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Moisture-Wicking Shirts – Make Your Workouts More Effective

Moisture-Wicking Shirts

Ok, now let’s be honest, when we go to the gym, our go-to wear is t-shirts and some shorts or trousers. To be fair, it’s not like wearing that is a bad thing but why settle for something less that will eventually affect your workout, when you can wear something that is meant for working out.

Now the most annoying thing about the gym is that “blekh” feeling you get when you’re working out and you feel your shirt sticking to you because of the sweat. Nobody enjoys that, and people that tend to sweat more than others face this struggle on a whole different level. It is natural to sweat, what isn’t natural is stewing in your own sweat. This can lead to discomfort and drop in performance, two things you do not need while working out. This is where moisture-wicking clothing comes into play.

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What is Moisture-Wicking Material?

To explain this in the simplest way possible, consider a candle wick. Its primary function is to draw wax as fuel to light the candle, the fabric of moisture-wicking clothing works the same way. It absorbs the moisture on your skin and releases it in a drier environment for it to evaporate. As a result, it makes you feel dry as well as cool because the process releases heat as well.

If you take a standard cotton T-shirt, the fabric absorbs the sweat, and this moisture that is trapped between the fabric and your skin gives way to a phenomenon called microclimate. This microclimate makes it impossible for the sweat to evaporate leaving you either too hot or too cold, which will lead to discomfort.

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What Kind Of Material Is Moisture-Wicking?

Moisture-wicking fabric is usually made of synthetics, and they are woven in a way that there are gaps left for the capillary to absorb and release the sweat. Our Dry-Knit fabric does the same thing, made from nylon and spandex. It provides a 4-way stretch, odor control and sweat-wicking action. These three combined makes it the perfect choice for your gym wear.

Why Use Moisture-Wicking Clothing?

There are a number of functional advantages that come with this kind of fabric. Firstly, it is much more comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Apart from that, it prevents chaffing and hides perspiration, because the last thing you want to do is meet your friends after a workout and having large pit stains.

The best part about moisture-wicking gym wear is you can wear them throughout the year. They are suited for both warm and cold weather.

Warm Weather:

The warm weather is a great time to lose those extra pounds, which obviously means sweating out all that excess fat. Scientifically speaking, sweating is your body’s way of cooling you down. So in the case of physical exertion accompanied by warm weather, the body tends to sweat more.

Now you must be wondering “Hey, Mr Writer, wouldn’t excessive sweating be good considering we are trying to lose weight?” Well, not exactly. Your body will overheat, and even though you will lose more calories, your heart rate will increase that will cause exhaustion and medical complications if continued for an extended period.

If you want a much more efficient workout, you definitely need to consider buying clothes with moisture-wicking fabric for your next workout.

Cold Weather:

It doesn’t matter how cold the temperature, the body will always produce heat and sweat. That being said, if you do sweat in cold conditions and your clothes absorb that moisture, the wet clothes can lead you to dangerous situations. This is not only uncomfortable but could go as far as causing hypothermia. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to wear moisture-wicking shirts and gym wear.

With the rise in Athleisure, gym wear is slowly creeping its way into everyday clothing, although the primary purpose for the clothes remains the same. Now since Athleisure is gaining so much traction, you want clothes that would be acceptable both in the gym and on the streets. You don’t want to show up at a friend’s place after gym in a soaking wet shirt and body odor. Moisture-wicking clothes are a solution to all these problems. So what are you doing here reading this, go on and get your hands on some fantastic moisture-wicking gym wear.

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