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Benefits Of Sauna After Workout


Sweating has been considered therapeutic for many many years. According to Harvard Health Publications, it has been used by the Mayans for 300 years. Back in the days, Saunas were called sweat houses. Finnish people have been using saunas were thousands of years. Today, there are over million saunas in the U.S alone.

Saunas are excellent as a post-workout therapy. Many athletes and physically active people, use saunas after their workout regimes.

Benefits Of Sauna Post Workout

Here are a few important benefits of using sauna right after a workout.

Muscle Rehabilitation

Going to sauna after a work out is good for your muscles, because it works as heat therapy for your body. The stiffness and soreness of muscles disappears after sitting in the heat for 20 to 30 mins.  The inflammation following an intense workout session lessens resulting in loosening of the muscles.

Your entire body relaxes and the next day there are no cramps. Do make sure, you drink plenty of water after sauna because excessive sweating can result in the loss of electrolytes.

Improves Skin Strength

Going to sauna is beneficial for your skin. The heat produced in the sauna can help get rid off dry skin and sweating along with slightly increased heart beat can result in improved circulation. It can also lead to increased collagen production.

Sweating also helps clear out your pores. However, people struggling with various skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema should avoid spending too much time in the sauna, as doing so could aggravate their problems.

Consulting a dermatologist before going to sauna can help. Even if their dermatologist gives them a go ahead, they should avoid public saunas, as they are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and so on.


After an intense workout session, all one wants to do is relax. Going to the sauna can be great for decompression. It is a great way to unwind and feel your body loosen up. The heat from the sauna also opens up our sinuses, helps us take longer and more fulfilling breaths. You can stretch in the sauna to really feel relaxed. Make sure to drink plenty of water either before the sauna or after to avoid getting dehydrated.

Another important point to note is to not spend too much time in the sauna, severe dehydration can lead to dizziness.

Reduced Lower Back Pain

Whenever you workout a bit too much, or if there is a slight muscle pull, you apply heat pack on the affected area. Think of sauna as a heat pack for your entire body. Muscle pain and soreness is reduced when you use sauna. A study conducted in 2019, reports that sauna therapy can exponentially reduce the lower back pain. It helps lessen the severity of the pain and with regular use the pain can disappear without taking OTCs.

Mental Rejuvenation

The same way exercise improves mental health, sauna works by providing mental rejuvenation. You can benefit by working out and then relaxing. It is reported that Native Americans have been using sauna traditionally for centuries. They are called sweat lodges.

Many studies conducted for decades conclude that sauna has improved mental well-being of people using it regularly. The mental clarity and relaxation are the direct result of spending some time in the sauna.  It also works by reducing the production of stress hormones, leaving you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Key Takeaway

Sauna is a perfect therapy for those looking to benefit from the relaxation and rejuvenation properties of a sweat house. The release of endorphins improves your mood, while the increase in heart rate results in improved blood circulation. All-in-all if you use the sauna responsibly it is a great addition to your fitness routine.


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