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X-leggings Are Here – Moving Towards the Extreme


The arena is full of players aspiring to get better, faster, and stronger. The competition is fierce, and athletes need to be well-equipped.

Squat Wolf always promises to bring the best out of their athletes. The success and performance multiply with added skills and the right gear.

Compression tights are now essential more than ever.

A fine layer with immense value to offer has become a desideratum for the athletes at the highest level.

Launching the X-leggings for an extreme impact. So don’t hold back and reach for your goals!

Work your way out through the obstacles.
Conquer the sweat, injuries, and fatigue.  

Take your running skills to the next level.
Acquire the performance edge.

Get more miles under your belt.
Stretch yourself for the longer strides.
Simply run a marathon.

Why Compression?

Improved blood flow will bring more oxygen to your muscles.

Dry-fit fabric to sweep away the moisture off your skin.

Keeps your body warm and engaged in the act.

Controls the muscle vibrations and keeps them intact.

Get rid of muscle fatigue.

Protects your skin from dirt and other elements.

Why X-Leggings?

A most efficient mix of polyamide and spandex for dynamic four-way stretch and ultimate moisture-absorption.

Mesh Fabric on the calves for improved airflow.

Easy muscle-fit around gluteus, quads, and calves for better breathability

Available in Black and Cool Grey.

Athletic Performance

Athletes like the feel. It keeps them synced and integrated. Allows them to push harder.

For best results, wear them with the Dry-Fit Essential Shorts. Both complement one another under extreme workouts and conditions. 

End of the day, it is all about the preferences; if you choose, let it be the X-leggings.

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