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Women’s Fitness – You Define You


You are unique. Your struggle, your goals, your persona – everything about you is special.

That’s why we engineered a unique collection for women.

Women’s Fitness is an elegant, powerful, and feminine collection to support women in every environment.

Whether it’s giving it your all in the gym, reaching tranquility with yoga, or socializing with your squad; this in-depth collection has what you need to ace the day with functionality, comfort, and poise.

Your life in and out of the gym requires lightweight and breathable garments.

Women’s Fitness is made with buttery-soft fabric that is gentle on the skin offering a second-skin feel, helping you stay on the move without weighing you down or causing irritation as you burn through workouts.

The fabric is coupled with an outstanding fit, the base layers offer a better than naked experience while the layers are more relaxed, making it easy to double up on the comfort.

Every piece was designed with innovation and creativity, giving you a standout collection of gym essentials and chic performance outfits with premium fit and graceful aesthetics.

Find out more about the Women’s Fitness collection below and shop for an exquisite look.

Designing with a better than naked concept in mind, seam free waistbands and elastic free edges, provide a garment that grows and supports your body rather than confining it.

The Women’s Fitness Difference

womens-fitnessLife is fast-paced.

Your struggles in the gym and daily life hustle require gear that allows you to flawlessly transition from one environment to another.

For outfits to really excel in and out of the gym, the fabric, fit, functionality, and aesthetics all have to be on point.

So, sticking to our mantra of elevating the human experience through insight, innovation, and purpose, we engineered a collection with tactile fabric that offers just the right fit and functionality while the aesthetics provide a modest and elegant look.

Women’s Fitness covers all bases, quite literally.

This diverse collection has all your gym essentials revamped with modern sports innovation and minimal designs to accentuate your performance and outfit.

We talked to Demitra Catleugh, the designer behind Women’s Fitness. Here is what she had to say.

“Whether it’s weight training, barre or yoga we understand the strength involved in continuously controlling form, this is where Womens fitness steps in.

The idea is we support you to amplify who you already are, YOU x YOU!”


womens-fitnessThe bottoms come with elastic-free waistbands, this helps you hold your body in intricate positions without restrictions or marks on your hips after a hard workout.

“When it comes to fabrics, soft, buttery textures allow us to really create garments that you want to wear all day.

Not only do they work with your body but they’re super tactile and feel great against your skin.

Designing with a better than naked concept in mind, seam free waistbands and elastic free edges, provide a garment that grows and supports your body rather than confining it.” said Demi as she talked about the performance blends of the collection.

Layering Options:

womens-fitnessWomen’s Fitness has something for every occasion. This diverse collection allows you to mix and match to create the perfect outfit to conquer all workouts and activities.

When talking about layering, Demi said, “Layering is key for low impact work. The body will naturally take longer to warm up so we have a plethora of layering options to support our woman during her workout.

On top of that we want to support our woman throughout her entire day, whether it’s running her daily errand list, warming up or working out we’ve got her covered.”

Chic Feminine Touch:

womens-fitnessThis standout collection features both modest and low coverage options to cater to women with all shapes and sizes. The aesthetics of this collection were kept minimal for a feminine and chic performance look.

With pieces like the Drape Tee, Wrap Tank, and Oversized Tee – you get a relaxed fit with modest coverage that gives you different style options.

Then with modest pieces like the Performance Catsuit, Long Jacket, Asymmetric Top – we took classics and gave them an urbane style upgrade.

Women’s Fitness also has pieces, like the Tie Shorts, Tie Crop Top, and Wrap Pants, finished with our iconic bow tie – a timeless look that evokes elegance.

Demi also highlighted the importance of the colour choice in Women’s Fitness.  “

The soft neutral palette reflects the low impact environment the collection is built for, and has been implemented as a subconscious calming influence.”

Explore Women’s Fitness

Women’s Fitness – Crop Top

A crop top lightweight layer engineered with soft-to-touch fabric that’s gentle on the skin and a power mesh to keep you cool no matter how hot your workouts get.

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Women’s Fitness – Tie Crop Top

Made with organic cotton to give a soft-to-touch feel, the Women’s Fitness Tie Crop Top is a standout workout top.

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Women’s Fitness – 7/8 Leggings

The Women’s Fitness 7/8 Leggings are engineered with buttery soft fabric that’s gentle on the skin with an elastic and seam-free waistband free for a better than naked feel.

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Women’s Fitness – Tie Shorts

These shorts are cut for high visibility, making it easier to keep your form and alignment in check during demanding workouts.

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Women’s Fitness – Wrap Sports Bra

Indulge in comfort with the Women’s Fitness Wrap Sports Bra, a form-flattering bra made with buttery soft fabric and adjustable straps with an elasticated under bust for a composed fit.

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Women’s Fitness – Oversized Tee

A tactile mesh tee so soft your skin will adore the feeling all day along. The Women’s Fitness Oversize Tee is lightweight with a batwing sleeve feature and an oversized fit.

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Women’s Fitness – Wide Leg Pants

These wide leg pants are for comfort all day long. Made with super-soft fabric, the Women’s Fitness Wide Leg Pants are smooth on the skin.

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Women’s Fitness – Drape Tee

Designed with a soft draped aesthetic, the Women’s Fitness Drape Tee is a comfortable top layer that minimises restrictions. This tee is built for workouts, fitness, and daily activities.

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Women’s Fitness – Asymmetric Top

The Women’s Fitness Asymmetric Top is a flattering workout layer cut with soft-to-touch fabric. The moisture wicking finish and a full mesh back panel enhance breathability, keeping you cool and fresh during workouts.

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Women’s Fitness – Wrap Tank

The Women’s Fitness Wrap Tank is a girl’s workout best friend. Engineered with soft-to-touch fabric and a full mesh back panel, the tank goes easy on the skin while amplifying air flow.

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Women’s Fitness – Crop Hoodie

A chic layering option for to and from the gym, the Women’s Fitness Crop Hoodie is a stylish top that complements your favorite workout outfit.

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Women’s Fitness – Long Jacket

The Women’s Fitness Long Jacket is an elegant outerwear piece that complements your favorite base layers for a chic, performance aesthetic.

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Women’s Fitness – Performance Catsuit

Designed for performance, the Women’s Fitness Performance Catsuit is engineered with a seam-free waist to give you unrestricted movement and an irritation-free experience during workouts.

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