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SQUATWOLF’s Global Athlete Program – Everything You Need To Know

Global Athlete Program

SQUATWOLF’s Inception

SQUATWOLF’s conception has been nothing short of spectacular.

A couple with a corporate background based in Dubai decided to take matters into their own hands, when they couldn’t find a premium gym wear that could sustain tough workouts and look good at the same time.

Anam Khalid and Wajdan Gul both had successful corporate jobs before they ventured out on their journey of building a fitness brand together. They worked tirelessly day and night but it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

When the brand was at its initial stage, most of the money was spent on the quality and design of the gym wear and little was left for marketing campaigns and product launches.

After racking their brains for days, Anam and Wajdan came up with a marketing strategy that has become the backbone of SQUATWOLF, Sponsorships and Athlete Program, in other words, a form of influencer marketing.

They reached out to personal trainers at the local gyms to wear, review and market the gym wear. It was a risk which paid off, because not only did the brand get positive reviews, but a community was cultivated.

Wajdan Gul and Anam Khalid were both featured by CNN’s Connect the World by Becky Anderson in a segment called “Follow the Startup”.

They talked about the way SQUATWOLF paved its path towards success by building an athlete’s community. Check it out! 

Today, the community of personal trainers and fitness influencers is going and growing stronger every day, spread across multiple regions like the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.

We, at SQUATWOLF believe that community is the success driver of the brand and a core part of everything that we do.

Our community members are not only SQUATWOLF’s biggest advocates, but they also show support to one another, just like one big happy family.

Join Our Global Athlete Program

About Our Global Athlete Program

Our Global Athlete program helps us connect with people all over the world.

We build global relationships through our program by focusing not only on the growth of the brand but by supporting the growth of the athletes at the same time.

At SQUATWOLF, you are more than just a brand ambassador, you are more than just a partner, you are the extension of the brand itself. You are our ultimate support system.

We take pride in developing our products with insights and innovation and the biggest source of insight is our athletes.

We listen to them, absorb their experiences and inject them into our product designs to create a gym gear that can withstand the toughest of workouts while kicking it in the style department.

Our athletes not only help us spread the word across but design the products that actually work in the gym. This program was first started on a smaller scale whereby Anam & Wajdan collaborated with the personal trainers and micro-influencers to test-drive the apparel.

Today, the community is spread across the globe, hence the name “Global Athlete Program.”

How Our Athlete’s Benefit from This Program?

The connection we build with our athletes inspires us to elevate our community. We do so by committing to nurture that connection and give them enough room to be themselves, unapologetically.

The athletes get a chance to connect with our team every month in a Global Athlete program meet-up session taking place both physically and virtually.

We provide our athletes with a growth plan, conduct interactive sessions to familiarize them with other members of the community, and encourage them to give us feedback to keep improving our program.

It is said, relationships are easy to make but maintaining them requires perseverance, patience and understanding.

When you become a part of our community, you become part of our pack and no one in the pack gets left behind.

Your growth is tied to our growth.

The exposure one gets being part of such a big community is incomparable. We want our athletes to beat their personal best and reach their true potential!

Here is what our veteran athletes have to say about being a part of SQUATWOLF’s community:

Ahmed Mokk

“There is an environment of comradery at SQUATWOLF. It allows us to work together as a team as well as challenge ourselves to do better than before. It’s like being part of a family that consistently supports you and your goals”

Laura Abou-Zaraa

“SQUATWOLF helped me feel more confident which ultimately led me to commit to a more fit and healthy lifestyle”

Marian Babinsky

“It is a great feeling when someone believes in you and supports your journey from the very beginning. It gives you a lot of confidence and power to pull through. Being part of a tribe with like-minded people shapes your personality. Being part of SQUATWOLF has definitely helped in every aspect of my life, from mental, emotional to financial.”

Meet Our Athletes


Because ours is a close-knit community we encourage existing athletes to reach out to our team and share profiles of the athletes they believe are like-minded and believe in SQUATWOLF’s growth.


What are the requirements for becoming a part of the Global Athlete program?

The requirements are simple. If you have passion for fitness, a desire to empower other people, and share our values, you can become a part of our community by filling out our Global Athlete sign-up form.

What perks come with being a member of the Global Athlete program?

By becoming a member of the Global Athlete program you’ll be met with many opportunities from getting exposure, collaborations, rewards, and exclusive invitations to SQUATWOLF’s events to discounts, promotional codes, and much more.

What are your policies on wearing competitor brands?

Being the face and representative of SQUATWOLF, we discourage our athletes from wearing competitor brands on social media platforms.

How Do I keep a track of my performance/ success?

A tracking link is provided to each athlete to track performance. Monthly meet-ups also serve as a platform to discuss ideas and share best practices to support the growth and performance of our athletes.

Join Our Global Athlete Program

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