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Taking a look back into 2018


2018 was a roller-coaster ride, and we are proud to say that the Wolf Pack has come a long way. Everything, from our clothing line to our fan base has only gone up. The wolf pack is bigger and better than ever.

Here’s a quick recap of all the things that we accomplished this year.

Clothing Collections of 2018:

New colours for our Seamless Collection:

The Seamless Collection was engineered for the best fit and comfort. Now that we had the functional part down pat, it was time to add some style and colors to the equation.
You all seemed to love our Seamless collection, both Dry-Knit, and Spyder Tee. To give you guys more, we introduced four new colors to provide you with a broader range of choice.



Dry-Tech Shorts:

No gym wardrobe is complete without a pair of shorts. Shorts are essential for all kinds of high-intensity workouts and with that comes a lot of sweat which could make your workouts uncomfortable.
Our Dry-Tech shorts were explicitly made to tackle this exact problem. The dry-tech compression sweeps away all moisture, which means a much more efficient workout.


Statement Collection:

Our Statement Tee and Drop Shoulder Top were a huge hit. Its functionality was popular among our customers, as well as the style that it brought along. The Wolf Pack felt like they made a statement with this collection.


Adonis Collection:

Adonis is the Greek God of beauty and desire. Which is what our collection wanted to be — a gym hoodie with the style that would make you stand out in the gym and give you the motivation to train like a titan.


NextGen Stringer:

We know some people go absolute beast as soon as they hit the gym. For that reason, we introduced the NextGen Stringer. It is specifically built to provide comfort and perform a more intense workout.


She Wolf Collection:

We know how important fashion is for the ladies and after the whole rise in the athleisure trend, it was only right that we introduce something that was suitable for both workouts and going out with the girls: cue She-Wolf Collection, an entire range that included crop top, crop hoodie, and workout shorts. We wanted to give them something that delivered both style and efficiency.


Athena Collection:

Our love for Greek Gods doesn’t stop, and the Athena Collection is clear cut proof of that. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage. The Athena collection includes sports bra and workout leggings made with a moisture-wicking fabric so that you can go all out in the gym without compromising on comfort.


Do-Knot Jogger Pants:

We wanted to add something more to the She-Wolf collection, as well as to stay true to the style and functionality. That is where the Do-Knot joggers came into play. Engineered to provide fantastic functionality in the gym and cute addition to your wardrobe.

Hera Collection:

The Hera Collection was made specifically to help you cross your limits in the gym. The Hera Performance Sports Bra and Workout Leggings were designed to deliver support as well as comfort, helping you go that extra mile.

Dubai Muscle Show 2018:

The Dubai Muscle Show is the spectacle of fitness that is held every year in Dubai. Just like last year, we were at the DMS this year as well, and the response from you guys was amazing. Fans took part in photo sessions with their favorite ambassadors, such as Bahij Kadoura, Tam Khan and Aeebah to name a few. To keep the tradition of last year going, this year we brought back the Max Rep Challenge, and our wolf pack showcased their strength and stamina, winning big in the process.

All our fans and ambassadors alike had an eventful day full of challenges, giveaways, merchandise and getting to know the Wolf Pack. The energy that you guys brought to the event was terrific, and we loved meeting every one of you. We can’t wait to meet you all again next year. We promise to make it bigger and better.

2018 was terrific, and we promise to come back this year, bigger and better than ever. In honor of that promise, you might want to keep an eye out. We are bringing something new, very soon. We can’t say what it is just yet, but believe us when we say, this new arrival is going to make a statement.

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