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The Iconic Campaign X SQUATWOLF


Not everything in life is black or white – and that’s just how we like it. Colour, in all its forms, is beautiful.

When you think of an icon, what, or who, do you see? What defines an icon?

Iconic status, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Icons, whether a person, a place or a product, don’t get to choose – they are chosen.

Your best friend, an inspirational teacher, a pair of jeans that holds the memories of a thousand nights out – all iconic and all personal to you. Icons don’t have to be famous, they have to be meaningful.

Icons aren’t defined by colour, but they bring the colour just when it’s needed most. They can bring hope, inspiration, the confidence to believe that “this really is the one”.

Our actions define who we are, our colours make us beautiful.

In a world where you can be anything, be iconic.

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What Makes The Iconic Campaign Special?

The Iconic Campaign is a celebration of the unsung heroes in our lives. It’s a nod to the colour, meaning and style they bring every day.

The Iconic t-shirt collection is a mirror of our own personal icons – colourful, reliable, and we just couldn’t live without them.

And, exactly like your life, it’s not just black or white.

They’re made from fabric with 4-way stretch and are cut to give you maximum mobility, created for a life on the move, whilst there are two fits each for men and women.  A muscle and an oversized fit for men, and a crop and a full-length tee for women.

You deserve to be the Icon, and the minimal design approach means you’ll always shine, however you choose to style it up.

You are beautiful. Colour is beautiful. It’s time to be iconic.

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Iconic Muscle Tee:

Our Iconic Muscle Tee is your go-to tee for workouts and going out.

Designed for movement, the 4-way stretch and side split at the hems work with your body in all routines.

Engineered for a close fit, this tee shows off what you’ve worked so hard for in the gym.

The Iconic Muscle Tee comes in 5 bold colours to create an impressive fit.

Iconic Oversize Tee:

Our Iconic Oversize Tee is engineered with durable 4-way stretch fabric that aids every movement.

Giving you unrestricted mobility and a fresh, bold look, the oversized fit makes it the ultimate modern silhouette.

The Iconic Oversize Tee is offered in 2 colours.

The Pack Muscle Tee:

Our Pack Muscle Tee is exceptional, even if we do say so ourselves.

It’s engineered to help you stay on top of your game – both in the gym or out with friends.

With its 4-way stretch and soft fabric, you can move with zero distractions, keeping you focused and in the moment.

Available in 6 colours, it’s cut to show off those muscles and flaunt your gains – just the way it should be.

The Pack Oversize Tee:

Our Pack Oversize Tee has been engineered with 4-way stretch fabric that keeps you on the go without any restriction and no compromise on style.

A versatile item that can be worn in many ways, this tee is available in beautiful colours, making it a must for your everyday wardrobe.

Calling out our ‘Lead The Pack’ statement, this tee definitely lives the message.


Iconic Tee:

Our Iconic Tees are made for your energetic lifestyle and are offered in 2 strong colours.

They are engineered with a lightweight material that is soft-to-touch and feels great on your skin.

We considered every detail to ensure these tees lead the pack, like the side vents that enable extra movement in the gym.

These are the ultimate everyday tees for both working out and hanging out.

Iconic Crop Tee:

Our Iconic Crop Tee is the statement within the icons tee collective, a lightweight and minimal tee that feels just as good as it looks.

It is made with soft-to-touch fabric that is amazing on your skin.

The Iconic Crop Tee is cut for a boxy fit and is available in 5 colours, giving you loads of options to layer up and make a statement or keep it on the down-low.

The Pack Tee:

Our Pack Tee is the go-to garment for those days when comfort is king (or queen).

It’s been created with soft-to-touch material and has been designed to feel great in and out of the gym.

Available in two dynamic colours, it’s a tee that gives you a bright layering option, or you can simply throw it on and go, go, go!

The Pack Crop Tee:

A lightweight crop tee designed to get you feeling on top of your game.

 A versatile piece with a minimalist approach that adds a timeless element to your gym wear, The Pack Crop Tee is cut with soft-to-touch material that is gentle on your skin.

It comes in 5 vibrant colours so you can style up to suit your mood.

Complete Your Iconic Look

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