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SQUATWOLF x Dubai Fitness Championship 2023


From the 8th to the 10th of December, a wave of excitement swept through Dubai, sparking the city with a different kind of energy as it hosted the 11th edition of the Dubai Fitness Championship at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium. This prestigious event, backed by the unwavering support of the Dubai Sports Council, has become a symbol of the city’s commitment to sporting excellence. 

 A Decade of Athletic Excellence: The History of the Dubai Fitness Championship 

This celebrated event began as a local competition and has evolved dramatically over the years. It gained international prominence with the introduction of an online qualifier in 2016, reaching athletes worldwide.  

The rich history of the Dubai Fitness Championship has seen it become a beacon of athletic excellence, drawing the world’s most passionate athletes each year.  

Eager to showcase their strength, skill, determination, and athletic prowess, each participant added to the legacy of a championship that has grown in stature and prestige over a decade.  

For three days, Dubai transformed into a stage for dynamism, where every lift, sprint, and jump was not just a story of personal victory but a continuation of a legacy that champions fitness and sporting spirit at its best. 

SQUATWOLF: Empowering The Champions Of Today 

Following the illustrious history of the Dubai Fitness Championship, this year’s event once again brought together a diverse array of athletes, each embodying the spirit of dedication and excellence.  

Their performances across grueling challenges showcased not just physical prowess but also mental resilience, captivating audiences worldwide. 

In this arena where every moment was a testament to athletic dedication, SQUATWOLF proudly played a supporting role. Our commitment as sponsors was to equip these exceptional athletes with apparel that matched their intense commitment to the sport.  

Ensuring that our gear facilitated their movements with comfort and efficiency, we aimed to let each athlete shine without distraction. And contributing to their remarkable performances was a profound honor for us. 

As each athlete took to the field, it was a reminder of our shared mission with the Dubai Fitness Championship — to celebrate and elevate the human spirit through sports. 

SQUATWOLF and DFC: A Shared Mission for Athletic Empowerment 

 SQUATWOLF and the Dubai Fitness Championship share a core mission: to empower athletes and celebrate athletic excellence.  

Our collaboration with the Dubai Fitness Championship is an integral part of this vision, showcasing the best of athletic talent and determination. 

A Heartfelt Thank You 

A big thank you goes out to everyone at the Dubai Fitness Championship, the Dubai Sports Council, and the Dubai Police. Your hard work created an unforgettable event.  

Saluting the Victors 

The competition was fierce, and the champions rose. 

Gulf Fitness Championship (GFC) Standouts 


Representing the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar, the GFC athletes brought regional pride to the forefront, displaying unrivaled strength and endurance. 

The Dubai Fitness Champions

DFC winners 

Men Who Conquered – DFC Victors 


With a spirit that defines a champion, Roman Khrennikov stood out among the best.


Ricky Mac took on every challenge and came out on top.

Victory was no accident for Lazar Đjukić, where strategy met strength. 

Women Who Triumphed – DFC Victors 


Kara Frey moved with agility and grace, outperforming the rest. 


Never giving up, Andrea Solberg earned every point to claim her win.


The will to win was unmistakable in Claudia Gluck, inspiring all who watched. 

Relive the Glory 

Let’s look at some of this year’s adrenaline-fueled moments! 

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