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25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2019

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Scroll down and glance at the most effective yet hackable fitness hacks.

Below are the ultimate 25 fitness hacks that can swiftly improve your fitness and overall health.

Easy your way through smarter and healthier life. Keep your thumb ready..

1. Have Your Playlist

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Staying motivated while fatigued is the hardest and the most crucial moment when working out.

Make sure you have your playlist ready to get you through the toughest moments. Also, throw in  some motivational music and speeches that will keep you going.

2. Plank Challenge

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

One of the most effective exercises you can do without even moving a hair.

Beat you own record everyday as you plank everyday. Do at least a second more than the day before and empower yourself in 10 ways

3. Fitness Wearable

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

You are taking care of your fitness and calories but you don’t see any results.

It is time you should invest in a fitness wearable to track your distance covered, your sleep, your heart rate and VO2, and ultimately your performance.

4. Netflix & Run..

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Cant seem to find time to catch on your favorite TV Shows?

You got it! Watch them while on a treadmill or a stationary bike. You got more reasons now to do your cardio.

5. Download Fitness Apps

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Fitness Apps can save you tons of time and money if you know which ones to use.

Learn about the Top 5 Fitness Apps for 2018, that will revolutionize your fitness. Be your own trainer and nutritionist.

6. Take Stairs More Often

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Modern lifestyle has made us sedentary in every way. We move less. We walk less.

Take stairs when you can and keep your leg muscles stronger when needed.

7. Make Appointments

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Mark your calendar with days and the time. The best hack not to miss the workout session.

Keep it top priority.

8. Keep Gym Gear in Office or Car

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Keep a gym bag in your car or at the office.

Make sure you are always prepared and never let gym gear be an excuse.

9. Sleep in your Gym Wear

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

If you like to workout in the morning, then sleep in you gym wear.

You will wake up all fresh and motivated. It Works!

10. Invest in Gym Wear

gym clothes

Many underestimate the importance of proper gym wear. If you already don’t have gym wear, get some pairs.

Here are 5 Reasons you should invest in gym clothes.

If you have no idea about gym wear. Read 15 Things to consider when buying gym clothes.

11. Reward Yourself After Every Workout

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Reward system always works, especially when you incorporate that with the adrenaline rush.

Your sweat deserves instant gratification. Reward yourself and stay motivated.

12. Busy Schedule? Try HIIT


If you have a tight schedule and just can’t find time for workout.

Try High Intensity Interval Training, which require bursts of exercises with little or no rest.


13. Join a Fitness Group

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Do you feel isolated in a gym and looking for some fun element?

Why not join a fitness group of your own liking. Be it yoga, zumba, HIIT, or a spin class.

Socialize with like-minded, make friends, and stay motivated.

14. Never Enter This Aisle

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Don’t give yourself easy access to the junk food. Simple, never buy snacks.

If you got any at home, thrash it all out or give it away. Don’t keep junk around where you hang out the most.

15. Keep Healthier Snacks Around

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Best way to fight the hunger pangs is not resisting it, but bingeing on healthier snacks.

Keep them around your work desk, or even your car.

Here is a list of 10 Superfood that you can treat as snacks.

16. Water Accessibility

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

How many times have you heard drink more water? You know that but you don’t here is why; your lazy or forgetful.

So always keep water accessible and drink every time you see it.

17. Be Sporty

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Engage in any sport you like at least once a week.

Sports not just keeps you fit but also lets you think creatively. Learn a sport, hone your skills, and give yourself a mental boost.

18. Stretch While Watching TV

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

If you spend time watching TV, why not stretch out your body at the same time.

Regularly stretching keeps your body flexible eliminating the risk of injury when working out.

19. Replace Your Couch with a Stability Ball.

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Keep a stability ball around. When ever you want to sit, sit on that ball.

Be lazy as much you want on it; watch TV or play video games.

20. Get a Standing Desk

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

FACT: Sedentary lifestyle makes you lazy, slows your brain and makes you dull.

Get a standing desk if you can. It will keep your alert, alive and let your creative juices flow. Try working while standing before you get a desk.

21. Read & Write About Fitness

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Read more about fitness and share your ideas. This will reinforce you to apply those fitness hacks into your lifestyle.

Start a fitness blog, get active on social media and join online forums.

22. Warm Shower Before Bed

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

In order for you to function at your best, you need ideal sleep. One of the ways to sleep like a baby is to get a warm shower before bed.

It helps you relax and sleep faster. Learn more about sleeping here.

23. Best Gym Buddy = Life Partner

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

Struggling to find a gym buddy? Here is a nugget; Your life partner will always be your best gym buddy.

Here is why. (Read even if you don’t have a life partner)

24. Start Meditating

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

The most underestimated health practice is becoming ever popular is this fast faced world.

Practice mindfulness at least five minutes each day. Meditation helps you relax and improves your focus.

25. Get Your Mornings Right

25 Ultimate Fitness Hacks for 2018

If you get a great start at something, you are more likely to succeed.

Get your mornings right everyday. Workout in the morning to get the adrenaline rushing. Follow up with a healthy breakfast to stay energized for the whole day.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any.

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