. You may also boil you quinoa from night before and put them in the refrigerator for later use. Once at room temperature, mix the fruits with quinoa. For your honey lime glaze, mix quarter cup teaspoon and two tablespoons of lime juice. You can drizzle it over your fruit salad.

Day 2 – Dip in Tuesday morning and make it Peanut buttery

Quinoa fruit salad may not be as filling for some people. For that, peanut butter is a great addition to the breakfast. Peanut butter is the healthiest dip you can have in the morning. You can dip your favorite fruits in it. If your week is getting to fruity, then get whole wheat bread in your morning diet.

Peanut butter is highly nutritional and a powerful antioxidant, it has vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6.

healthy breakfast plan

Peanut butter on whole wheat bread is highly nutritious. A study by American Medical Association shows that 2 tablespoons of peanut butter at least five days a week will lower the risk of diabetes development by 30%.

Instead of putting just butter on your toast, get peanut butter for a high-fiber and low sugar diet for the morning. Replace your white breads with whole wheat to get low carb and high fiber meal.


Day 3 – Make five-minute spinach and cheddar quiche for Wednesday

You can make your own Spinach and Cheddar Cheese Quiche within minutes. Believe it or not, you will be proud of yourself for making such a delicious, yet healthy breakfast in no time. This quiche can be very versatile as you can add any vegetables you want. But, we will stick with just cheese, eggs, and spinach to keep it simple.

healthy breakfast planSpinach is an antioxidant which prevents cancer, gives you lots of energy for the day, reduces hunger and kills bacteria. The dark leaves are excellent source of vitamin K and has great dietary fibers. Cheddar cheese has great concentration of high quality protein. It also gives a great nutritional balance with vitamins and phosphorous.

How to Prepare?

Get half a cup of spinach with water in a mug. Microwave it for a minute. Drain the water and add an egg, milk and cheese. Mix it fully and microwave it for another 3 minutes. Pinch salt and pepper for taste and enjoy your quiche. You may eat it right away or even take it your office.


  • ½ cup chopped frozen spinach, thawed and drained (or ½ cup packed fresh spinach)
  • 1 egg
  • ⅓ cup milk
  • ⅓ cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Day 4 – Super Avocado for Super Thursday on Toast With Egg

Avocados have numerous health benefits that you will run out of your fingers counting them. They are essential for at least once a week in your diet for life longevity. They are a fruit and not a vegetable. Enjoy them with whole wheat bread and eggs for a complete breakfast.

Avocados are high in protein with great proportion of fiber, potassium and multivitamins. It improves digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and improves mood. They have quite a unique nutritional composition which is essential for human body.

healthy breakfast plan

How to Prepare?

Mash avocado in lime juice, cilantro, salt and cumin. Meanwhile make fried eggs with salt, keeping sunny-side up. Spread avocado evenly on toast and top it with slices of tomato and fried eggs.


  • 1 ripe avocado, peeled and pitted
  • 2 tbsp (30 mL) lime juice
  • 2 tbsp (30 mL) finely chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1/4 tsp (1.25 mL) salt
  • 1/4 tsp (1.25 mL) ground cumin


Day 5 – Make your favorite smoothie on a happy Friday

healthy breakfast plan

You would look forward to your smoothie mornings if you know how make your smoothies. They are quick to make, easy to get ingredients for, and they are simply delicious. And guess what? You may have a different taste every time you make it.

For example, strawberry smoothies are a powerhouse for building your immune system. Berries are rich in Vitamin C and low in calories. Health benefits are countless from weight loss to detoxing, and better sleep to improved mood.

Get the fruits and vegetables you have and make your own smoothie. Put all of them in your mixer and yogurt or milk if you want it heavy. Simply, blend them.

Day 6 – Boost your Saturday mornings with Powerhouse Banana-Oatmeal

healthy breakfast planOatmeal remains an excellent choice for breakfast. Combining it with banana gives you a killer combination to get your toughest workouts done.

Oatmeal is naturally in low fat and high in fiber. Whereas, Bananas are moderate in calories but have essential multivitamins with numerous minerals. Great proportion of Potassium to regulate your bodily fluids and maintain a healthy blood pressure. Both combined give you extra boost for your mornings.

How to Prepare?

Banana-Oatmeal is easy to prepare. Just get the oats to boil in fat-free milk on medium heat for a couple of minutes. Add banana, sugar, honey and ground cinnamon and stir.

Day 7 – End your energetic week with an evergreen omelet

Best thing about making an omelet is that you may add your favorite ingredients. Get sausage, cheese, herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, spinach and the list goes on. Combine eggs with your favorite vegetables.

healthy breakfast plan

How to prepare?

For a perfect size meal, crack two eggs in a cup. Add small pieces of the vegetables of your choice and mix them. Medium heat olive oil or butter on a non-stick flat pan for a couple of minutes. Pour your omelet mix in the pan and wait till it starts to thicken.

Once it starts to cook, add cheese on top and tilt one half on the other. Let is cook for another minute and your omelet is ready. If for some reason you cannot successfully tilt it. You can mix the whole omelet and you have the scrambled egg. Add salt and pepper before serving it. Serve it with brown bread for a complete breakfast.

Healthy breakfasts will get you closer to any of your health and fitness goals whether it be weight loss or getting stronger. Our aim was to give you a 7 day healthy breakfast plan so that you can start to conveniently prepare and enjoy your breakfasts for a better lifestyle.

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