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The Best Travel Outfit Guide For Women


The travel game after Covid has completely changed!

There is an influx of travelers across the globe. The flights are getting overbooked, there is chaos in the airports, tourist spots are getting packed, and amidst all this hustle and bustle, you don’t want to be dressed uncomfortably do you!?

Travelling anyway is usually an uncomfortable ordeal. The airplane seats don’t have enough legroom for you to fully stretch, the car rides are bumpy, and the train rides are tiring but if you are wearing an outfit that is cozy yet functional, your experience may not be THAT bad.

When planning a trip, we are all riddled with just one question “What do I wear?”

We are here to answer all your travel outfit questions with our ultimate guide to help you feel light and active during your trip.  This blog is going to highlight the best SQUATWOLF has to offer to cater to your travel fit needs.

So, here it goes!

Crop Tops


You can never go wrong with a cute crop top. They are arguably the best tops for hot summer days. They are compact and versatile. You can pair them up with anything you like tights, joggers, sweatshirts you name it.

Check out a diverse range of crop tops we have to offer



Leggings make for an excellent travel companion. We should all have one or (ten) staple pair of leggings in our wardrobe. Leggings are attached with “two for one” benefits, you can wear them to your workout sessions during the trip, or wear them as a part of a cute fit for a day or night out.

Here are pairs of leggings that could be great candidates to become your travel companion.

Comfy Sports Bra


A sports bra may sound like a bad idea when it comes to travelling but low-impact sports bras are a lot more comfortable compared to a regular bra. Plus, you can wear them as bralettes under a jacket with joggers and heels to make an ultimate fashion statement.

Sports bras are a handy piece of clothing to take on a trip with you. If you feel like going for a light jog in the morning through the brand new city, you’ll be thankful you packed one with you. However, if you feel like lounging in your hotel room, that can be easily done with our brand new Invisible Everyday Sports Bra from LAB360°.

Shop now for more low or high-impact sports bras.



Comfy sweatshirts are a must-have in every woman’s closet. Sweatshirts are back in trend and can be paired with anything from leggings, and biker shorts to skirts. Casual is the name of the game these days so don’t be afraid to play around with comfy clothes.

If you are looking for high-quality sweatshirts shop here.



We have reserved the star of the show to end the list!

Joggers are everybody’s go-to travelling pants. One of our favourite wardrobe staples. They are convenient, comfortable, and versatile. Wear them on a run, to the gym, or on a night out. You can dress down or dress up wearing a pair of joggers. The style choices are infinite.

For different design profiles, and colours shop now.

Key Takeaway

When you are travelling, make sure to pack light and carry diverse pieces of clothing. You have to make sure you stay comfortable throughout. If you are travelling to a hot city or country, functional, performance-based essentials are going to be your best bet. SQUATWOLF offers apparel which will ensure you stay dry and light in hot countries, and cozy and comfy in cold environments.

Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

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