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Six Rules of Success: How it All Started for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Six Rules of Success

What made Arnold Schwarzenegger the best in the world. How he managed to break several records? He has been a success in every profession; but what made him so great? We look at where it all started for Arnold as we decipher his six rules of success. He shared his six rules of success with the world and it displays in his early story.

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Arnold was brought up in a small village in Austria.
He had a strict childhood. It comes as no surprise as his father was a police officer.
His father wanted him in the military. While Arnold had other plans.

Kids following their parents’ path was a norm. They never disobeyed their parents.
If they did, they faced further austerity. But, Arnold was different.
He wanted to become a bodybuilder and go to Hollywood.

He read about Reg Park; a famous bodybuilder, businessman and actor.
The magazine quoted ‘how Mr Universe became Hercules’. That was his blueprint.
After expressing his dreams, he was criticized, laughed at and punished.

His father believed him to be an embarrassment. Nobody thought like Arnold.
No one had dreamt like him. He was sent to the military.
Family and friends around him persuaded him
His father wanted him to become a tank driver.
Whereas, he wanted to become the most muscular man in the world.

#don’t listen to the naysayers..

Six Rules of Success

Arnold was training since he was 15. Joining the military made it difficult for him.
There was no concept of muscle-building in the military. However, he was stubborn.
He promised himself to do whatever it took for him to achieve his dream.

He had a busy schedule in the military. Get up at five in the morning for training.
He had to clean weapons. Get to the shooting range. Run 20 miles a day in heavy boots.
Young trainers got exhausted after the whole day. Yet, Arnold found three hours every day to work out.
He worked out late. Work up early to work out.
He had no equipment to work out and was unstoppable.

Push-ups when he found time. Pulling chin-ups where he could.
Sit-ups till he couldn’t get up. Dips in between chairs.
Arnold worked out where ever he can, however, he can.
He had one thing in mind. He wanted to become a world champion.

#work your butt off..

Six Rules of Success

One day he found out about the Junior Championship Europe in Stuttgart.
An international stage for him where he could shine. It was his only chance.
Next year he would get over 18, and not qualify for the competition.

However, he had to leave the military base and travel out of the country to make an appearance.
And for that, he had to face serious consequences.
If they found out, Arnold would be sent to solitary confinement.
Where he would be left for several days and even weeks.

Arnold started to lose hope on his dream. He laid on his bunker bed and thought hard.
The time was running out and he had to stop doubting himself.

#trust yourself..

Why no one else talks about their dream? Is it a fantasy?
He questioned himself over and over. Looking for answers..
If Reg Park did it, then even Arnold can do it.
He needed to focus. He started to visualize his dream.

#break some rules.

He had to go and left for Stuttgart. Arnold took the step which started his story.
Normally the route took five hours. But, he took the train which took 26 hours.
He wanted to beat the border stops on the normal route.

Arnold reached his destination in the afternoon of the competition day.
He had nothing on him, not even the gym clothes for the competition.
He borrowed trunks from someone from the lighter weight competition.

Arnold was all set to go on stage. He stepped out with other boys.
All contestants started posing. He initially was a bit nervous.
But then he noticed something..
Whenever he flexed his body, the crowd went wild.
His confidence grew, and he started to enjoy the response.

#don’t be afraid to fail..

At the end of the show, they started to announce the winners.
They announced the third winner and the second winner.
Arnold was announced the winner of the Junior Mr Europe contest.
It was unbelievable for him. He already started to live his dream.

Six Rules of Success

Now he had to get back to his bunker. He had to sneak in the daylight.
He planned to get in when everyone was on their daily routine. But he got caught by the guards.
They locked him up right away in solitary confinement for several days.
One day he got called by the lieutenant. Few officials waiting questioned him
They were smoking cigarettes and shouting at him. Arnold apologized.

After a while, they came to the point and asked him if he won it.
Arnold was surprised to know that they found out.
He straight away gave the credit to the military training.
They were amused by his response. Secretly, they like Arnold.
The military likes discipline and he showed in his physique.

There, a marriage started between Arnold and the military.
Although Arnold was punished with extra kitchen work, he also became a role model.
It worked for him as he could eat more for his workouts.

Six Rules of Success

Arnold needed the military and the military needed Arnold.
He got welders from them to make bodybuilding machines.
He had his portable gym made in the tank, where anyone could train anywhere.
It was a perfect relationship.

Arnold paved the way for his success.
He trained three hours every day.
He gained 25 pounds of pure muscle in one year.
Arnold won Mr Universe in the very next contest.
And from there, it was all history.

#give something back..

Six Rules of Success

Arnold has inspired millions of people all over the world from varied professions. This is because he has been a famous American actor, model, director, producer, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist and politician. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Arnold.

If you apply the six rules of success, you are destined to succeed, according to the man.

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