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24 Most Annoying Things At The Gym

24 Most Annoying Things People Do at the Gym

A gym is a holy place for people who like to workout and stay fit.

There are some rules and etiquettes of every holy place. In this list, we got some for you.

We spoke to a few fitness enthusiasts and influencers and curated a list of most annoying things at gym that people do.

1. Grunting

Gym Squat Grunt Dodgeball

People (mostly dudes) breathing out heavily or hoot when they lift. It is unnecessary from a physical standpoint and distracting to others.

2. Creeping Out People

Image result for men stare workout gif

Men who openly stare at women lifting weights, often in the squat racks.

3. Not Putting Equipment Back

Throw Put It Back GIF by South Park  - Find & Share on GIPHY

People who do not put equipment, weights, mats, etc. back after using.

4. Blasting Music

Please keep your music at a reasonable level – not everyone needs to hear the song you’re playing when you’re working out. Just because you have headphones on doesn’t mean that people can’t hear your tunes.

5. Talking on the Phone

If you have to take a call, be courteous and step away from the main floor. Otherwise, stick to texting or better yet focus on your workout and detach from technology a little bit.

6. Making a Conversation

Walking up to a stranger and initiating a chat. Most people are not there to socialize.

7. Incorrect Workout

People who don’t ask for help when they don’t know something! Working out incorrectly is dangerous. Ask a personal trainer who is working with someone else, or better yet go to the desk and ask for help. No one wants someone
to get hurt at their gym.

8. Not Wiping Down Equipment

Nothing’s worse than sitting down on someone else’s sweat, or touching it.

9. Working Out Too Close to the Weight Rack

come again over it GIF

Move aside or at least leave us some space to pick a couple of dumbbells.

10. Slamming Weights

Weights GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Control the weight on a machine and don’t let the weights drop or clank every time you do a rep. It’s loud and disruptive, plus you’re likely not using good form if that happens whenever you work out.

Plus, it can hurt someone or break the weights.

11. Crowding Someone

If someone is using the equipment you want, ask them how much longer they have and give them their space to finish up.

12. Coming to Gym Sick

Image result for sneeze handshake gif

If you’re sick, stay home and rest up. If not thinking for yourself, think for others.

13. Singing Loudly

Even if you sing well, you still will be the most annoying person at the gym.

14. Interrupting While Working Out

Let them finish their workout, then you can ask how long they will be.

15. Wearing Inappropriate Clothes

Guy in Jeans at the Gym

You haven’t done anything to anyone here. Fair point!

But it is still annoying!

5 Reasons to Invest in Gym Wear

16. Taking Selfies

Do your friends really want or need to see a picture of you at the gym? Think twice before stopping to snap.

18. Stinking

Never wear a piece of gym wear twice without washing.

19. Excessive Sweat

Image result for sweaty gif

Keep a towel if you sweat a lot. Don’t leave the equipment sweaty when you are done.

20. Naked in the Change Room

Image result for change room funny gif

Guys walking around naked in the locker room and sauna – Not sure why it only seems to be older guys, but use a towel!

21. Hogging Multiple Equipment

Nothing wrong with using multiple machines, just let others jump in with you.

22. Here for Entertainment

One can easily tell your motivation if you are there for entertainment. Leave the equipment if you are just on it to use your phone, shuffling music, or playing games.

23. Working Out in the Way

Make sure you are not blocking people off.

24. Eating

Just not acceptable at any gym.

Don’t be that guy or girl at the gym. Be respectful to others and have some gym etiquette.

Comment below if we missed any.

Share with your fellow gym partners, and make sure you make gyms – a happy, positive, and respectful place.and don’t do such annoying things at gym

We would like to thank Meghan StevensonLindsey MathewsAllison JacksonRobert S. Herbst, Antonella Pisani and David Bennett – for adding to our list.

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