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The Wonder Woman Collection – Embrace Greatness


Earlier this year, we dropped one of the hottest collections of ours this year, The DC Collection. It was an activewear version of infamous superhero clothes that we all love.

We wanted to combine what we love about two of the most famous superheroes in history, Batman and Superman, into next generation athleisure. The blend of performance fabric, 4-way stretch and minimal branding, gave way to a sleek collection of superhero athleisure.

However, the story doesn’t end there. To pay tribute to our modern-day superheroines, we introduce the Wonder Woman Collection, a continuation of DC Collection X SQUATWOLF.

Embrace Greatness – This collection embodies the strength of feminine power and self-reliance.

A collection built for powerful and independent women who seek to bring positive changes in a challenging world.

Wonder Woman Style Guide


The Wonder Woman is a performance-based collection. It’s designed to help you breeze through your day while supporting you through intense workouts. Also, for the first time, we have introduced a Puffer for women.

Wonder Woman Straps Sports Bra

The Wonder Woman Straps Sports Bra is made with a mid-weight fabric blend that has 4-way stretch capabilities. The sports bra has a unique cross woven feature with a meticulously placed Wonder Woman rubber logo on the front and back.



The Wonder Woman Bodysuit is stitched with a quality Polyester and Spandex performance blend that has 4-way stretch capabilities. It has a built-in bra that offers mid-impact support, these bra cups are removable for an easy clean. It only comes in Onyx.

Crop Top

The Wonder Woman Crop Top is a clean long sleeves workout top with a thumb hole feature. It comes in two colors: Onyx and Ruby Red. Along with a 3D Wonder Woman logo on the front left chest, it also has custom Wonder Woman tape running along the sleeves.

Puffer Jacket

A first to SQUATWOLF, the Wonder Woman Puffer Jacket is a warm and water-proof jacket with a padded interior. It only comes in Gold and is cut for a cropped length.



The Wonder Woman Tank is designed with soft yet resilient fabric to help you excel in fast-paced workouts. It features the Wonder Woman logo on the front chest and has a unique back, its cut for a muscle-back look and has a twisted back feature. The Wonder Woman Tank is available in Onyx and Ruby Red.


A faux suede half cap in either Pink or Onyx, the Wonder Woman Cap is a symbol of those who shine in their own light. It has a satin center front with a contrast panel in the middle that features the Wonder Woman insignia with an embroidered logo.

The Vibe Behind The Wonder Woman Collection


We are all trying to better ourselves in this long walk through life. From education to a career to self-care, it’s all about trying to evolve to the next stage.

Some of us are in the gym daily, shredding and working hard till we are covered in sweat. Why? Because we have a goal we need to achieve. It’s not about the six pack, or the toned lower body; it’s about what it stands for.

The hustle is to build a better you. This hustle gave way to the DC Collection, a collection that embodies what we aspire to be.

Now, The Wonder Woman Collection is a performance-based collection. It features Wonder Woman’s main colors like black, red, and gold.

The collection features unique looks like the Wonder Woman Tank that has a twisting-back. The Wonder Woman Straps Sports Bra has an intricate cross-woven pattern that gives it an ancient armor vibe. All the clothes have some aspect of Wonder Woman, the body suit has a Wonder Woman belt going around the waist.

The Clothing is also functional, with many having 4-way stretch capabilities and being light on the skin. From side splits on the tanks to making sure you stay dry with the puffer, the collection is designed to help your workouts feel easier.


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