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The Best Expert Advice From Intermittent Fasting Reddit


Reddit is the most precious website on the internet. It is just filled with page after page of information by experts around the world. So, we took the best advice and tips on Intermittent Fasting from Reddit to help you get the most out of this worthwhile diet plan.

See, on Reddit each trending topic has its own Subreddit which is basically a forum dedicated just to that topic. Now people from around the world can come submit their personal experiences, their stories, what worked for them and what didn’t. Other users can up-vote it if they like it and comment their own opinions on the post.


With years and years of collection, filtering and voting; the Subreddit of intermittent fasting on Reddit is a gold mine for beginners. You can check out r/intermittenfasting for some amazing motivational stories. These stories just go to show that with the right consistency and dedication, anything is possible.

The Best Advice On Intermittent Fasting From Reddit

Intermittent fasting seems extremely difficult when you start out. Just like driving on a highway for the first time, nothing is easy at first. To lose weight and to live healthy, we have to take steps in life that require a lot of motivation.

These tips and hacks have helped other Reddit users get the most out of intermittent fasting.

Fix a routine with apps:


Life and Zero are apps that help monitor your fasting period, give you expert advice and other supportive information.  These apps also help with monitoring your calorie intake and other important nutritional information like glucose and ketone levels.

Intermittent fasting users on Reddit say that apps really help visualize your goals. When you stay in touch with others who walk the same path as you, it is easier to stay motivated. By seeing others progress, we are inclined to fulfill our weight loss gains too. These apps provide a wonderful mix of much needed information and a connection with others.

Which foods you should eat


Intermittent fasting Reddit user Agatha says her go-to foods are proteins and healthy fats. She recommends egg sandwiches with cheese, turkey bacon and avocados. This meal is a perfect blend of good proteins and healthy fats.

You can use rotisserie chicken, coat it with BBQ sauce and eat with a bunch of vegetables for another healthy meal. Intermittent fasting Subreddit is practically filled with first person insight to delicious and healthy meals that can make fasting worthwhile.

Evanje, a health teacher and coach, says that sticking with a 1200 calorie intake should really help with weight loss. Intermittent fasting is a restrictive diet anyway. He recommends that chicken, pork and fish are the best lean proteins you can go with. To stay under 1200 calories, avoid white carbohydrates. These are filled with calories and burn much quicker, leaving you hungry again.

Mental hacks to keep you going:


When you’re hungry, bored and food is easily available, it is hard to resist the temptation.

Intermittent fasting Reddit user Kaoyte says “When I’m flagging and am about to break my fast and go get something to eat (especially when bored), I try to remember that if I eat the thing, in two minutes I won’t feel any better off, I won’t taste it anymore, I could have eaten it or not and I wouldn’t feel any different, I won’t even remember.A small, maybe obvious thing, but it might help someone catch themselves!”

Realizations like these help you take control of things when you need it the most. Another users said “This has been a very recent thing for me. I think the whole process through – with the “then what?” after I imagine eating. Been so helpful in helping me see that I’m just eating emotionally or out of boredom.”

Your sense of control is nothing more than you acting on the realizations you have. Focus on them and enforce them. Every time you give in you are at risk of falling back in to viscous cycle you have so carefully escaped from.

Key Takeaway

Intermittent fasting on Reddit is filled with a bunch of supportive material to bolster your willpower. This restrictive diet has a plethora of health benefits. This in-depth guide about intermittent fasting should help answer deeper questions about this restrictive lifestyle.

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