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The Hybrid Collection By Squat Wolf

The Hybrid Collection by Squat Wolf

The Hybrid collection – a combination of premium material, fresh designs, and clothing features to amplify your workout to the next level. Not only this, the Hybrid collection bewilders onlookers with the hottest fashion trends.


This collection is the optimal blend between althleisure and gym wear, giving you the best of both worlds. We designed this collection keeping in mind that your clothes should not only perform well in the gym but represent that same passion when you are out of the gym.

This collection uses classical colors like white and black. However, we included red, yellow and dusty rose to spice up this collection. Not only that, but we modernized popular old-school looks with the tenacity to endure the most gruesome workout routines.

The Hybrid collection is a symbol of premium, aesthetic gym wear.


The Hybrid Collection For Men

Built for domination, mobility, while providing support to help you get the most out of your workouts. We redesigned the Joggers, Tees, and Tanks with premium fabric and upgraded clothing features to give you an extra boost when you need it the most.


Hybrid Hoodies:

The Hybrid Hoodie is crafted with premium material and a relaxed fit for you to enter a beast mode in and out of the gym. We upgraded the design with a contrast rib cuff and piping on the hood, so you stay on top of your fashion game.


Hybrid Joggers:

Whether its domination at the gym or rest day at home, Hybrid Joggers are your best bet for all round versatility.


Hybrid Tanks:

This tank is engineered with high-grade breathable fabric to get you through the toughest circuits. Its primal, exclusive design complements your hard-earned physique.


Hybrid Tees:

Crafted with mid-weight fabric that is soft to the touch, the Hybrid Tee is an emblem of athleisure and streetwear.

Hybrid Sweatshirt:

The Hybrid Sweatshirt is an athlete’s must. The oversized fit will have you vibing like it’s the 80’s.

Hybrid Basketball Shorts:

The Hybrid Basketball Shorts are made with lightweight, breathable fabric to help you get the ultimate workout experience.

Hybrid 2 In 1 Shorts:

Crafted for intense workouts, the inner shorts are snug to provide support where you need it the most with the outer shorts made with mesh for increased mobility.

The Hybrid Collection For Women:

We wanted to mix things up, come up with the freshest piece of clothing you can get your hands on. We took this straight out of the 80’s and spiced it up so you can rock it in 2020. This Hybrid collection for women is not only going to help you kill it in the gym, but slay on a daily basis.

Hybrid Collection for women by Squat Wolf


The focal point of this collection for women is the Wide Leg Pants, the Jumper Dress and the Jumpsuit, these was truly something out of creativity.

Hybrid Wide Leg Pants:

With an ultra-soft feel, the Hybrid Wide Leg Pants are a symbol of comfort and freedom of movement. A premier and fresh look to the classical leg pants, these pants are the hottest innovation to athleisure.

Hybrid Jumper Dress:

The Hybrid Jumper Dress is straight out of the 80’s modernized to the hottest mix between athleisure and gymwear.

Hybrid Jumpsuit:

The Hybrid Jumpsuit is a combination of timeless class, a never been done piece of fashion that combines the best of both worlds. The hourglass shape is unique and never been done in gym wear before, it’s bound to make you stand out.

Hybrid Crop Top:

The Hybrid Crop Top fits seamlessly around your curves with a relaxed fit, optimal for in and out of the gym.

Hybrid Joggers:

Crafted to provide functionality, the Hybrid Slim Leg Joggers are intended for a slim fit so you can be constantly on the move.


Hybrid Zip Up Jacket:

A modern twist to the classical jacket, the Hybrid Zip Up Jacket is here to help you weather all kinds of storms.Cuffed wrists and a contrast panel hem line gives it a fresh and timeless look. Feel comfortable and give your movements freedom to excel in the most vigorous workouts. 


Hybrid Leggings:

The Hybrid legging complements your curves seamlessly with a super-soft touch fabric.



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