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4 Ways to Stay Fit in Dubai for Free

Fitness in Dubai

How many times have you bought a gym membership and have not been able to commit to it fully?

Or you are just hesitant to get a membership because you will know you won’t be able to commit to it.

Many of us go to the gym but cannot find that peer motivation to push them regularly.

Let us tell you where you can find the communities with experts in the fitness industry. You can socialize with like-minded people who have similar fitness goals as you.

You don’t have to commit. On the contrary, you will find the exact motivation you need to stay fit in Dubai.

Interestingly, these heroes offer you the help to stay fit in Dubai for free. Their passion and dedication towards fitness have made them fitness leaders in your community.

Let’s get introduced to them.

1. Yin Yoga with Natalia

4 Ways to Stay Fit in Dubai for Free

You won’t find many experienced trainers in the world who share their experience for free.

You are lucky to have Natalia Fata, a rare gem in Dubai who runs free yoga classes every Wednesday at Umm Suqeim Park from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

With an experience of more than ten years, Natalia has traveled all over the world to work with some of the best yogis.

YIN-YAN Yoga will strengthen your body and mind with ultimate and diversified poses with natural progression in between. Learn how to breathe, focus, meditate and, more importantly, improve your flexibility.

“I teach in a thought-provoking way letting the students reach beyond the limits of the mind through careful planning and energy reading,”

She lives a yogi lifestyle herself and is driven by her passion for serving the community.

2. Nike+ Run Club

If you love running, why not share your running love with others.

Nike Run Club brings a fantastic opportunity for you to join a community that shares the same interests as you.

4 Ways to Stay Fit in Dubai for Free

Led by experienced trainers who would make sure you improve your running. Learn all the tricks to become a better runner. They check your strides, improve your breathing techniques, and can also train you to become a long-distance runner.

If you are a beginner, the coaches will make sure you get the right training.

An experienced runner? You can join the community will help you socialize with the like-minded.

If you are suffering from an injury, the coaches will help you heal.

Whatever the case, if you love running, join the Nike Run Club.

It’s best to reserve your spot online.

3. Lift with Sarah

4 Ways to Stay Fit in Dubai for Free

Start your weekends with FITcamp led by Sarah.

Sarah has lots of experience in circuit training. Circuit training is a high-intensity aerobics workout that includes resistance training for building strength and endurance.

“Being a passionate Advanced Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach & Global Business Mentor, I naturally love to help people smile & to change their lives for the better every day!” Sarah shares on her profile.

Sarah has some innovative ways of doing things. Get wireless headsets during your session and listen to some aspiring music and inspirational words from Sarah.

The Fitcamp starts with a circuit following a different structure each week, followed by team-building activities and games. Every other week, Sarah plans different themes for you, so be prepared for some surprises every time.

Moreover, at the end of the month, you can participate in external events such as Desert Warrior Challenge, Tough Mudder, etc.

She offers an hour-long, one free FITcamp session on Fridays for an active start to the weekend. You can join her at Al Barsha Pond Park Gate 4 at 7:30 am.

For more information, check out her Facebook and Instagram.

4. Dubai Daily Fitness

4 Ways to Stay Fit in Dubai for Free

Dubai Daily Fitness is a Dubai-based community run by a bunch of fitness enthusiasts.

DFF offers various fitness activities and adventurous classes. It not only encourages fitness but also supports many causes across the world.

Check out the Facebook page, and you will know they have lots going on.

You can follow their weekly schedule and show up to one of their events by joining their Facebook group.

Various volunteers run fitness classes—a strong community would help you get to the fitness level you need by offering diversified activities.

If you want to work out on your own and looking for free workout spots in Dubai, read 6 Outdoor Workout Spots in Dubai.

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