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Top 5 Dubai-based Female Instagram Profiles


Dubai is getting closer to becoming the fittest city in the world.

Events like Dubai Fitness Challenge are raising awareness in the city, and the residents are responding as well. Many women are also becoming the part of such events.

We also want to play our role. Therefore, we list for you the most inspiring female profiles based in Dubai we’ve found. Following them will inspire you on how to achieve a healthier and positive lifestyle.

We have shortlisted the profiles through the most exciting content bits. You won’t just find motivational cliches but action-driven and visual expression of various workouts and lifestyle.

You may have heard of social media being fake storytelling. But these profiles show you the hard-work done to create those beautiful stories.

Here is the list of the top 5 Dubai-based female Instagram profiles which you have been looking for your everyday inspiration..

1. Marina Violinha

Marina Violinha

Not many female profiles out there who can master balance on various terrains.

Marina has quite a creative way of doing things.

You will find her doing calisthenics and hand-balance at various spots and in multiple positions. Her content teaches you well enough, to you to pull one of her stunts.

Marina is always throwing something unique through her content. The creativity never ends on her Instagram. From handstands to forearm stands, her artwork is quite intriguing to watch.

Her forte tells lots about her fitness. If you want to learn more about hand-balance and calisthenics, Marina is a definite follow.

2. Nadine du Toit

Nadine du Toit

Nadine is simply a social media star.

Her Instagram will tell you right away that she knows how to have fun. Many aspire for a life like that and Nadine is absolutely living it.

Beautifully decorated pictures and lots of soothing colors will inspire you to live your life to the fullest just like her.

Behind her lifestyle, there is a lot of hard work to keep her brand – glorygirl going on the social media.

If you want to become one of the glorygirls, Nadine can teach you how to become a star. Follow her and learn from her content how life can be beautiful and a great blessing.

Her forte tells lots about her fitness. If you want to learn more about hand-balance and calisthenics, Marina is a definite follow.

3. Nicole Drinkwater

Nicole Drinkwater

Nicole is an absolute gem of a personal trainer.
She has inspired lots of people online and offline with her advice and physique. Still young, she carries lots of experience in body composition and bodybuilding.

Her Instagram has a very unique character which endorses passion, commitment, and some fantastic photography.

Whereas her Instagram stories will make you roll in the aisles. From lip singing to the best shots, and cracking jokes daily. She is a must follow if you are looking for fitness inspiration living in Dubai.

She’ll show you around the lovely Dubai in a British accent.

4. Carly Neave

Carly Neave

Every girl wants a leaner body, but not many can, due to lack of inspiration.

Here is Carly; living a leaner life, and she can inspire you.

She is all about fitness, food and travel as goes on her profile.

Her posts are well balanced between healthy eating, beautifully executed workouts, and her happy-loving natured posts.

She very well knows how take pictures and have fun at the same time. Being a blogger as well, she writes some great stuff as well at leanlivinggirl.

5. Tarryn Hoffman

Dubai-based female Instagram

Tarryn can simply put on a muscle show for you.

Many of her posts are on weightlifting which you can tell she absolutely enjoys doing.

Her adrenaline rush comes from sheer powerlifting. With a powerful body, you can catch her doing some crazy-looking gymnastics.

She may look time eating and breathing at the gym, but she has her other beautiful life outside the gym on her different Instagram.

Healthyhoffman is here to inspire if you seriously love to sweat it out. @sweat group

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