The on-going pandemic has changed our lives and forced us to adapt to a new normal. Last year, Ramadan was different for all of us.

Families and loved ones were apart, and had to resort to virtual platforms to reunite. This year, Ramadan might be celebrated in a similar fashion, with most countries on full or partial lockdowns.

Ramadan is a challenge, an entire month dedicated to improving. There are numerous aspects to Ramadan, the most important is self-control.

We’ve got guides ranging from intermittent fasting and working out to a complete guide to fasting.

These blogs can help you get the most out of Ramadan. Find the right diet for Ramadan or a fitness routine that works for you.


Ramadan is all about self-control and so are diets. Whether you are looking for a complete guide to fasting or just an intermittent fasting 101, we have just the blog.

It is essential to get consume the right foods, nutrients and to have an ample intake of fluids. This is a positive habit that should be in place year-round. Ramadan makes it easier to incorporate such a positive change.

These blogs can guide you to healthy practices that will help you maintain your hard-earned muscle mass throughout the month or help you cut down some extra fat.


Intermittent fasting and working out can go hand in hand. Which just a few changes to your existing routine, you don’t have to compromise on your workouts.

By understanding the mechanism of your body while fasting, work outs just need to be tweaked.

A general rule of thumb is that while fasting stick to low intensity workouts.

You can do you high intensity workouts after you have eaten and reloaded on much needed energy.

Find the perfect workout this Ramadan, this month is all about positive change for both the mind and the body.


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Ramadan Blessings

Ramadan is here! A mystical month with deep sentiments for Muslims around the world. This month is all about self-improvement through self-control. The religious practices throughout the month make it easy to lead a healthy a lifestyle.


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To help you get the most out of Ramadan, we have put together a list of comprehensive blogs and guides to help you power through Ramadan.

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. This month emphasizes sympathy, adherence from bad habits and to build a spiritual connection. To accomplish this, Muslims are instructed to fast for the entire month. Muslims are allowed to eat from sunset to just before sunrise and they have to fast the entire day.

This concept is just as similar as intermittent fasting where you have a 16 hour fast followed by an 8-hour eating window. However, IF is customizable and you can choose when to have your eating or fasting window. So, we have complete guides to fasting and intermittent fasting 101 to help you fast.

These guides cover proper eating windows, tips on how to make it effective, and what to eat to ensure the right nutrients are going inside. You can find a comprehensive list of the right Ramadan foods to either help you lose weight or to maintain weight while intermittent fasting and working out.

Intermittent fasting and working out can go hand in hand. It might seem that intermittent fasting might throw you in a calorie deficit making it counter-productive to maintain or to gain weight. However, this is not the case. Research has shown that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. This is the same case with intermittent fasting and working it. Further research has shown that Intermittent fasting and working out helps you maintain your muscle mass and only in extreme situations of long term IF over months can trigger your proteins to be burned or slow down your metabolism.

We’ve got all the information you need from Ramadan food to the complete guide to fasting to intermittent fasting and working out. This will help your Ramadan become even more transformative. Check out all of our informative content on our blog or our YouTube channel.