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Hype Series: Style Meets Functionality


Ok, let’s face it, if you work out, there is a high chance you either had to bail or take a rain check on a plan with your friends.

It’s not because you’re a bad friend, if anything, you’re doing them a favor. None of your friends would want you in your raggedy gym t-shirt, drenched in sweat when they want to go out to the club or spend the night out.

Well, ducking the situation isn’t the answer and carrying around a duffle bag with spare clothes seems too tedious of a task even for the most active person.

This is where the new SQUATWOLF Hype Series comes into play. Based on the same concept, this line is designed specifically to provide the style of your streetwear and the functionality of gym wear. From the external look to the material used to make the clothes, the Hype Series is the perfect mix.

Collaboration with Bahij Kaddoura

You all must know Bahij Kaddoura, a natural born athlete, professional swimmer, rugby player, and all around nice guy.

Bahij has been with SQUATWOLF for almost a year, and apart from being an athlete, Bahij also has an interest in arts (sketching, painting, and sculpting). Being an athlete, Bahij understood the struggle of having to change clothes every time you need to go to the gym or with your friends. He wanted to create a collection that was perfect for both the gym and for any plans that you make with your friends.

This paved the way to the Hype Series, a collection that encapsulates the Athleisure trend for what it is, clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities that can be worn in different social settings.


Hype Products

With the Hype series, we wanted to give people room to be creative with their style while offering all the functionality to make your workout better. This series includes tees, hoodies, joggers, shorts and tanks.

Hype Tee

Made from nylon and spandex with a soft feel and quick drying material, the Hype Tee is perfect to keep you cool and dry in the gym, making your workouts much more comfortable.

That covers the gym wear part, but for the style, the Hype Tee has an impeccable fit and a 3D logo making it perfectly stylish and straightforward.

Hype Tanks

We all know how vital tanks are for any workout. Tanks provide flexibility and mobility to help you perform your exercises with ease, but if that was all the Hype Tanks were for, it wouldn’t be a part of the Hype series, would it?

With its reverse contrasting pockets and 3D Hype stamp, it can be paired with a Varsity jacket and a pair of jeans to give you that street look you desire.

Hype Shorts

Not a lot of people like leg day at the gym, especially if the shorts that you’re wearing are making it more painful than it needs to be. It’s a good thing that the Hype Shorts are made with mesh breathable fabric and moisture wicking inner lining to help you get through leg day at the gym. They can also be a great article to wear if you’re going to the beach, I mean you’ve been working hard on those legs, might as well show them off.


Hype Joggers

Made from a super-premium, quick-dry and soft fabric, the Hype Joggers are a recipe of perfection when it comes to working out. The adjustable rubber strap bottoms and long length around the knees and calves make for the perfect gym bottoms.

Apart from its functionality, the side contrasting panel, design and 3D logos make it a great piece of clothing to wear when you’re out and about. Plus, it has big pockets that mean more storage space for your wallet, keys, phones and anything else you carry around.

Hype Hoodie

The Hype Hoodie can be a perfect addition to any look that you are going for. Going out on a drive with your friends or just a casual lunch, the Hype hoodie makes for the perfect top to wear and on the off-chance, you have to go to the gym straight after that, we’ve got you covered there too.

Made with cotton, polyester, and spandex, the Hype hoodie is designed to wick moisture and keep you dry while you work out, helping you push your limits in the gym.


The Hype Series is a limited edition collection, so don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on this collection. It’s time to Live the Hype!

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