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Best Gym Shorts for Men; 7 Performance-Boosting Essentials to Look For


Sometimes what holds you back is the improper gym gear in hindsight. Your workout ends up with sweaty fabric, a rash, lost motivation and failed targets.

To counter this, we looked into the most popular gym wear and overhauled it with a 360-degree approach.

We found some touch points that you will love. We focused on them and engineered high-tech training shorts with compression layered for performance.

Let’s look at why we chose Gym Shorts.


Shorts are great for training and workout. They are relatively lighter and allow more airflow on the lower body.

It has relatively less fabric which makes you easily perform various exercises, such as squatting, lunging, kicking and of course, running.

Most gym shorts are manufactured with a comforting material – which is usually nylon mix. Whereas, other cotton focused gym shorts are becoming less popular among athletes.

Traditionally worn by men, more women started wearing them for comfort and leisure. Now it has become a billion-dollar industry, where gym wear is worn for leisure and comfort.

Shorts are among the most sold gym wear.

7 Essential Ideas of Gym Shorts for Men

Sports brands compete in making the best gear they can. The competition led these brands to become innovation companies.

SQUAT WOLF walks the similar road. However, we asked questions like – what at the end of the day, really benefits an athlete?

The essential features, a successful gym short needs excluding the shiny glitter which just makes them pricey.

Looking at the research and surveys, this is what we found out what athletes need in gym shorts.

1. Quality Always Wins

Gym wear is supposed to be used and abused. Better to spend on a decent quality material, which to the least is made from performance fabric.

Performance or technical fabric has the sweat-wicking capability. Spending little on quality will benefit you. Spending on super expensive clothing is a rip-off.

Most technical clothing is a mix of polyester, nylon, and elastane. The cost will be more than average than cotton wear. However, the quality fabric will let you perform better.

2. Anti-Chafing

Performance fabric doesn’t let moisture stay on your body. The fabric is not damp wet with sweat, after a workout. Unlike cotton, which gets soaking wet.

Any fabric other than high-quality technical fabric will cause a rash or an itch after rubbing against the skin.

Most athletes with poor fabric quality and wrong material, get chafing on the inner thighs, which is the utmost discomfort to any athlete.

3. Let the Airflow

It is crucial for shorts to have a venting system on the inner thighs to prevent such discomfort.

That is why shorts with aero-dynamics are popular now. This is what allows the moisture to sweep away the sweat.

Some shorts are light and perforated with a pattern to let the air flow keeping the athlete cool and dry.

Athletes look for clothes with vent. Despite the compression layer, a well-vented short is crucial.

4. Layered for Performance

Shorts with compression are what athletes are now looking for. It saves them extra purchase and hassle.

Some athletes love compression and some don’t care. The ones who care have witnessed an improved performance. Compression has proven to improve performance on an aerobic level.

This study concludes that the compressive shorts maintain power production better over repeated jumps in volleyball players.

5. The Right Length

The length of gym shorts has changed with passing trends and fashion.

Till the 1980s, men’s gym shorts were very short. Later, basketball brought longer shorts trend in the sports industry, with Michael Jordan commercials.

However, according to our surveys, we found that the 7-inch length is most preferred shorts for training.

Anything smaller than 7 inches reveals too much skin, and anything over; makes you look like an NBA player.

6. Pockets Game

Sports brands have failed to deduce the right kind of pockets in gym shorts. No Pockets, side pockets or zippered pockets, it does depend on preference – however, there has to be a winning design.

You don’t want a six-pocket cargo or a cheap design with loose pockets. In a 7 inch short, three pockets seem to work ideally with one zippered pocket on the side or the back.

The shorts need to be fit enough to off put any kind of tremors in your shorts. A zippered pocket is best to keep your phone even if you got a cord passing out.

7. Style Matters

Looking for stylish and trendy clothes matters, even in the fitness industry. After all, people who are in the fitness industry, do want to look good.

Shorts with summer and vibrant colors will always keep you trendy. However, aesthetics and patterns of shorts matter which impact the fit.

Fitted shorts are best for athletes which have a decent stretch. When buying a pair, you can check the stretchability with a squat.

Dry Tech Shorts

Looking at the above points, SQUAT WOLF engineered the 2-in-1 Dry Tech Shorts in four vibrant colors.

Dry-Tech was the result of market research on what athletes liked the most in the previous years. Looking at the current fashion trends and technical fabric, we designed gym shorts which could significantly impact your performance and lifestyle.


  • Semi-Compression Fit
  • Back invisible zipper pockets to stash your valuables
  • Stretchable elastic waistband with invisible draw-string
  • Four-way stretch on shorts and compression


  • Feather-light and premium fabric
  • Custom fabric: performance grade nylon, polyester, and elastane
  • Super soft laser-cut perforated outer shorts fabric
  • Inner compression offers excellent moisture management
  • Outer perforated fabric and aero-dynamic design keeps the air-flow
  • Reflective details for increased visibility for late night runs

Hype Series Shorts

We introduced a brand new limited edition line of shorts in collaboration with Bahij Kadoura.

The Hype Series was designed based on the concept of gym wear meeting streetwear. Bahij being an athlete himself knew the struggles of having to change clothes every time you go to and from the gym. To tackle this, the Hype Series was introduced for those that are the life of the gym and life of the party.


  • Main Fabric: 95% High Performance Polyester / 5% Spandex
  • Inner Lining: 87% High-Performance Polyester / 13% Spandex- Mesh Breathable Fabric
  • Ultra-Light and Soft
  • Quick-Dry
  • Inner Moisture Absorbing Lining

FIT & tech

  • Relaxed Street Fit
  • Above knee height
  • Inner relaxed moisture absorbing lining
  • Reverse Side Pockets
  • Back Pocket for some extra storage
  • Premium Contrasting Draw Strings
  • Adjustable Elastic Waist Band
  • Inner Moisture Absorbing Lining
  • Mobile Pocket in the Lining
  • 3D Logo Print
  • Hype-Tag
  • 3D Hype Stamp Print on the back of the shorts
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Best Gym Shorts for Men; 7 Performance-Boosting Essentials to Look For

Frequently Asked Questions

What are athleisure outfits?

Casual clothing designed to be worn for exercise and general use.

Where did athleisure originate?

It is tough to pinpoint where the trend started but we can say the trend started during the 1970’s when the popularity of fitness came to surface.

When to wear Athleisure?

The beauty of Athleisure is that they can be worn in the gym as well as for any other occasion

What athleisure means?

Athleisure is exactly what it sounds like, Athletic-Leisure. An outfit for gym and casual wear

How to wear athleisure 2018?

It is best advised to mix and match athleisure pieces under regular fashion items. For example, a sports bra under your leather jacket. In short, just get creative.

Why is athleisure popular?

The convenience that comes along with Athleisure is the reason that it is massively popular.

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