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Flux Collection X SQUATWOLF


For individuals who envision greatness, those who never give up. Those who take on each new day as a challenge and an opportunity to be a better version of themselves.

We bring to you Flux – a performance collection created for people who aspire to achieve growth, not only in terms of fitness, but also in life. 

Regardless of the type of workout routine, be it strength training, HIIT, or cardio, it is pivotal to achieve one’s fitness goals and to keep rising above them.

Therefore, the message of this collection, “Be More, Do More”, is to inspire individuals to go the extra mile and hit their targets, whether they may be fitness related, or even personal.

Style Guide


The Flux Collection is specially designed to enhance your training and equip you to move freely with each rep.

Each piece is created with a soft-mesh fabric to improve breathability and airflow, enabling you to push harder and fight through the burn.


Flux Joggers

The Flux Joggers are designed to amplify your workouts and improve mobility throughout your fitness routine and daily life.

It is created with a 4-way stretch fabric and an elasticized waist to ensure utmost comfort, allowing you to move freely. It also comes with open side pockets and zipped back pockets to ensure that your valuables are protected.

[ux_products ids=”821935,821929,821917,821923″]

Flux Tee

The Flux T-Shirt is designed with 4-way stretch capabilities and side splits at the hem, aimed at removing all barriers which may get in the way of maximizing performance.

It provides a slim fit, ideal for flaunting your gains at the gym or elsewhere.

[ux_products ids=”821884,821877,821871,821865″]

Flux Tank

Simple but functional, the Flux Tank is designed with lightweight fabric to get you through even the most intense training sessions.

With a low scoop armhole and a 4-way stretch fabric, it has everything you need from a workout tank.

[ux_products ids=”821854,821848,821842,821836″]

Flux Bomber Jacket

This versatile piece can be styled for multiple occasions, from your daily jog, to your post-workout fit, and even during a chill day-out with friends.

The jacket provides a relaxed fit and is fully lined to ensure comfort and support.

[ux_products columns=”2″ ids=”821948,821941″]

Flux Basketball Shorts

These shorts are a staple piece for those on the go. Designed with lightweight material, an elasticated waist and a drawstring finish, these shorts will be your go-to during training days as well as rest days.

They also come with zipped pockets to safely store your valuables.

[ux_products ids=”821911,821905,821899,821891″]



Flux Bra

Go all out during your workouts with the Flux Sports Bra, specially designed to provide high impact support for high intensity exercises.

With an open strap back design and square neckline, this bra will be your best friend during intense cardio sessions, or any form of high impact workouts.

[ux_products columns=”3″ ids=”821757,821751,821738″]

Flux 2-in-1 Shorts

Whether you are relaxing on your rest day or powering through your training, the Flux Shorts are your trusted pair of clothing to get you through the day.

With an elasticized waist and a drawstring finish, these shorts will give you a composed fit. Made with an additional drawstring at the side, these shorts can spice up any outfit to add a stylish yet functional feel to it.

[ux_products columns=”3″ ids=”821781,821775,821767″]

Flux Crop Top

The Flux Crop Top is a versatile yet essential piece of workout wear, engineered with 4-way stretch fabric and raglan sleeves to liberate your movements while providing a relaxed fit.

[ux_products ids=”821830,821824,821818,821812″]

Flux Leggings

Comfort meets style with Flux Leggings. Made with 4-way stretch capabilities, these leggings provide freedom of movement for all kinds of routines from Yoga to even the most intense workouts.

The seamless waistband provides a flattering look, while also ensuring comfort and ease.

[ux_products ids=”821806,821800,821794,821788″]

The Vibe Behind Flux 


The previous year has forced us to alter our lifestyles completely, however one thing remains constant: the daily grind.

Each day we wake up, with a positive mindset and attitude to prove ourselves to the world that no matter what happens, we will remain resilient. 

The grind never stops for all of us athletes, whether it is at the gym, during home workouts, or any form of exercise regardless of the place.

The Flux Collection has been engineered keeping in mind those who never give up, fight through the toughest circumstances, and give it their best at any given day. 

This functional, yet trendy collection provides a 4-way stretch fabric which allows freedom and flexibility, helping you reach your maximum potential in and out of the gym.

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