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15 Things to Consider When Buying Gym Clothes

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Buying gym clothes can be a challenging task due to the growing number of gym brands. Several brands charge way too much for a given quality. Some charge less but for not-so-worth-it products. Don’t fall into the trap of consumerism and hoodwink advertising.

If you are smart to know what to consider when buying something, you will find it valuable. When purchasing gym clothes, there are several points to consider so you may find the right product for the right value.

We have listed 15 things to consider when you are buying gym clothes. They may seem a lot but once habitual; you will subconsciously make way faster decisions when purchasing any product. Run these points in your head when making your next purchase, and rate the product accordingly. You will get a sound idea and can make an improved decision.

1 – Understand Quality Standards

One of the most important concerns is to identify the quality of the gym clothes. You can check that knowing the durability, and you will only know that after using the product repeatedly. You can’t do that without buying the product; therefore, there are certain things you can look at to judge if the quality control has been done.

If shopping at the physical store, do a scrunch test and see if the crumbles go away easily. Secondly, stretch the fabric, and see if it loosens. Moreover, check small things like buttons and buttonholes, neat stitching with tighter seams, and covered zippers.

If purchasing gym clothes online, look at the product pictures and features, and try to match them. Further, also check the quality page of the brand. You will get enough idea about the product quality.

2 – Performance Fit

When buying gym clothes at the physical store, always try them on. Your performance at the gym depends on how well the clothes fit you. Either loose or too tight, they will slow you down and impact your performance.

If purchasing online, make sure you have the size guide given on the brand’s website. Since sizes vary from brand to brand, it is better to check the size guide. Or else it might cost you more when returning or exchanging the product.

3 – Sweat Control

Moisture-absorbance is the key factor to look at when buying gym clothes. Breathable fabrics will let you reach the goal you desire, as the sweat won’t slow you down. Dry fit is one of the terms used by brands, and all do a similar job. Make sure you find the one with the best value relative to the price.

4 – Synthetic Fabric

What you should be looking for is cotton mixed with spandex or polyester is. The cotton composition should be 80-90% of the material, and polyester or spandex the latter. Go for the lightest t-shirt. Compare the weight of the products, and you will find polyamide fabric to be the lightest of all. Customed fabrics are the best of the choices as they are mainly made for gym clothes.

5 – Air Flow

Gym clothes need continuous airflow to keep you cool and dry. Several synthetic fabrics allow better airflow through the fabric. Cotton mixed with polyester and spandex is your best choice for such a task. Better ventilation will not stuff up bad odor no matter how bad you sweat. Be mindful of others at the gym. No one likes a bad smell!

6 – Price Vs Value

Every customer is price sensitive, and the price is the first thing they want to know. However, the customer should look at the value of the product for the selling price. What value is it bringing to them? Is price doing justice against all the factors? Consider the listed factors, and you will be able to judge the value of the product against other similar ones.

7 – Online Reviews Reveal

One of the best ways to know about the products is by knowing what others think about them. Check the product page and see if you can find any reviews. If not, then Google the product and see if any other platform has the reviews. Still can’t find it, then look for the brand reviews.

If you don’t find many real reviews to make a decision. You know where you are going with the product. Also, be aware of the fake reviews!

8 – Genuine Online Presence

Many clothing and gym brands have a solid online presence. Check their social media pages to know more about the popularity and the likeness of the brand. Official Instagram and Facebook pages are enough to make up your mind.

Other than that, browse through the website of the brand. If you have a good user experience, then most likely the brand is great with their products too.

9 – Seek Innovative Products

Several gym brands bring great innovation to their products to enhance your performance. For instance, brands are competing to manufacture better moisture-wicking fabrics for better sweat control. Check for the latest designs and synthetic materials which are released in the latest product lines. Note that even the local brands bring the latest and innovative products for a better value.

10 – Added Features

Several gym brands identify athletes’ needs and insert the features when designing. For instance, runners may need deep zipper pockets with muscle-fit for an improved conveyance of their accessories. Some bottoms have back pockets, and some don’t. Identify your needs and purpose for better buying decisions.

11 – Stretch it Out

When buying gym clothes in the physical store, check if they are stretchable. Gym clothes should be muscle-fit and should smoothly rest on your body. The stretch factor will let you move freely. If buying gym clothes online, check the label for the fabric composition. Some fraction of spandex, lycra or spandex will give it the stretch you need.

12 – Identify Your Need

Always know your purpose or goal. Most gym clothes are suitable for all sort of your workouts or exercises. However, some products are designed for specific ones. For instance, any top with sleeves might not be fit for aerobics or yoga. It also comes down to your preference. Also, note that gym clothes are quite comfortable for regular wear, keep that in mind.

13 – Stay Stylish

Everyone carries their style, and every brand represents a distinct image. Make sure you get the colors and designs you are comfortable with. Don’t get a loud color t-shirt that you are not comfortable wearing because it was on discounted pricing.

14 – Return, Exchange & Delivery Policies

When purchasing any brand, understand their return and exchange policies. More the customer-friendly policies, the more you know about the brands’ intentions. For instance, at times the shipping prices are way more in some regions. Also, beware of the hidden charges and shipment delays. Free deliveries are quite common now, benefit from them.

15 – Buyer’s Remorse

Make sure you don’t fall for the excessive advertisement by the brand. Understand the brand and its values towards the customers. Advertising is evil. To beat that identify the value of the product that would make an impact on your health and your deep zippered pockets.

Investing in our health is the biggest investment we will ever make.

Be wise and do your research.

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