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7 Best Women’s Gym Clothes For Outdoor Training


The gym isn’t the only place where you can get a workout done. It could be your favourite outdoor spot, somewhere calm where you can hear the birds chirping or breathe the fresh oxygen as you treadmill on the trail. Yes, you can turn that space into your own personal gym!

What you need is high-performance gym gear that helps you take your outdoor training to the next level. This is because working out outdoors is significantly different from working out indoors.

You need gym gear that resists outdoor abrasion against benches, protects you from harsh weather such as the scorching sun or breezy wind, and is comfortable enough for long, all-day wear.

In this, you’ll explore the best gym clothes for women for outdoor training to choose from!

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Anti-Camel Toe (ACT) Leggings

Stretch Joggers

Track Top

Performance Zip Up Bra

Oversized Tee

Body Fit Tank Top

2-In-1 Shorts

Key Takeaways


1. Anti-Camel Toe (ACT) Leggings


  • Designed with no seam tech, the ACT leggings do exactly what they say – prevent camel toe from forming up. This minimizes the irritation in your crotch area when running or stretching outdoors as the legging fabric stays in its place.
  • These leggings also come with a 4-way stretch feature, which makes them super flexible. This is perfect for your mobility training days such as doing dynamic stretches, doing outdoor yoga or even doing some bodyweight squats and lunges.
  • They also come with pockets so when you’re heading outdoors, you don’t have to worry about carrying a bag or holding your phone in your hand – it’ll be tucked safely in your hidden pocket.

Whether you’re going for a run or planning on doing some ab circuits on your rooftop, these leggings give you the flexibility you need to get every move right.

Pair With

If you exercise in the afternoon or in summers, it’s best to pair these up with a brami, and if you’re heading for a workout at a cooler hour such as the evening or nighttime or in winters, layer it up with a t-shirt or hoodie!

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2. Stretch Joggers


  • Made with breathable fabric that provides natural moisture-wicking, these stretch joggers make sure you’re always dry even on your sweatiest of workouts. As a result, you won’t have to worry about sweating to the point where you stink, minimizing odor. This will also keep your gear from getting drenched in sweat, which feels uneasy and uncomfortable.
  • Since these joggers are lightweight, they’re perfect for outdoor training, especially when you’re going for jump agility ladder drills, Tai Chi or just generic exercises such as mountain climbers or burpees that require easy, non-heavy fabric. The lightweight fabric allows easy and light footwork, keeping your moves unhindered.
  • They come with a relaxed, elasticated waistband, which is easy to wear and easy to move in.

From your post-workout walks to doing some skip ropes in the street corner, these stretch joggers make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Pair With

For a comfortable workout experience, pair this up with a sports bra and a crop tee. If the temperature drops, you can layer up with a cozy hoodie.

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3. Track Top


  • Featuring an athletic fit, the Half Serpent track top is a body fitted track top, which prevents air from cutting through to the fabric so your top doesn’t flap or bunch up as you run, jog or sprint. This is perfect for those chilly morning or late evening runs when the temperature drops. It also eliminates distractions when you’re in the motion as you’re not wasting time or your energy adjusting your gear.
  • The stretchy, 4-way stretch fabric allows easy movement so you’re able to move your upper body and arms to match the rhythm of your lower body, especially during a run or sprint. This also makes this jacket perfect for pre-outdoor workout warmups.
  • Thanks to the concealed zips on the inside and a zip closure, you’re able to keep your things such as your keys, wallets, cards and phones safely – even in the middle of a high impact workout.

Adapting to every movement, this track top protects you from the harsh outdoor weather as well as other natural elements so you can train without hesitation or interruption outdoor.

Pair With

Wear this on top of a bra top and your favourite cargo pants so you’re ready for any kind of workout.

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4. Performance Zip Up Sports Bra


  • Thanks to the built-in bra cups, this performance bra gives you shaping and some extra support, which minimizes movement and bouncing during workouts. Because of the shaping, you don’t have to worry about sagging either, which gives your chest a lifted effect, boosting your confidence.
  • This bra also comes with 2 major functional features. The front zipper allows easy wearing and removal of the bra, which often gets all clumpy and sticky after a workout, making it difficult to take it off. It also comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to elevate or lower it based on what feels comfortable for you.
  • The TDRY technology of this bra provides superior moisture-wicking. This technology wicks the moisture away from your skin, spreading it across the fabric. This allows the sweat to dry up quickly, making your workout super comfortable.

Offering support and comfort, this bra helps you ramp up your performance as you level up.

Pair With

If you need some coverage, then pair it up with a relaxed fit tee and high-waisted leggings to hit every goal you’ve set your mind on!

