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8 Lower Chest Workouts for Defined Pecs

Lower Chest Workout

A chiseled chest is an epitome of a seasoned bodybuilder. Focusing on just lower chest workouts in your initial days of weight lifting is not necessary.

However, once you feel that your chest muscles are now strengthened, you are ready for the next step. This next step involves working on specific muscles for either more mass, strength or shape.

This guide to lower chest workouts covers everything you need to start sculpting a more refined and aesthetic chest.

Lower Chest Muscles

Source: Built With Science

When we talk about working your chest muscles, there are three separate sections you can focus on; upper, middle, and lower.

Your chest muscles start right below the collarbone. There is a thin clavicular head of the major pectoralis that extends to your shoulders. If someone says pecs, they refer to the sternal head of the largest muscle which makes up the most on your chest.

All your regular chest workouts work on the overall chest muscle.

But, specific workouts, like lower chest workouts, work on specific muscles which in turn improve the aesthetics.


Lower chest muscles provide the pectorals with well-rounded, defined, and a visually appealing look. An under-worked lower chest won’t reflect the aesthetics and shape you wish to have.

There are no heads associated with the lower pecs, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target the lower chest.


Other than the looks, pectoralis muscles will help you move your arms and perform workouts with efficiency. The lateral, vertical and rotational movements of your shoulder work hand-in-hand with your pectorals. Hence, the importance.

Well-formed pecs will not only provide strength and balance to your shoulders but also help you move your arms in every direction. All upper muscles are interconnected and in order to get the best upper body, you have to work the neglected ones as well.

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8 Lower Chest Workouts

To work your lower chest, there is only one motion – downwards against the chest.

We have aligned the 8 best lower chest workouts for you to get astounding results quick.

Chest Dips

  • For this movement, you will use a machine or an elevated platform.
  • Start by gripping each side of the machine.
  • Now, hold your body above ground level and lock your arms.
  • Next, criss cross your feet and bend your knees.
  • Finally, lower yourself by bending your arms until you feel pressure on your chest.
  • Return to rest position to complete 1 repetition.
Source: Men’s Health

Seated Machine Fly

  • Start by sitting on the seat and adjust if needed
  • Next, make sure your hands grip at shoulder level.
  • Now, keep your elbows slightly bent, and push the handles together,
  • Make sure that your posture stays upright
  • Hold for 1-2 seconds and contract your pectorals.
  • Finally, return back to the original position slowly.
Source: Cheat Dumper

Cable Crossover

  • Place the pulleys high above your head.
  • Put one step forward and pull your arms together
  • Now, downwards until your hands almost touch
  • Lastly, slowly let the pulley bring back your arms.
Source: Greatist

Decline Dumbbell Press

  • Pick your weights and place them on your thighs as you sit on the decline bench.
  • Now, lay down on the bench, twist the dumbbells and place them on your chest.
  • Next, start pressing the dumbbells in the vertical movement off the ground.
Source: 9to5Strenght

Dumbbell Pull-Over

  • Hold the dumbbell on one side with both hands.
  • Next, lay down in a perpendicular manner on the bench while keeping your feet on the ground.
  • Now, slowly take your arms backward over your head with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Stop till your hand goes lower than your shoulders
  • Lastly, bring back the dumbbell in the original position.
Source: Very Well Fit

Decline Bench Press

  • Start by locking your legs on the decline bench.
  • Next, grab the barbell with a shoulder width.
  • Now, slowly bring the barbell down and press it back up.
  • Keep the movement vertical off the ground.
Source: Men’s Health

Seated Chest Press

  • Get seated on the machine with handles at your mid-chest level.
  • Next, press the handles forward. (Downward pushing machine)
  • Now, slowly bring back the handles back towards you.
Source: 9to5 Strength

Decline Dumbbell Fly

  • Pick your weights and place them on your thighs as you sit on the decline bench.
  • Now, as you lay down on the bench, bring the dumbbells on the chest position with a slight bend in the elbows.
  • Next, slowly open your arms till your hands reach the shoulder levels.
  • Slowly take back the arms to the original position.

Key Takeaways From This Lower Chest Workouts

Building your lower pecs is no walk in the park. It comes with consistency and discipline. But when they are made, they complete the aesthetics of a toned body.

A strong chest does require you to work all three areas of your chest in isolated workouts. The next workout to bolster your chest, is the upper chest workout.

By working on each section of the chest, you can surely build a godly chest. 

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