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Seamless Dry Knit Tee – Performance Meets Comfort

Seamless Dry-Knit Tee – Performance Meets Comfort

Comfort solaces freedom. Freedom motivates expression. Expression breeds skill. Skill drives action. Action inspires you. And an inspired you can simply take on the world.

Philosophy matters. When it comes to achieving success, powerful values and belief system is essential.

Our Seamless Series is about eminent values. We valued innovation and comfort for an athlete to stay ahead.

Seamless Dry-Knit Tee is our latest work and design to boost an athlete on the ground. The detailing is entirely focused on comfort through better breathability, moisture and odor control, anti-irritation, and an absolute fit.

A Dry-Knit garment is one whole piece eliminating the sewing. Using the cutting-edge circular knitting production processes, our Seamless Series will get you the desired comfort and fit.

The Seamless Way

Gear up in one whole piece of garment and understand the feel of innovation and progression.

Seamless Dry-Knit Tee


Seamless fabric is relatively lighter than the other composition fabrics. One-piece garment adds mobility and allows quicker movements.

Hugs Well

Great muscle-fit capability to grip around each muscle group. Seamless provides most comfortable feel than other fabrics given the right composition as with the Dry-Knit Tee.


Better grip over the sweaty skin is crucial to control irritation. The fabric grips well and lets the four-way stretch and breathability do the magic for you.


Fabric composition allows the moisture to sweep out of the skin. The body remains dry throughout the workout as it air flows beneath the fabric.

Ultimate Stretch

Stretch is crucial and our seamless composition does it best. Without any extra resistance and slip the fabric stretches all ways and re-positions back.

Available in Melange Grey and Bali Red – Full Sleeves and Half Sleeves

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