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Kori Lindsay’s Ultimate HITT Workout


A HITT workout has numerous benefits, it is one of the best ways to get into shape quickly. 

Regardless of how fit you are, the purpose of these high intensity workouts is to get you huffing and puffing. The theory is to use all of your energy in short bursts. These short yet intense sets are followed by relatively less rest too. 

Using just bodyweight movements, your entire body can be worked out. This is just one of the benefits of a HITT workout. 

This routine was put together by Kori Lindsay, founder of Perfiit. Kori has over a decade of experience in the world of fitness. A master trainer who has put together a vigorous workout.

Background: Kori Lindsay

  • 5 years experience in the Fitness industry
  • 10 years experience in Martial Arts competition and coaching
  • Olympic Weightlifting & Athletic Movement Coach
  • Founder of Perfiit

Kori’s HITT Workout 


To reap serious benefits from this HITT workout, Kori has a few tips for you. These fast paced circuits are all about intensity, pushing yourself to your limits. However, over-exhaustion is counterproductive. 

Kori suggests: 

  1. Stick to an intensity that’s maintainable for the duration of the round
  2. Don’t compromise form at the expense of intensity
  3. On repeating this workout do more than you did during your previous attempt. This will ensure you stretching your capacity to make progress

Guidelines for this circuit

1 minute on | 20 seconds rest 

6 rounds total of each exercise

1. High Knees

How to do high knees: 

  1. Stand hip-width apart
  2. Raise your left knee up to your chest
  3. Lower your right knee and raise your left knee up
  4. Alternate your knees going up like in a running pace

2. Mountain Climbers

How to do mountain climbers:

  1. Get into a plank position
  2. Now bring your right knee up to your chest and lower it
  3. Alternate your knees going up to your chest and back

3. Push-Ups

How to do push-ups: 

  1. Start in a high plank position
  2. Keep your hands placed shoulder-width apart
  3. Lower your body till you are just above the floor
  4. Push yourself back up in starting position

4. Burpees

How to do Burpees: 

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Go down into a squat position
  3. Transition into a plank/pushup position
  4. Thrust yourself up from the floor with your hands in the air

5. Ice Skaters

How to do ice skaters exercise: 

  1. Stand on one leg
  2. Hop from one leg to another
  3. While hopping, swipe your hand downward to touch the alternating foot
  4. Your action should resemble that of skating

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Benefits Of a HITT Workout 

1. HITT Burns

HITT workouts are based on moving quickly with less amount of rest in between. This approach will definitely put your body into overdrive. 

During the HITT workout, your body is using the same amount of energy (or a bit more) as normal workouts. However, the real burn starts post-workout. A 2019 study showed that HITT workouts burn more calories after workouts. 

On average, post-HITT workouts you are burning 3 kilocalories per minute vs. 2.8 kilocalories per minute after a steady-state run. This natural phenomenon is called EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. 

2. HITT Targets Many Muscle Groups 

Bodyweight movements have always been a very effective way to workout major muscle groups. HITT workouts involve mixed exercises and with the intensity, your whole body is in motion. 

HITT workouts are made up of movements that target different muscle groups. This intensity is great for building strong muscles and endurance. 

3. HITT Helps With Blood And Oxygen Flow 

A study in 2017 by Science and Sport and found that the group that participated in HITT had greater cardiorespiratory capacity. 

Another study by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology reported that a single HITT session helped improve blood flow to the brain. 

As compared to normal exercises, HITT helps to improve the conditions of the heart and lungs. 

Key Takeaway: 

There are numerous benefits of a HITT workout. The best part is that they don’t require much. You don’t need a gym membership or weights or even a lot of guidance. 

Just with bodyweight movements and high intensity, you can burn or build. HITT workouts are optimal for getting into shape, to build endurance, and strength. 

Your body itself is an amazing fitness masterpiece with its miniature mechanisms and systems. And HITT workouts are an ideal body hack. 

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