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Introducing the All-new Ribbed Series | Do it All

ribbed series

Proud to be knocking out of the park in the first season. Continuing in the second is always challenging given the bar is higher.

Something out of the box and at the same time yielding even greater value, we reflected back to our values. Fitness and Fashion are the two horses that took us to some originality.

Our all-new Ribbed Series is what we designed after weeks of exploration. Extra stretch patches, softer feel all over. Carrying a fashion statement, and most important for all, they are engineered for the gym.

The series might be the most comfortable and soft attire in your wardrobe. Our philosophy encapsulated the behaviour of our experts and customers who wanted to wear them all the time.

Contemplating their ideas, the Ribbed Series was originated to serve their purpose even more. Therefore, the Ribbed series includes Ribbed Jogger Pants, Ribbed Shorts, and the very cool Ribbed Sleeveless Hoodie.

Ribbed Joggers

All-purpose jogger pants are more elastic and comfortable.
Wear them for leisure or workout, they surely will boost your performance and mood.

Ribbed Shorts

Knee-length and muscle-fit shorts having better elasticity for more agility.
Wear them to the mall, and later go workout.

Ribbed Sleeveless Hoodie

Perfect for summers and outdoor workouts.
Muscle-fit with a loose hood keeps a better airflow to beat the heat.

Lets look at some of the new features of the All-new Ribbed Series:

Ribbed Sleeveless Hoodie Olive

Easy on the skin and better mechanism to remove moisture from the skin. Inner invisible lining continuously sweeps away any moisture on the skin.

Keeps the body dry, feels great on the skin. Prevents any rashes through moisture and lets you focus on the tasks on hand.

Ribbed Sleeveless Hoodie Maroon

From just cuffed bottoms to cuffed and ankle zippers placed at the back. Jogger pants are easier to adjust and wear.

Stainless zippers to prevent any rust. Checks the durability factor and has a lasting impact.

ribbed sleeveless hoodie grey

Added gathering around calves and knees is what the experts believe is best for all-round performance.

Whether stretching or performing extreme cross-fit moves, spare gathering on your legs won’t restrict you at the same time keeping the muscle-fit you need.

Ribbed Series

Focusing on comfort, stretch and elasticity, Ribbed Series is purposed to make you perform at your best. Ribbed patches around knees to give you that extra push and comfort while you bend it.

Be it squats, jumping, or just leisure, the luxury flex will impress you.

Available in Melange Olive, Melange Grey, Denim Blue, and Melange Maroon.

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