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Luxe Collection X SQUATWOLF


A challenging year is coming to an end. We’ve witnessed some of the most stressful and challenging times throughout this year and that is why this holiday season is so important.

Before venturing to an uncertain new year, it’s mandatory to rest, refocus and spend time with those who truly matter to us. This holiday season, we bring forth Luxe, a cozy collection for men and women perfect for twinning or chilling.

This is the time of the year to unwind, imagine sipping on your frothy hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top while sitting in front of a fireplace and reminiscing through the highlights of 2020. With Luxe, delve into a deep sensation of tranquility with its soft materials and calm colors.

Style Guide:


The Luxe Collection is meant for comfort. The clothes are either a relaxed/loose fit or a slightly slim fit. The holiday season is full of travelling here and there, going out, having dinners and the New Year usually starts with a good commitment to workout.

Luxe is your best for all of these situations due to its comfort, functionality, and minimal aesthetics. The collection has black and white colors along with stone, salmon, olive and grey; a very calm and relaxed color palette.

For Men

Luxe Zip Up


A fully lined hood and lightweight zip up made with comfortable fabric, the Luxe Zip Up comes in Onyx, White, Olive and Stone. The zip up is cut for a slightly loose fit.

Luxe Joggers

The Luxe Joggers are optimal for lounging and to start your New Year’s resolution of non-stop workouts. It’s made with durable yet soft material. It is also cut for a slightly loose fit.

Luxe Shorts

A pair of breathable and lightweight shorts that come in 4 colors: Onyx, White, Olive and Stone. The Luxe Shorts are a pair of relaxed fit shorts optimal for chilling and exercise.

Luxe Tees

Luxe Tees for men come in to types: Long Sleeves or Oversized. The Luxe Long Sleeves Tee is cut for a slim fit while the Oversized Tee is cut for a more relaxed fit. They both feature a large-circle like logo on the back.

For Women

Luxe Zip Up

The Luxe Zip Up is a lightweight zip up hoodie with a fully lined hood. It is cut for a slim fit and made with soft fabric. It comes in four colors: Onyx, White, Olive and Stone.

Luxe Joggers

Lounge in comfortable joggers. The Luxe Joggers are made with lightweight fabric that is soft on your skin. These minimal joggers are perfect for some holiday workouts to lounging around the house in-wait for the next challenge.

Luxe Oversized Tee

A relaxed fit tee made with 4-way stretch fabric. The soft-to-touch Luxe Oversized Tee is optimal for working from home to brisk exercise. It features a large circle-like logo on the back.

Luxe Wide Leg Pants

The Wide Leg Pants look is home to SQUATWOLF since we dropped the Hybrid Collection. Its an old school look given a contemporary revamp. Its designed for a wide leg fit, so you will have ample room to move around. They are minimal pants in Onyx, White, Olive or Stone.

The Vibe Behind Luxe

Think twinning with your significant other. This collection was all about maximizing comfort so you can get the most out of your time off.

Whether you are travelling this holiday season or making back-to-back trips to the local market in preparation for parties or dinners – you want clothing that is functional and comfortable.

We took it a step further with Luxe, not only incorporating functionality and comfortability, but also making a clean collection that looks aesthetically pleasing.

It also doubles up as an amazing gift. Athleisure has become a fashion sensation in 2020 and we can only imagine how popular it will become in 2021. Luxe is a multi-purpose collection, while it is everything you want to relax in, it is also your workout partner.

The durable fabric and 4-way stretch capabilities make it a tool to amplify your workouts. Whether it’s for her or for him, Luxe is minimal loungewear capable of more than just chilling.

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