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The Retrograde Collection: Embracing the Empowered Spirit of the ’90s


The ’90s was more than just a decade; it was an era that saw revolutionary shifts in fashion, culture, and societal norms, especially for women. SQUATWOLF’s Retrograde Collection pays homage to this transformative period, drawing inspiration from its iconic styles while redefining modern gym wear. 

Dive Deep into Nostalgia 


The ’90s resonates with many for its iconic hip-hop culture and groundbreaking fashion trends. As our designer, Demitra Catleugh, profoundly shared, “The era holds a nostalgic place in our hearts – we grew up during these transformative years.” This collection is not just about replicating past trends but reintroducing them with a fresh twist, embodying the spirit and empowerment of the era. 

Contrasts That Tell a Story 


One of the standout themes of the Retrograde Collection is the stark play on contrasts. The fit of the collection pieces swing between two extremes – form-fitting athletic silhouettes and oversized designs. This intentional design choice mirrors the ’90s, where fits were either skin-tight or dramatically oversized, capturing two equally loved fashion moments. 

However, the contrasts aren’t just limited to fit. Demi remarked, “It’s a juxtaposition of a soft, cotton hand feel fabric with high-performance abilities.” Essentially, Retrograde offers the best of both worlds: the comfort of loungewear with the functionality of gym gear. 

Color Palette & Designs: A ’90s Ode 


While the ’90s influence is subtle, it is distinctly present. For instance, the ever-popular spaghetti strap of that era is ingeniously reimagined in our collection. Without directly replicating it, the Criss-Cross designs in various pieces are our contemporary take on this iconic style. 

The color palette is another nod to the past, with its bold yet washed-out tones, reminiscent of old photographs. “We wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, both with the designs and the colors,” the designer noted. Unique to this collection is also the use of contrast binding, a departure from SQUATWOLF’s typically sleek and monochromatic lines, making each piece pop with dramatic flair. 

Built for the Gym, Inspired by Lifestyle 


For Retrograde, we’re focusing on women who are weightlifters,” the creative genius stressed, emphasizing that while the collection champions low-impact training, it doesn’t necessarily mean low intensity. The built-in shelf bra, a consistent feature in both the unitard and the Brami, supports this very purpose. It offers freedom of movement and flexibility, which is pivotal for weight trainers who crave an unrestricted range of motion. 

While the collection draws from everyday lifestyle elements, like the comfy cotton hand feel, it doesn’t skimp on performance. “Every design detail, from the brushback sweat fabric that offers warmth without being stifling to the graphic executions that incorporate various nostalgic textures, ensures that the wearer feels both comfortable and empowered,” shared our designer. 

A Tribute Beyond Fashion 

The Retrograde Collection embodies more than just fashion. It encapsulates a time when women stepped into arenas previously dominated by men, carving out their space and identity. “It’s not just about style; it’s about courage, resilience, and the revolutionary spirit of women from the ’90s,” the designer passionately stated. The collection doesn’t just wear this era – it celebrates it. 

The Retrograde Collection is more than gym wear – it’s a statement, a movement. Dive into the ’90s spirit with pieces that combine nostalgic comfort with modern functionality, empowering you to be your best self, both inside and outside the gym. 

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