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5. Oversized Tee


  • This t-shirt is perfect for those looking for confidence through coverage. Its looseness and oversized structure covers you from the front to the back, giving you that edge to move without any hesitation. Because it is so oversized, you can easily pair it up with shorts or cropped leggings to add snugness to your workout attire.
  • This t-shirt is made with breathable fabric, allowing air to pass in and through your tee effortlessly. This keeps you ventilated during your workout, preventing your body from overheating, which could lead to fatigue or fainting.
  • Since this tee is so soft on your skin, it is also the perfect all-day wearing staple on your recovery days, allowing your sore muscles to rejuvenate.

The easy, all-day wear nature of this tee makes it the perfect warmup, cool down and hardcore training t-shirt, especially on days you’re exercising outdoors.

Pair With

Based on the weather, either pair this with some biker shorts, cropped leggings or crossover straight pants!

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6. Body Fit Tank Top


  • Designed with a muscle back feature, this body fit tank top is one of the best warm workout clothes options out there. This particular feature allows you to stretch your arm out fully and move your upper body without any restrictions, helping you in climbing or pulling activities.
  • It also comes with a high hip hemline feature, making it perfect for your high impact activities such as running and jumping because this feature keeps the tee in its place.
  • Its recycled performance fabric makes it great for boot camps and trail running type of activities since it regulates body temperature during intense workouts, keeping you dry and comfortable.

The scooped neckline and contoured fitting doesn’t just add visual appeal to your gym ‘fit – it makes your workouts airier and easier!

Pair With

If you’re working out in the summers, it’s best to keep your layers to the minimum – pair this with ribbed shorts to cool as the temperature rises.

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7. 2-In-1 Shorts


  • The double layer of the 2-in-1 shorts makes this one of the best gym clothes for women. Its outer layer is light and loose, which gives you enough flexibility for easy movement. On the other hand, the inner layer is snug and compressive, giving you muscle support during workouts.
  • Its inner short layer is made of moisture-wicking TDRY fabric, which makes sure you’re dry and easy even as you train.
  • The hidden pocket in the inner layer and the elasticated waistband add functionality to this gym gear, making it great for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Because it offers coverage and ventilation both, this pair of 2-in-1 shorts is one of the best gym clothes for outdoor training in summers.

Pair With

When hitting the outdoors in summers for a workout, pair it with a power crop top or the criss-cross sports bra to prevent heat exhaustion as you train.

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Key Takeaways

With these 7 best gym clothes for women for outdoor training, you can take your fitness routine to the next level. Dress to feel empowered in every move you make, every goal you crush. This gym gear not only boosts your performance, it also keeps you motivated to stay active and achieve your best. Whether you’re aiming for a 10km run on the trail or just yoga-in in the park, these clothes have your back!


What to wear for an outdoor workout?

It’s important to take the weather and external elements into consideration when choosing your outdoor workout gear. If you’re working out in summers or when it’s a little warmer, go for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as nylon and polyester. They allow the air to pass through, preventing heat exhaustion during your workout. When the temperature drops or its winters, add some layers to your workout clothes. Go for clothes with moisture-wicking abilities along with a protective outer layer that keeps you warm.

Can I wear gym clothes outside?

Yes, you can totally wear your gym clothes outdoors, especially the ones that are designed for outdoor training. These days, most gym clothes aren’t just functional, they’re also stylish and come with several features such as UV protection, moisture-wicking abilities and breathable fabrics. These features make them perfect for both in-the-gym workouts as well as outdoor training sessions. Always take your environment, climate and weather conditions into account when choosing any gym gear!

Is it OK to wear cotton to gym?

Even though cotton is super comfortable, it is not the best choice to go for when you’re in for a super intense, sweaty gym session. This is because cotton soaks in the sweat, which makes it heavy and damp during workout. This means your gear will be drenched while you’re in the middle of your workout, making your experience uncomfortable. This also leads to irritation and chafing. Instead, fabrics such as polyester or blended fabrics are much better for your overall workout experience as they dry up the sweat, minimizing discomfort and irritation.

Do gym clothes matter?

Yes, absolutely! Your gym clothes matter a lot. You cannot possibly have the same performance and results in a regular pair of jeans that you’ll have in your high stretch workout leggings. The right gym gear, designed with high quality fabrics and specific workouts gives you flexibility so your body can move, stretch and do all kinds of dynamic moves easily. In addition, the right gym gear will also be gentle on your skin, preventing any kind of rashes or discomfort caused by regular clothes or low quality gym gear. More importantly, the right gym gear also comes with other features such as elasticated waistband, athletic fit, UV protection, etc. to make sure your workout experience is unparalleled.

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