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6 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting is the Best Weight Loss Strategy

Weight loss is one of the most searched keywords on the internet when it comes to fitness & health. Having said that, various opinions are formed on what is the best weight loss diet. Well, we’ve got one for you too; Intermittent Fasting.

You might have heard more like a buzz, and less like a how it really can bring tons of benefits – not just weight loss.

We will discuss why Intermittent Fasting will become more popular in the coming years and why people will start adopting this diet strategy?

What is Intermittent Fasting (IT)?

Intermittent Fasting is not a diet plan per se but a diet strategy, where you eat for a period of time, followed by a period of abstinence from food.

There are mainly three types of IT techniques; Alternate Days, Whole-day fasting, and time-restricted fasting. However, all three offer the same fat burning and other benefits.

The most popular of all is time-restricted fasting with 16 hours of fast and 8 hours of eating window. Most of the people do the time-restricted fasting as it is practical regarding modern lifestyle.

Why is Becoming Intermittent Fasting Popular?


Fasting is already considered a healing process for mind, body, and soul in several religions. It is regarded as an ancient healer for several for the physiological and mental troubles.

Fasting is considered one of the most potent tools to cure diseases. It also helps in the spiritual health as meditation is most effective when done on an empty stomach. Resisting to hunger let’s one practice to control their desires.

Now, there is lots of explicit endorsement too. Personal trainers, nutritionists, and dieticians are encouraging their clients and teaching them how to do it.

Moreover, fitness enthusiasts and social media are flooding the information about Intermittent Fasting. A flux of information has left many readers skeptical about it too. It is still counterintuitive as search results have spiked on Google Trends.

However, the primary cause of IT catching fire is from the searches on the Internet regarding Weight Loss.

Best Weight Loss Diet Strategy


As a growing number of people are searching for IT, several are practicing it too. There are several ways in which resisting yourself from food can get you to lose weight.

Below are the following ways Intermittent Fasting will help you lose weight.

1. Fat Burn

The primary way to weight loss is burning fat. Intermittent Fasting helps burn fat faster than many other diet hacks.

When you eat, your insulin levels rise. When you don’t, your insulin levels drop. Lower insulin allows your body to access to storage of food (body fat) for energy.

2. Metabolism

Time-restricted fasting lets you lose weight faster as your metabolic rate increases by taking in fewer calories and burning more.

3. Calorie Restriction

Several studies show intermittent fasting is more affected than calorie restriction at improving the body composition.

In iT, you eat roughly the same amount of calories as in traditional calorie-diet, but in a restricted time frame, which helps your body burn more calories.

4. Muscle Building

Tons of people are burning fat and maintaining muscle mass through fasting. All they do is train with light-intense workouts while fasting.

If you want to lose weight and gain lean muscle, do high-intensity workout during your eating window and rest while fasting. Doing a fasted cardio can amplify your fat burning as well.

5. Detoxification

7-8 hours of sleep at night takes much of the fasting period anyway. Our bodies are automatically put into the detox mode.

Fasting allows our digestive system more rest and helps prevent problems such as irritable digestive syndrome. Therefore, 16/8 fasting works well with the modern lifestyle cycle.

6. Health

Several studies show Intermittent Fasting plays a vital role to treat various illnesses. From hair loss to anti-aging and cardiovascular diseases to cancer, IT reduces the risk and lets you live a quality life.

Quality of Life

If you are looking to improve the quality of your life, then calorie restriction or balance is the way forward.

‘Eating in moderation and burning the extra calories through exercise’ is what everyone agrees to.

It is not just about how much you eat, or burn. You should also work on the timing and Intermittent Fasting lets you do that.


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