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Bringing the Razor Back Tee – Straight Outta Audacity

Razor Back Tee

Proud to be engineering exclusive gym tees with great success.

From regular polyester mixes and dry-fit compositions, we have taken tees to a whole new level. It is not just about the muscle-fit, custom-fabric, and moisture-wicking capability.

Our new addition not only sustains the current dynamics of a gym tee but also adds a pragmatic flair. Call it an experiment turned into a discovery.

With some exploring and creative expertise, we are honored to bring you the Razor Back Tee.

Mesh Back

Mesh fabric at the back will promise you better airflow throughout your workouts.

The back is designed to keep you cool and dry. It lets the air out and makes you drier much quicker.

Opaque Factor

Fabric is more opaque as compared to other dry-fit out there. The fabric cloaks your body with extra comfort and a softer feel on the skin.

Muscle-fit around the arms, shoulders, and chest with purposed room around the waist.

Razor Back Tee


Razor Back Tee has the originality to its style.

It has long and rounded bottoms for a trendy urban look. Mesh design at the back – Razor patterns the back muscles.


Performance growth depends on persistence and creative audacity.

The complete design and style are cultivated to bring the best out of an athlete. 

Razor Back Tee

Available in Cool White, Jet Black and Maroon.

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