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8 Different Types of Gym Shorts for Every Workout

8 Different Types of Gym Shorts for Every Workout

If you’ve been wearing regular – or worse, denim shorts – to the gym, it’s time you drop the dumbbells, sip your water and rethink your choices. Because your workout deserves better – you deserve better!

Whether you’re heading out on a hike, hitting the track for an early morning sprint or lifting weights at the gym, you need to make sure you’ve got the right kind of workout shorts on!

But with different types of gym shorts out there, it can be confusing to choose the right one. In fact, if you’re a newbie to working out or fashion – or both – you probably don’t know much about fabrics, materials, etc.

Well, that’s what we’re here for! Learn about the different types of gym shorts that are out there so you can be properly geared up on your fitness journey!

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8 Different Types of Gym Shorts

Jogger Shorts


Carefully constructed with inner gussets, jogger shorts support all your moves. While their 4-way stretch fabric boosts your performance in the gym, their soft hand feel fabric keeps you comfy and cozy all day long. Typically, jogger pants feature drawcord waistband and pockets, serving you beyond function and into practicality. While looking laid-back and casual, you can crush all your workouts at the gym!

Running Shorts


Crafted with runners’ kinetics in mind, running shorts maximize your mobility, pushing you that extra mile ahead. With strategic ventilation incorporated in their design structure, running shorts give you the breathability necessary to keep your dry during your runs. More often than not, women’s running shorts often feature a broader structure and secure waistband for added comfort.

Basketball Shorts


Among the many types of athletic shorts, basketball shorts are the most popular. Designed for your on-the-court sports, these shorts deliver optimal performance. Along with full coverage, these shorts give you a full range of motion, giving you a boost during your sprints, runs, jumps and side-to-side movements when sporting. Thanks to their lightweight and breathable fabric, you stay dry even during your sweatiest games – or workout sessions!

Cycling Shorts


Made from stretchy fabric, cycling shorts are perfect for your paddling adventures. Typically, they’re body fitted, which prevents camel toe from forming and supports muscular endurance. This also minimizes chafing, keeping you comfy during long rides. The best part is, they’re padded from the seating area, which keeps you at-ease while you’re on the saddle.

Biker Shorts


While biker shorts are a lot similar to cycling shorts, they’re fundamentally designed to cater to a vast array of activities. They’re super comfortable and provide extreme flexibility, giving you a full range of motion during your workouts. Commonly, biker shorts are modest and longer in length.

Compression or Spandex Shorts


Made with nylon, spandex or a blend of both, compression or spandex shorts are basically the same thing. They feature a form-fit, giving you that sculpted look to feel comfortable and confident during your workouts. If you’re looking for weightlifting shorts for women, make sure you get your hands on compression shorts. They prevent muscle pulling, minimize strain, improve muscular support and give you agility – things you need to smack down your leg workout!

Workout Shorts with Liner


While there are many different types of gym shorts, there’s only one that’s the ultimate gamechanger – shorts with inner compression tights! This is typically found in 2-in-1 gym shorts. The inner compression tights not only provide coverage, but also muscle support to relieve muscular fatigue. The ad-on support layer improves your blood circulation, decreases soreness, eliminates chafing, prevents irritation and friction, and enhances joint coordination. This ultimately boosts your overall mobility.

From leg workouts to your HIIT, these shorts support you through every grunt and groan you let out in the gym!

Booty Shorts for Women


If there’s one pair of workout shorts for women that keeps you as comfy while flattering your figure, it’s definitely women’s booty shorts! Constructed with lightweight fabric and inside-leg seam, these shorts give you freedom of movement so you can hop from one fitness endeavor to another. Whether you’re squatting, lunging or just running some errands, booty shorts for women are your best bet! And it goes without saying – you can totally deck them on, on your rest days!

5 Different Types of Materials in Gym Shorts

There’s no standard with gym shorts – they’re available in different fabrics. However, which one is the right one for you, and what it does – that makes all the difference.

Remember, the best type of performance workout and gym shorts are never made with just one fabric. They’re a combination of multiple fabrics, making them perfect for your unique kind of workout.

Here, you’ll explore the different types of materials you’ll find in gym shorts:


Nylon is the king of fabrics when it comes down to performance gear.

Some of the main reasons why its used in gym shorts are:

  • It is durable and flexible, standing against the wear and tear in the gym and offering a full range of motion for different kinds of exercises
  • It offers supreme moisture-wicking abilities, keeping you dry during your sweatiest workouts
  • It is lightweight, helping you move without any distractions


If there’s one fabric that promises a restriction-free workout experience, it is spandex.

Here are some of the main reasons why it is such a popular blend in gym shorts:

  • Allowing maximum stretchability, spandex is perfect for high-impact workouts
  • It hugs your body, ensuring your muscular support as you move during your workouts
  • Its compressive body fit gives you a sculpted look


Worrying about stretching your workout shorts out of shape during your intense gym sessions? Worry not – with polyester, that’s an afterthought.

Here’s what makes polyester a popular choice of fabric blend in performance shorts:

  • Its wrinkle and pilling free fabric makes sure your shorts neither wear out during your moves nor shrink up after a wash
  • It quickly wicks moisture, keeping you sweat-free even as you scale up the intensity of your workout!


When agility and flexibility is your biggest concern, look for gear that has elastane blended in its fabric.

Here’s what gives elastance its famous status amongst performance fabrics:

  • It guarantees unrestrained range of motion thanks to its stretchability
  • With its body-hugging snug fit, you get the necessary compression for muscular support and fatigue relief


While cotton may not be the primary fabric in performance gear, it can be a secondary fabric of choice – especially for relaxing athleisure.

Here’s some reasons why cotton may be blended into different types of gym shorts:

  • It offers breathability, which keeps you well-ventilated during your workout
  • It feels soft on your skin, keeping you irritation-free during your move
  • Cotton workout shorts keep you cozy during your winter workouts
  • It is great for rest day fits

Key Takeaways

Each type of gym short is caters to some specific needs. Make sure you get the ones your kind of workout needs.

Or better yet, get a few of each – you never know when you might switch up your fitness routine, eh?

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