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Seamless Spyder Tee – Empower the Hero Within

Seamless Spyder Tee – Empower the Hero Within

Every child dreams of becoming a superhero. He wants to save the world from bad people. When he grows up he realizes, it’s all fiction; a beautiful, made-up story.

But he loves to live in his fantasy and believes in superheroes with inspiring stories. The striking fact about our thoughts and beliefs is that they can create a reality for us.

What consumes your mind controls your life, as the saying goes. Research has found that people switch to a successful mindset through reoccurring positive thoughts, which have helped them change their lives.

The Power of visualization is what’s taught to athletes and the determined ones wanting to achieve success or change the course of their life.

A successful athlete replays his next move over and moves in his head and practices it until it becomes a reality.

Based on powerful psychology, Squat Wolf launches the Seamless Spyder Tee to awaken the super-hero within you.

Spyder Tees are compression tights that keep your muscles intact and provides an efficient ventilation system for your body; hence, improving your performance.

The Seamless Compression

Seamless technology produces a garment in one piece without any seam. Seamless compression is a super-hero armor’s provision. The armor hugs your body and sits on you like a second skin.

Seamless Spyder Tee

Feather-Weight Feel

The armor is unlike any ancient heavy ones, with a metal shield and plates on the chest. Coming along the way, the compression tee is feather-weight which lets you mobilize at your maximum pace. 

Steadfast Grip

Compression muscle-fit is even better to hug your body. Each fabric component grips well on your targeted muscle. It acts just like a protective second skin on your body.

Controls Chafing

With a sweet hold on your skin, the anti-irritation fabric has zero friction against the skin. Even in the longer and sweatier workout sessions, the compression material is watchful of your skin.

Moisture Management

Seamless innovation sweeps away the sweat off your skin right away. It allows your skin to breathe through the fabric and holds no place for any moisture under its compression. The body stays cool and dry even after your toughest workouts.

Outright Stretch

Seamless has a four-way stretch. It holds the position firmly and allows the athlete to mobilize with freedom.  

Hero Compression

Your performance is what matters to us. Therefore, comfort is what we have focused on. The compression tee is designed to give you the freedom to express yourself.

Just like a child with freedom has an open field to play. He expresses himself and discovers his potential.

Empower the Superhero within you and save the world.

Available in Cobalt Blue and Black – Full Sleeves and Half Sleeves

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