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Top 5 Dubai-Based Female Instagram Profiles


Dubai is all about the finer things in life. And when it comes to fitness, it doesn’t fall short on that end either. This city welcomes people from all walks of life who aim to reach the height of success and self-improvement, which is why staying fit is more than just a trend here – it’s a lifestyle.

With fitness events such as the Dubai Fitness Challenge emerging, more and more people are infected by this fitness momentum. What’s exciting is that at the forefront, you’ll find many accomplished women who’re paving their paths and leading the way by example.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about Dubai’s amazing female gym influencers. These women are making an impact in the fitness community by sharing their own journeys, tips to stay fit in the fast-paced metropolitan life and healthy guides to nutrition!

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Basaer Alhaddad | Olga Perovic | Adré Rossouw | Marina ViolinhaNadine du Toit | Key Takeaways | FAQs

1. Basaer Alhaddad


One of Dubai’s most followed female fitness influencers, Basaer Alhaddad is a personal coach with specialization in glutes training, strength conditioning and Muay Thai training. Her approach to fitness is a combination of dynamic moves that boost strength while sculpting a well-earned physique.

With a comprehensive approach to strength conditioning, she encourages you to break your own barriers, helping you unlock your true athletic abilities. She’s also into combat sports such as Boxing and Muay Thai, which adds a unique powerfulness to not just Instagram feed, but her overall energy.

Whether you want to learn a few fighting moves or build a plump peach, she’s fitness influencer you should be following!

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2. Olga Perovic


An internationally acclaimed Jumple Trainer, Olga Perovic’s unique approach to workouts is inspiring for many women out there. This incredible fitness influencer and coach approaches workouts with an eclectic energy that is contagious, creating an exhilarating for all those following her.

She blends power with precision, helping you become your fittest self with bodyweight workouts and a unique tool – jumper shoes! This technique adds creativity to your regular workouts, making them more and more challenging so you’re on your way to unlocking your true athletic prowess.

Whether you’re just looking for a burst of energy or want to incorporate jumpers into your routine, make sure you’re following Olga!

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3. Adré Rossouw


Adré Rossouw is another sought-after Dubai-based fitness and gym influencer. As an Exercise Physiologist, her passion in fitness isn’t just within the gym – it extends beyond. She creates motivating content, giving tips to stay fit to her followers to help them transform their lives for the better.

She shows her journey of running and strength training, giving actionable techniques that everyone can add to their fitness regimen for stamina building.

Make sure you’re following her on Instagram to always stay up-to-date with all things fitness.

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4. Marina Violinha


There’s no shying away from calling her a Calisthenics expert, Marina showcases her unbelievable balance across all fitness avenues. On her Instagram, she creates content that displays her incredible handstands to her successful execution of forearm stands – something that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Marina’s mastery of strength and physical balance is a source of inspiration to her many followers, especially those who’re just starting their fitness journeys. She also gives incredible tips to stay fit in Dubai (or anywhere else in the world) a tailored approach to working out.

Her forte tells lots about her own fitness. If you want to learn more about hand-balance and calisthenics or just need some motivation, Marina is a definite follow.

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5. Nadine du Toit


Through her colorful photos and aspirational lifestyle, Nadine is all about those positive vibes that inspire and motivate you to do better. She’s also the founder of her brand, Glorygirl, where she shares her incredible fitness journey. Through this brand, she also empowers and motivates her followers to make the most out of their moments while staying fit.

From the visual appeal of her Instagram to her own strength and resilience, it’s definitely worth following her to stay creative, practice gratitude and incorporate fitness into your routine.

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Key Takeaways

When it comes to fitness, many of us have no clue what we’re doing or if anything we’re doing is right or not. This is where these amazing fitness influencers based in Dubai come to the rescue. Not only are they working hard to earn their own physiques, they’re also giving tips on staying fit to us by sharing their journeys, tips and educational content. They’re nurturing a community of like-minded individuals by motivating you and brining those like you together. Each influencer has their own set of expertise, and through this, we learn that there’s no one-way to approach fitness – everyone can be fit in their own way.

Let’s keep following these influencers so we’re always inspired and empowered to be better than yesterday!


Why follow Dubai-based female fitness influencers?

You should follow Dubai-based female fitness influencer because they motivate you and inspire you to workout everyday. In addition, they give you workout plans and tips to stay fit. They also show you how they implement healthy habits in their lifestyle to make fitness sustainable and continue their fitness journey, in turn helping you as well.

What makes a good fitness influencer?

A good fitness influencer is someone who you find reliable because of honest, relatable and authentic content. They’re transparent about their habits, their mistakes and their overall fitness journey, which makes them look ‘real’. They’re also consistent with their content, not only posting about their journey but also giving you tips on working out, correct form and dietary habits so you can incorporate fitness and wellness in an actionable manner in your life.

How often should I change my workout routine?

Typically, you should switch your workout routine every 5-7 weeks or when the same program doesn’t leave your muscles sore enough. This means your workout is not challenging enough or that, your athletic abilities have increased, meaning you need to change the exercises or add more resistance to challenge yourself. With a variety in your workout program, you’ll always feel challenged. This will constantly improve your results, allowing you to advance in your fitness journey.

Can following fitness influencers improve my workouts?

Yes, you can improve your workouts by following gym and fitness influencers. This is because they give you tips on getting the right exercise technique, motivate you when you’re feeling low, inspire you through their own journeys and educate you about training and nutrition. As a result, when you learn more, you’re able to live a healthier and more fitness-focused lifestyle.

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