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Here is Why Your Weight Loss Diet Plan is Counterproductive

Weight Loss Diet Plan
If you are a health-conscious person who searches too much about weight loss diet plans, you are bombarded with a number of articles on the internet. Whether you obsess about calorie counts. Want to become a vegan. Or on a paleo diet, you realize that very few weight loss diet plans you come across can get you the desired results.
In the short run, you may lose a few pounds which is great. Yet, the real struggle is in the long run, where you run out of steam. The reason is that our approach and goal towards healthy living are wrong. We focus more on losing weight rather than living healthy.
Neuroscience and genetics have advanced enough. Our attitude towards such weight loss diet plans tells a lot about us. Moreover, for the same reason, your weight loss diet plan is counterproductive.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

1. You are more likely to regain weight

When we get started on a diet plan, we tend to lower our weight in the beginning. At some point, our body will lose enough weight and we would think we are starving. However, we have crossed our defended range, which is your average weight plus or minus 10 to 15 pounds. This term is used by author Sandra Aamodt in her book, Why Diets Make Us Fat.
She further believes that our body has a mechanism called the energy-balance system. Where our calories consumed are kept in balance with the calories burned. In old age, when our ancestor hunters made a kill, it gave them a dopamine hit making them feel good, through a reward system. For that they worked hard and shed off some calories due to the lifestyle. In this age of easy access to high calorie and sugary food. We get trapped into eating pleasure food. Especially, when we think we are starving when surviving out of our defended range.
As a result, our rewards system gets spoiled and stronger. We end up eating more high-calorie and sugary foods.

2. Your willpower disappoints you towards your weight loss diet plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Many of us misinformed about the phenomenon of willpower towards our weight loss diet plans. Your willpower plays a smaller role in your goal of losing weight. It is a common diet myth that you need the willpower to lose weight. Sure you can use willpower towards resisting yourself from eating that chocolate lava cake in your range, but not for long.

If you are on a weight loss diet plan and believe that all you need is your willpower, then you are doomed to fail. For short-term goals such as picking yourself up in the morning for the gym, your willpower is great. But in long term, you need repetitive actions and should turn them into habits. This is because your willpower will fade sooner or later. Much research suggests that willpower infinite, and doesn’t help to follow a weight loss diet plan.

3. Expectations in our culture have destroyed many lives.

With the growing use of social media and a culture of self-promotion, more teenagers and younger ones are under pressure to promote a slimmer version of themselves. You might believe that this might be motivating for children to stay healthy. But, it has actually backfired and has left many depressed and suicidal.

Body shaming has emerged as a problem with the growth of social media use. A study shows, girls who are body shamed are twice likely to gain weight in the next five years compared to those who are not body shamed. Everyone has a different type of body with different genetics. Yet, the comparison to the ones shown on media as the perfect example has destroyed many lives.

Your goal should be to live healthy, rather than losing weight.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

In our fast-paced lives we often get confused between what we want and what we need. At times, society and media direct our goals in life and creates a notion to what kind of life to live. In a similar context, you should not focus on losing weight but rather adopt a healthy diet.

One of the things in the adaptation is mindful eating. You should be smart about your eating habits. Know what you are eating and know its consequences, rather than following blindly a weight loss diet plan. Also, be present when you are eating and try not to be multitasking. This would create a habit of you to enjoy and cherish what you are eating.

There are a few tricks that will create your understanding. Try to eat when you are moderately hungry. Don’t wait till you are starving. Eat slowly and chew 32 times as you may have heard one before. More chewing helps you digest the food well. Moreover, you don’t tend to eat as much.

At the end of the day, your habits are the ones that will make a difference in your life. Willpower won’t take you very far, and you will end up disappointing yourself. Don’t starve yourself and fight with your cravings. Lastly, don’t look outwards but focus inward towards yourself.

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